Tales to Tell Book Launch

Tales to Tell, Book Launch

The Tales to Tell Book Launch. Photograph – Abhishek Chamaria.

“Tales to Tell” is an anthology of twenty short stories accompanied by twenty illustrations, published by Kolkata Bloggers and BEE Books. It was during the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival held in January this year at the Oxford Bookstore, when the founder of Kolkata Bloggers, Anirban Saha, declared the competition open for Tales to Tell during The Great Indian Bloggers Meet organized by the Times of India. The challenge for all prospective writers was to wrap up a meaningful plot in as few as 500 words, and create a lasting impression with the story.

The contest remained open from mid January till the end of May. After we had all the stories sent in by the new authors, we selected the top 20 that would go on to get published in the book. Once we had the 20 stories finalized, we got in touch with a number of new illustrators in and around the city, sent them the stories and asked them to create a simple illustration that would convey the central theme of each short story. Finally, we had our final set of 20 new authors and 20 new illustrators who would see their stories and illustrations printed in the book. While a majority of the stories came from Kolkata based authors, we also had stories by authors settled in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gorakhpur and Ahmedabad.

Here is the entire list of authors and illustrators whose works have been printed in the first edition of Tales to Tell.

A Diwali Gift Arnab Naskar Rimbik Das
About Time Ananya Mukherjee Arunita Barui
Algebra Moyuree Mukherjee Shuvam Lodh
Armour Ishan Biswas Angshuman Dhar
Chance Aniruddh Roy Reya Ahmed
Creatures of the Night Nilanjan Banerjee Arindam Dhar
For the Last Time Debolina Coomar Suhrid Mukherjee
Forever Simran Kaur Ritwik Kar
Grayish Yellow Anish Chatterjee Susruta Mukherjee
Infinite Labyrinth Devpriya Chakravarthi Satyaki Sarkar
Lucy Decides to Die Roshni Roy Rupsha Bhadra
Multiple Sagher Manchanda Anusua Paul
One Afternoon in a Ring Madhura Banerjee Arnab Dhar
She Still Doesn’t Know Arnab Chakraborty Saswata Mukherjee
Signed With Love Purba Ray Nakshatra Sen
The Forbidden Chapter Rrivu Banerjee Anindita Mondal
The House Paushali De Roy Bansori Chakraborty
The Malady of the Mind Sambhabi Ghosh Adrija Ghosh
The Real World Namrata Kumari Soumodip Roy
Us and Them Soumyadeep Paul Agnibha Sen


Tales to Tell, Book Launch, Guests

Tales to Tell is launched by the invited guests. Photograph – Souranil De.

Tales to Tell was formally launched on the 6th of September, at the Oxford Bookstore, Park Street. The book launch was followed by a discussion on the evolution of reading habits with changing generations, and the increasing relevance of short stories in the field of modern literature. Our esteemed panel for the discussion included the likes of Mr. Barun Chanda, accomplished actor and author, Mr. Nirbed Roy, director of publishing at the Asiatic Society, Ms. Maina Bhagat, the direction of Oxford Bookstore Kolkata, Mr. Arijit Bhattacharyya, CEO of Virtual Infocom and Mr. Aninda Das, startup ecosystem enabler and mentor.

It was incredible to see over 160 enthusiastic people turning up for the Tales to Tell Book Launch. An engaging discussion ensued, covering topics like the art of compressing a story into 500 words yet retaining the crucial essence, the transformation brought forward by digital technology in the field of readership, and indeed authorship, the role of illustrations in bringing out a story in a way more eloquent than words ever can, and the importance of providing a platform for new authors and illustrators to showcase their talent, which is something Tales to Tell successfully did.

Tales to Tell is available at Oxford Bookstore, Starmark, Crossword and Story. It is also available online on Flipkart and Amazon.

Click here to find Tales to Tell on Flipkart.

Click here to find Tales to Tell on Amazon.

The Bengali daily newspaper “Ei Samay” featured the book launch of Tales to Tell in their main paper. Here is a picture of the coverage we received.

Once you’ve read the stories and gone through the illustrations, don’t forget to leave your feedback on social media. Share your thoughts with #TalestoTell and connect to others who have reviewed the book as well!

Organizers, Tales to Tell.

Rubbing shoulders with the people who made this possible. From left to right – yours truly, Asmita Nandy, Esha Chatterjee and Anirban Saha. Photograph – Souranil De.

A special thank you must go out to Esha Chatterjee (CEO, Bee Books), Anirban Saha (Founder, Kolkata Bloggers) and Asmita Nandy (Lead, Tales to Tell) for their vital part in making this event a reality.