Jadavpur University Model United Nations 2016

Jadavpur University will be organising the second edition of the Jadavpur University Model United Nations (JUMUN) from 31st March to 2nd April 2016. Kolkata Bloggers is proud to be the Online Partner of this illustrious event.

What is a Model United Nations?

A Model United Nations is a simulation of the various organs and committees of the United Nations. Participants represent various countries to discuss and deliberate on specific world issues in accordance to their foreign policy. Academic by nature, it brings forth students from every discipline to channel their logic, rationale, diplomacy, lobbying skills and public speaking. The concept being conceived by Harvard University in 1955, Model United Nations have taken the world by storm, in every part of the world. India boasts of a considerable quantity of Model UN Conferences. After the immense success of its previous edition, JUMUN 2016 is shaping up to be the biggest event till date in Eastern India.

What are the committees?

JUMUN 2016 has provisions for five highly specialized committees. They are listed here.

  • United Nations General Assembly
  • United Nations Human Rights Council
  • United Nations Security Council
  • Lower House of the India Parliament
  • Asian Maritime Organisation on Security and Cooperation
  • International Press.

Collaborations and Outreach

JUMUN has so far had close to 900 confirmed participants, including confirmed participants from 23 Indian states and 10 countries. Their total social media outreach, on Facebook and Instagram, is 4 lakh people. Jadavpur University also has collaborations with some of the top Model UN Conferences in the World including Rome Model UN, Paris Model UN, Hamburg Model UN, Asia Pacific Model UN and many more. They are also formally recognized and supported by the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan.

What does it offer you?

JUMUN 2016 is a fantastic platform to forge future leaders. Today’s logical thinkers if nurtured properly, will go on to change the world tomorrow. Model UN Conferences like this aim to inculcate a working knowledge of world policies and international relations amongst the youth, and encourage them to take active involvement in decision making and policy shaping in a manner that is acceptable to all in the room, including people with conflicting ideologies. This is truly the best form of preparation to tackle everyday obstacles in a professional world at large.

Kolkata Bloggers will keep providing updates of JUMUN 2016 over social media. We invite you all to come to Jadavpur University and experience the significance of the Jadavpur University Model United Nations 2016.