The Indian Youth Conclave, September 2016

The Climber is a youth-driven organisation which aims at helping students find and hone their passions. With the goal of impacting the education system by helping students as an individual in all fields, The Climber mentors creative minds and catapults them into the limelight of their chosen field. They seek to put young minds in touch with their passions via youth mentoring programmes, workshops and events. To that effect, The Climber has held three major events thus far – Event I, The Great Indian Debate and the Indian Youth Conclave.

The first edition of the Indian Youth Conclave was held on the 10th of April at Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Chennai. A total of thirteen speakers who have excelled in different domains came together on this one day and shared their stories, performances and experiences with the delegates present. Nearly 650 enthusiastic delegates made the day a success with their interactivity, energy and eagerness. There was a start-up expo with a My Captain station as well. All in all, the idea was to inspire the delegates and design a day exclusively for them.

The second edition of the Indian Youth Conclave will be held on September 25th at Chennai once again. You can look forward to two workshops – one themed on “Entrepreneurship and Finance” and the other a surprise! Yet again, a carefully curated start-up expo awaits the delegates. The highlight of the event is the Backstage – where delegates are encouraged to explore and express their talents. There will be a photo-booth for the photography enthusiasts, a music setup for the music lovers and so on. The objective of the event carries forward unchanged – that delegates be Inspired, Live and Upfront, giving them access to the speakers’ stories of success, allowing space for personal interaction with people boasting noteworthy achievements, as well as a chance to explore their own talents, all in one day.

The speakers at the September edition of the Indian Youth Conclave are:

Abhilekh Tripathy (Finance and Stock Market Mentor)
Stray Comedy (Stand-up Comedy)
Harnidh Kaur (Author and Poet)
Kokila Hariram (Founder, Academy of Modern Dance)
Alvin Presley (Musician)
Vivek Karunakaran (Fashion Designer)
Sahana Srinivasan (Neuroscientist)
AP Shreethar (Self-Taught International Artist)
Willi Wilson (Chef)
Vijay Krishna (Entrepreneur and Visionary)
Harsh Songra (Tech Prodigy)
Chetan Korada (Formula Swift Car Racer)

Kolkata Bloggers is happy to associate with The Climber in its bid to enthuse people into following their passions and understanding the real business implications of their talents. We are also delighted to have our presence felt in Chennai, where we look forward to more social and technical associations. The aim of the Indian Youth Conclave coincides with the larger aim of Kolkata Bloggers in empowering the youth to choose their own way so as to contribute to a better tomorrow. We hope to see an even mightier success at the Indian Youth Conclave’s September edition, with more enriching stories shared, more enthusiastic questions put forward, quality brainstorming and to cap it all off, a fulfilling experience for every delegate, speaker, organizer and associate.

See you on the 25th of September, for the second edition of the Indian Youth Conclave!