May 24, 2017

7-Day Blogging Course at Ramoji Krian Universe, Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad.

Ramoji Krian Universe partnering with Kolkata Bloggers presents a 7-Day residential Blogging certificate course in Ramoji Fim City, Hyderabad starting from June 15, 2017 till June 21st. That means, you get to stay at Ramoji Film City!

Read on to see how cool it gets.

First off, we will guide you in buying a dot-com blog and setting it up from scratch. Which means, no You’ll be setting up

Then, you’ll learn the basics of blogging: starting from deciding to what to write about, to actually writing the blogpost, and even analyzing how well it performed. Have you wondered how bloggers make money? Ever seen a beautiful blog and felt really impressed with how good it looks? We will teach you all of this, and a whole lot more (which we cannot talk about here).

If you’re expecting the course to be a cakewalk, we are sorry. But there will be homework. And we will get really upset if you don’t finish them. And there’ll be an exam at the end of it.

But hey, for only Rs 15000, you’ll get a certificate on the 7th day of the course.

And, guest lectures from some of the coolest bloggers in town.

And, complementary food and stay at Ramoji Film City.

And, a one-day guided tour of the Ramoji Film City!


If you’re ready to go, here are a few nitty-gritties:

  1. The course fee of Rs. 15000 will go towards paying the lecturers, and for your accomodation and food at the Ramoji Film City for 6 nights and 7 days. This does not include transportation costs of the student to/from their city to Ramoji Film City.
  2. Seats will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. There are just 20 seats, so hurry up and apply!
  3. The seat will be booked once the money is transferred to Kolkata Bloggers’ bank account and confirmed by Kolkata Bloggers.
  4. The money transferred is non-refundable. Should the applicant be unable to make it, they can transfer their application to someone else.
  5. Details of the bank account details will be sent to the applicant via email once they register.

For any question, intelligent or otherwise, feel free to call Anirban at +91 99030 55542.

You will receive the Course Overview after you submit the registration form.