Durga Puja Blogging competition for Kolkata Bloggers.

We are thrilled to announce our association with Brotherhood network Media Pvt Ltd, to launch their product “Wedoria”, during this Puja. On behalf of “Kolkata Bloggers”, we shall send 10 – 12 invites to bloggers, who are required to be present on 20th September 2014 at their office for a detailed discussion. This web product will be promoted by the ABP group.

This Calcutta based startup is organising an unique, invite only blogging and photo-Blogging competition to launch a new social web platform. The competition revolves around Durga Puja and anything related to it, from Mahalaya to Vijaya Dashami.

The bloggers from Kolkata Bloggers will get access to this platform to use this, get peer reviewed, reviewed by & interact with the eminent jury. Not to mention, any competition involves prizes. And who knows, if a blog post is great, it might get published in the newspaper.

NB: Bloggers need to blog in English. They will not get link backs to their websites.

Please nominate yourself, filling this form, as soon as possible. We will send invites to 10 – 12 bloggers to their email IDs, based on this. We will finalise the list by 12th September 2014.

Stay connected to Kolkata Bloggers. For any query, contact Anirban: +91 9903055542.

God bless,
Team Kolkata Bloggers.

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