QnA with Rangan Datta

Rangan Datta, QnA session, Kolkata Bloggers

Rangan Datta during the QnA session. Photograph – Saimantick Bhadra













On the 19th of July, 2015, Kolkata Bloggers hosted an interactive “Question and Answer” session with renowned travel and heritage blogger Mr. Rangan Datta. The one-of-its-kind event, named “QnA with Rangan Datta”, saw an enthusiastic group of around 45 attendees gathered at the Oxford Bookstore. They included top travel bloggers from the city, along with people from other genres who shared a love for travel and exploration, ranging from activists to sport bloggers to students and professionals from a technical background.

The event opened with Rangan Datta providing a general introduction of himself and his work. He mainly writes about places of interest in Bengal, although he was intensely travelled and visited places around the world. Previously a travel journalist, Rangan Datta has been blogging profusely over the recent past, and has most of his traffic flowing in from Google. He is one of the most well-known bloggers from Kolkata, and is also one of the chiefs of the Wikipedia Kolkata Chapter.

The audience was treated to photographs shot by Mr. Datta during his travels around the country, and also to his sponsored trips around the world, the most recent of which was to Croatia. After taking everybody on a virtual journey through these lands, Rangan Datta took several questions from the keen audience for over an hour and a half. The QnA session was moderated by Anirban Saha, founder of Kolkata Bloggers.

QnA with Rangan Datta interaction

Audience members interacted freely with Rangan Datta. Photograph – Anamitra Ghosh

The questions directed at the travel blogger ranged from technicalities in photography practices, to whether he was more drawn to people or buildings when visiting a new place. Mr. Datta answered all the queries, talking about how he began his journey as a blogger and how he gained recognition. Eventually, the discussion included everybody present there as people began to share their views on different topics. A largely informal interactive session ensued, as other travel enthusiasts and even non-established bloggers and travel lovers chipped in with their experiences and opinions. The event offered a healthy three-hour span of knowledge sharing and brainstorming.

Kolkata Bloggers was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic participation of the audience. We will come up with further such interactive sessions, to ensure a firm understanding of different fields among the general population. We would like to thank Mr. Rangan Datta for his commitment to a wonderful session. Further, we would like to thank our venue partners, the Apeejay Group and Oxford Bookstore, our gifting partners, Honcho and design partner, CloudStudio for their wonderful work and support.

QnA with Rangan Datta was a resounding success, as corroborated from the feedback by those present at the venue. We hope to see you at Oxford Bookstore for subsequent events.

Rangan Datta, QnA session, Kolkata Bloggers

Rangan Datta being presented with the memento by Tanay Ghoshal, owner of Honcho. Photograph – Anamitra Ghosh.