Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Pre-Book Launch Event

Harry Potter, Cursed Child, Chosen One, Kolkata

Enthusiastic Potterheads cheer on during the TriWizard Tournament.

Pottermania took over the City of Joy on the eve of the launch of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” – the eighth book in the most famous literary series in history. On the occasion of the pre-launch of the book, Kolkata Bloggers and Oxford Bookstore conducted a unique rendition of the “TriWizard Tournament” featuring a cosplay, crossword and rapid-fire quiz.

Expectations from the pre-launch tournament began weeks earlier, with Kolkata Bloggers running a blogging contest on the topic “What would happen if Harry Potter was based in Kolkata?” As expected, potterheads from across the city and beyond came with interesting insights in their blog posts and Facebook notes as they envisaged their favourite childhood hero in their home city.

On the 30th of July, the Oxford Bookstore was a sight to behold. More than 25 Harry Potter fans dressed up for the cosplay, as characters ranging from Luna Lovegood, to Mad Eye Moody, Hermoine, Death Eater and of course, Harry Potter himself. The energy in the room was electric as the fandom showed its enthusiasm. The top six blog posts, along with the winners of the cosplay, progressed to the second round of the TriWizard tournament – the Crossword.

Harry Potter, Cursed Child, Chosen One, Kolkata

Guess who’s backing Gryffindor?

The Crossword Puzzle featured themes and characters from the Harry Potter universe. One of the most popular voices from the field of radio, RJ Roy was present to judge this round. The participants had to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible and the fastest 10 went on to the next and final round.

The final hurdle in the participants’ quest to become the “Chosen One” was a rapid-fire quiz for the 10 men and women left standing. Questions were asked and answered amidst wild cheering from the crowd assembled, as each nook and corner of the Potterverse was discussed, dissected and analysed.

Once the TriWizard Tournament was finally over, the Oxford Bookstore saw an impromptu discussion and quiz on Harry Potter conducted on-the-spot by the Potter fans present there. It was an absolutely delightful form of madness, with youngsters gathering together to express their love for Harry Potter and all characters associated with him.

The results of the TriWizard Tournament were declared in a frenzy of celebration as well. Divya Srivastava came in third, while Oishik Ray claimed silver. The title of the Chosen One went to Anurag Mazumder, lifelong Harry Potter fanatic and a man who had breezed through all three rounds of the TriWizard Tournament.

The event ended on a cheerful note, as Potterheads reminded each other of Harry’s impending birthday, and the fact that Cursed Child would formally be launched worldwide the next day. Kolkata Bloggers had a lot of fun seeing the enthusiasm of all of the fans gathered at the Oxford Bookstore. We would be lying if we said we didn’t personally love the connection we shared with the characters we have grown up with. It was great fun to see the Harry Potter fandom so exuberant in the city. We hope to only see this love grow as we look forward to hearing from you your thoughts about “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”.

Harry Potter, Cursed Child, Chosen One, Kolkata

Her ability to wave her magic wand and get everything in order is what made this event possible. Meet Reya Ahmed, from the Kolkata Bloggers team.