Earth Day Celebrations at Kolkata

In the 46th year of the Earth Day, celebrations were carried out in the Infinity Benchmark Lobby area and saw support and participation of many.

The event was organized by Anant Education Initiative and supported by Earth Day Network and Salt Lake Sector V Stakeholder’s Association and other corporations like Infinity, KPMG, TWL. The Salt Lake Sector V community also took a pledge to plant 1000 trees in Salt Lake Sector V. Kolkata Bloggers was invited to the event.

The event started with soulful tunes of the Sitar by Mrs. Sarmila Dutta, and was followed by speeches from various members of the industry who elucidated on what a common man should do in order to save our planet.

The speakers talked about small things one can do in order to make a huge difference. The regional head of NASSCOM, Mr. Nirupam Chaudhuri talked about small initiatives a company can take up – like instructing members to switch off lights when not in use and creating rooftop gardens. Some explained the need for biodiversity, while others talked about the importance of planting more trees and cutting down lesser through interesting anecdotes.

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There’s so much more we can do for the earth.

Neela Majumdar and Navonil Das, who manage Projects Development of the Earth Day Network on the Indian front, enlightened the gathering about the progress made in improving the state of affairs in the nation. The project is well-connected with schools because it is necessary that the impressionable future citizens be made aware of the perils that plague our planet. The ‘Sheher Clean Karo’ campaign working across 46 cities with a population of above one million people.

One of the speakers had a unique standpoint which would probably strike a chord with many. He said that the carbon dioxide in the trees is actually what we exhale. Hence there is a part of us, our souls, in the trees around. When we chop these trees off, we are in turn chopping off a part of ourselves. Saplings were handed around as a pledge was taken to plant more trees all around.

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A unique part of the event was artist Mr. Suvendu Sarkar, inviting people from the audience to come up and write any word related to earth day on a white board. People wrote ‘tree’, ‘gaachh’ (Bengali for tree), ‘pollution’, ‘pedh’(Hindi for tree) and so on. He then proceeded to turn each of these words into meaningful sketches about the environment. In a matter of seconds, the words transformed into sketches and it was a display of creativity at its best. As the artist said, for him, these speak far more than mere words. It was a treat to watch him at work.

It is not very difficult to achieve environmental awareness and do our own bit for mother earth to make the world a better place for us and our posterity. Events like this bring out his simple truth, reminding us about our responsibility towards our community. Kolkata Bloggers is proud to be associated with such a noble cause.