Discover Your Creative Career This weekend

Career crosswinds are a difficult place to be in. Life forces us to make the most crucial decisions at the prime of our lives even though we are considered too young to make any mature decision of much consequence. The decisions we make today often have a rippling effect on lots of things from our future. For example, today’s career decisions can go to a large extent to determine the kind of job we will get, the kind of work we will do. Although it is obvious that not all who choose a particular stream end up doing something directly related to it (as in not all English Majors end up as teachers or academicians or even in the field of literature!) but the career choices we make today, definitely impacts the position we find ourselves in tomorrow’s job market. Life is full of big moments and big decisions. But fret not, it doesn’t always mean there is a dearth of possibilities right? Defying stereotypes and career conventions, a large number of creative career options have also sprung up with a glorious chance to make your mark in the particular field. If you have a passion for acting, art, fashion or designing, there’s nothing more fulfilling than making your PASSION your PAYCHECK!

Creative Career can be of many types. Indeed it is one of the most diverse career options to choose from, if you have a creative bend of mind. A large number of students these days are opting out of the mainstream lines and instead paving their own paths as they take the roads less travelled. One of the advantages of this is that there is more scope for success as these unique fields requires a special creative skill that not everyone has, and hence the field isn’t overcrowded by competitors. The common types of creative careers to choose from include
film, design, hospitality, media, fashion and management. Decisions don’t come easy and with an abundance of choices, it is most natural for anyone to get bamboozled in the face of career decisions.

Taking help from people more experienced in this comes in as a must then. What else are career counselling services​ for? Why do people spend so much on them if it was all for nothing? A good career counselor can identify the buried talents in you and help you dig them out. Career counselling is like the sail in the wind that steers the ship in the right direction when rocked by the tumultuous waves of life. A career counselor is like a lifeboat in a sea storm – do I need to add more metaphors?

Poster for Creative Career
Courtesy: RKU

The Ramoji Krian Universe (RKU) is hosting a Creative Career Seminar on the 2nd of July in association with Kolkata Bloggers. Expert Celebrity speaker and famous Bollywood film director, producer and actor, Shri. Vivek Vaswani will grace the ceremony with his presence. The seminar will be held in Vidya Mandir (Circus Avenue, near Birla High School) from 10am to 2pm. Ramoji Krian Universe is a joint venture by Ramoji group and Amsterdam based Krian media. Apart from job- oriented career counselling, it also offers two month’s internship leading to placements. As a part of the workshop on 2nd of July, students will learn for half a day and work on live projects for the other half. There will also be an interactive seminar on the possibilities and job opportunities in the new and creative spheres of education. You not only get to know about the different courses offered by RKU but also the scope in each one of them. There is compulsory registration for attending the event. the registration form can be found here.

Event Details

Kolkata Bloggers in association with the Ramoji Krian Universe is all set to launch its 7 days Blogging Certificate course in Hyderabad; more details to follow soon. The combined efforts of RKU and Kolkata Bloggers culminates to form a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into the various types of career and make your choice for what might be a life changing experience!

Written by Ahona Das

Edited by Subhadrika Sen