TEDx at IIEST Shibpur 2016

Kolkata Bloggers is proud to have been associated as a media partner with the first edition of TEDx organized by the Indian Institute of Science and Technology, Shibpur on 2nd October, 2016.

TED, a nonpartisan nonprofit devoted to “ideas worth spreading”, began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged. At present, it covers a wide range of topics from science to business to pertinent global issues and their solutions, in over 110 languages. TEDx events are independently organized, more localized platforms for influential speakers “contributing to global issues by TED”, as Mr. Arnab Biswas, curator and license-holder of this event puts it. ‘Fly Fall Live’ was the motto of TEDx, IIEST. The speakers did considerable justice to it.

The varied issues discussed ensured an engaged and interested audience. Ayesha Alam, founder of the Mukti Project for emancipation of women, pointed out the sexist implications of seemingly normative social conduct by recounting her experience as a fellow at Teach for India. “Girls are always asked to dream, but never too big” and “Dreams have an expiry date for women” were thought-provoking statements made by her. Goutam Paul, co-founder, Spiritual Technology Club, Albany Medical College, New York, argued for the dogmatism in science and the pragmatism in spirituality, to reveal a novel dimension to both the abstract concepts. Aakash Neeraj Mittal, who won fame overnight through his quirky resume designed like a Flipkart product, talked about the power of ideas deployed with confidence and perseverance.

The list of speakers includes names of professor Subhashish Bandopadhyay, Dipanway Maitra Aalok Thakkar, Joy Mandal and the like. TED talk videos of ‘The Future of Learning’ by Sugata Mitra, ‘How to Make Peace? Get Angry’ by Kailash Satyarthi, etc. were played among others.

This independently organized TED event has been immensely successful with a house full of zealous listeners vowed to “Ideate, Create, Innovate”, to the extent of it being a promising precursor to future TEDx events to come.