The International Kolkata Book Fair

The International Kolkata Book fair is the largest open book fair in the world. The 41st year of the book fair was held from the 25th of January to the 5th of February 2017. Kolkata Bloggers was proudly associated with the International Kolkata Book Fair as Online Partner, for the second successive year. Kolkata Bloggers was also a partner to the Kolkata Literature Festival, held inside the Book Fair grounds on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February.

Every year the Kolkata Book Fair highlights a specific country and its literary contributions by determining it as the “Theme Country” for that year’s Book Fair. This year, the theme country was the Central American nation of Costa Rica, a country with an impressive literacy rate of 97.8% and one which has contributed enormously to modern literature in both English and vernacular.

The book fair boasted of an unparalleled spread of books of all genres, all types and styles, all major languages by all major publishers for the literary enthusiasts of Kolkata to gorge on. In addition, a plethora of eminent authors, poets and storytellers from all across the country were joined by international personalities from nations like the US, Wales, Scotland, Egypt, Costa Rica and Spain as they set a different tone to this annual celebration of Kolkata’s love for literature.

Kolkata Bloggers had a great time at the Book Fair as well, with more and more people sharing their thoughts on the fair online using the hashtag #boimela and engaging in discussions on social media platforms, in addition to using the website to gather information about the fair, about the publications available, the authors represented, the theme country and navigating around the fair grounds. We were also involved in blogging live during every session at the Kolkata Literature Festival, as well as posting live updates, photographs and graphics over social media using the Facebook and Twitter handles of the International Kolkata Book Fair.

The Book Fair has been a constant source of support and encouragement for Kolkata Bloggers in the three years since its inception. It has also been an event we, like every other book-loving Calcuttan, look forward to. We hope for a sustained collaboration with renewed mutual benefits in the years with the Book Fair as well as for  this glorious heritage of Kolkata to gain popularity and quality with each passing year.