Mozilla Hello Web – Campaign for Web Literacy

The Mozilla Hello Web initiative seeks to enhance and improve the knowledge of technology-driven commodities, especially the effective usage of the internet to better understand the power of modern tools. It is a campaign to spread Web Literacy amongst the common masses. Kolkata Bloggers is a proud sponsor and supporter of Mozilla Club Kolkata, in this endeavour. The Hello Web initiative is being held on the 18th, 20th and 22nd of June.

Members of Mozilla Club and Kolkata Bloggers conducted basic web interactive workshops across orphanages around the city in a bid to promote internet usage amongst the youngsters. The Hope Foundation, one of the organizations doing fantastic work to allow those less fortunate than us a fair shot at life, were partners for the event. The team of web enthusiasts went to six different homes throughout the day, talking to and demonstrating for the kids the basic facets of web-based technology. They were shown how to use search engines to get information about any topic that they wanted, watch videos over YouTube, navigate using Maps, create and use email addresses, and basic uses of social media. A large section of the young learners were teens, and we were pleasantly surprised to find them pretty well acquainted with computers and the internet in general.

Mozilla Clubs and Kolkata Bloggers volunteers at Girl 2B Foundation, Tollygunge. Picture by Anirban Saha.

Mozilla Clubs and Kolkata Bloggers volunteers at Girl 2B Foundation, Tollygunge. Picture by Anirban Saha.

The volunteers present interacted with the learners as they showed them how the web can bring information and entertainment together. Some of them were really friendly, others more reclusive initially. While some demanded to watch their favourite music videos, others mapped their routes to their favourite spots in the city. Everyone was happy at discovering something new they could do with internet technology.

It was a wonderful experience for volunteers from Kolkata Bloggers and Mozilla Club. A day of understanding enthusiastic minds, and shaping them using tools intrinsic to the modern world was quite a satisfaction. There is always a joy attached to teaching someone something new. Added to that, the Hello Web initiative pointed towards a very tangible improvement in the lives of the inhabitants of these orphanages.

The Hello Web initiative will be held again on the 20th and the 22nd of June. Endeavours such as these are pivotal to the realization of a truly digitally capable youth. Kolkata Bloggers welcomes all positive activity that seeks to digitally empower people and as such, the Hellow Web initiative is a huge step forward.

If you want to contribute to the digital revolution, please do spread the word over social media using the hashtag #HelloWeb and encouraging people to spread Web Literacy. Only when we share our knowledge and resources for mutual benefit, can we work towards a further advanced ecosystem.

Kolkata Bloggers would like to heartily congratulate Mozilla Clubs on taking up and executing this wonderful initiative. In addition, we thank Mio Amore, The Hope Foundation and SourceKart for their support. We look forward to more and more efforts to make internet an easily accessible and effective tool for all.

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