The Second Annual Data Science Summit in Kolkata

Data Science Summit

The 2nd International Data Science Summit | RSVP here

What is the International Data Science Summit?

The Data Science Foundation comprises some of the brightest minds in the field of technology, in India.

They aim for the effective use of topics covering big data, machine learning, sentiment analysis, and predictive modelling.
They aim for hands-on knowledge in the field of analytics, and to expand their already established platform of enthusiasts in the area.

They wish to inculcate the study of data science in the curriculum of our institutions, help release publications on analytics and create awareness about the need for being familiar with data science.

What is Big Data?

Imagine the data stored in your computer, the data stored in your company’s servers, the data stored in the servers of every branch of your company.

Now, allow that to multiply.

With such massive data in your hands, you have the power to derive patterns, and analyze and make predictions. Such is the very basic crux of what big data, and the Data Science Summit are built on.

The Data Science Foundation and NASSCOM are going to organize the second international Data Science Summit, on the 28th of August in Kolkata.

Kolkata Bloggers has found its place as their official blogging partner.

TO RSVP, check out their website.

The first fraction of discussions will be based on user perspectives and case studies, delving deep into the analytics behind them.

It will be delivered by eminent personalities, namely Ujjyaini Mitra of Bharti Airtel, Arindam Som of Unilever, and Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay of ANZ.

The next fraction would comprise a panel discussion on the topic

Can Analytics aid unstructured decision making?

Sanjoy Chatterjee, CEO of Ideal Analytics Solutions, Professor Pabitra Mitra of IIT Kharagpur, Mainak Sen, director of Business Brio and
Soumitra Saha of Tata Consultancy Services will address the application of analytics in various fields.

In the final fraction of the event, Roopam Upadhyay of Syntel, Professor Prasun Das of ISI Kolkata, Professor Soumya Banerjee of BIT Mesra and Soma Banerjee, director of Data Brio Academy would elucidate how the power of Data Science can be harnessed.

The event will witness the presence of Nirupam Chaudhuri and Rajiv Vaishnav of NASSCOM, Gautam Banerjee of Data Science Foundation, Dipak Agarwal, Director General, Government of India, and the chief guest, Ambarish Dasgupta of KPMG.

That is not all.

In addition to getting us acquainted with the new techniques and algorithms of data science and the application of the same in various products and industries, colleges and universities will be involved. The Summit is calling for submissions of papers related to Big Data, analytics and Data Science.

The event would serve as fuel for students, who wish to take further and cultivate their interest in data science, and for corporate employees, to get an insight into the functioning of data science in the business sphere.

Event Details

With “big data” as a growing buzzword, top-class knowledge on the topic would keep us in tune with the startling advancement of technology today.

Data science summit Kolkata

The 2nd International Data Science Summit | RSVP here

Data Science Foundation in association with NASSCOM is organizing “Data Science Summit, Kolkata 2015” on 28th August at The Park, Kolkata. Something of this sort and magnitude is happening for the first time in Kolkata and we are happy that Kolkata Bloggers is a part of this event. We have the best of the speakers in this region coming together to raise awareness of Big Data. Check out their website and book your calender as soon as possible.