Traveler’s Meet at Infinity Benchmark

Trael Meet

On May 4th, travel photographers and bloggers from the city met in an event called “Travellers Meet”, organized by Kolkata Bloggers in association with the Infinity Group, The Indian Artist, Anant Education Initiative and Nomadic Clouds, facilitated at Infinity Benchmark, Salt Lake Sector V, before a board of stalwarts. Breathtaking photographs were displayed, travel blogging was spoken about, the potential of travelling and writing as a profession was discussed and enthusiasm for travel was encouraged over a three-hour session.

The panel included Jayati Saha, a travel photographer whose work gained acknowledgement in various parts of the world, Abhishek Chamaria, an eminent social media strategist, Anuradha Goyal, a blogger since 2004 who has also got her book published and has also made a mark in the ecosystem. It also included Srivatsan Sankaran, noted photographer and founder of Madras Photo Bloggers, and Esha Chatterjee, the youngest publisher in the nation, and furthermore Anirban Saha, founder of Kolkata Bloggers.

The response from travel enthusiasts was overwhelmingly positive. Close to a hundred people gathered on a weekday afternoon to ideate and experience travelling and travel photography. Quite a few travel start-ups were represented in the audience. The event started with a full house with Mr Aninda Das from the Infinity group exhibiting their new initiative ‘Anant’ towards supporting more scholars. A Tulsi sapling was presented to Mr. Anirban Saha as a token of environmental consciousness. The gathering was then awed by the presentation from Jayati Saha, her album on Bhutan. Her presentation on the widows playing Holi at Vrindavan and the one on the Ashabari touched a soft corner. Mr Sankaran further presented his take on various South Indian dance forms and put light on their culture. Anuradha Goyal followed it up with her valuable insights into what it takes to be a blogger.  Abhishek Chamaria added to it, about how to make it big, his methodologies were straight to the point, indispensable to both the amateurs and veterans in the field.  The youngest publisher then took the center stage with her perception of coffee table books, put to display along with a complimentary presentation on the giant screen.  Finally, Anirban Saha from the Kolkata Bloggers talked about their latest project; ’Nomadic Clouds’ a platform targeted for the travel bloggers. He was quick to point out the power of search engine optimization and the potential their new venture promises of.




Aninda Das Travellers Meet

Nomadic Clouds is a platform for travel photographers and bloggers to share their experiences and connect to others working in the same field. Sharing your story with Nomadic Clouds allows a traveler to reach out to a new audience, and given their personal links are displayed, potentially allows them to gain viewership on their own blogs.

nomadic clouds

The event reached its final stage when it resumed after a short break but with the same enthusiasm. Asmita Nandy, the host, was quick to arrange a round table question hour. The panelists settled down for a closer interaction. Avik Saha, a former lawyer, farmer, politician, and a social activist who is one of the participators of the ‘Jay Kisan Andolan’ stole the spotlight both with his vocal presence and noteworthy questions as the panel returned with answer its equivalent. Questions about the possibilities of considering travel blogging as a career were asked. The panelists also shared experiences that they have had through their careers and used them to highlight why it is important to follow one’s passion. The nuances of travel journals vis-à-vis travel blogging were also discussed.

It was a very successful event which pulled in enthusiasts from various parts of the city and beyond. The crowd also contained the likes of renowned heritage and travel blogger Rangan Datta, who contributed with his own points during the discussion.

Kolkata Bloggers would like to thank our collaborators The Indian Artist, The Infinity Group, Anant Education Initiative and Nomadic Clouds for their invaluable contribution to the success of the Travelers’ Meet. We also thank Tamron for the lenses used during the event, and the Times of India for the event coverage. We are looking forward to arranging more such meets in travelling as well as other genres, and we hope to have your continued support in these initiatives.


Post by – Subhodeep Sadhukhan