Kolkata Bloggers is a comprehensive platform for providing end to end marketing solutions. We provide all types of digital and social media marketing benefits – be it in the promotional sphere over social media, arrangement for events, live-blogging or updating via Facebook and Twitter during programmes, sharing educational awareness about the necessity and importance of digital empowerment, collaborating with brands, providing technical assistance in the form of maintaining websites and online presence, creating branding logos, graphics, videos and animation or printing and publishing. Our clientele includes brands of the stature of Facebook, Times of India, The International Kolkata Book Fair, NASSCOM, West Bengal Government and US Consulate among others. We have also brought together twenty new authors and twenty illustrators to publish a book along with Bee Books, called Tales to Tell.


Blogger Engagement

We have organized various Blogger Engagement programs and workshops to further the cause of blogging as a professional spectrum. We have interacted with a diaspora of people ranging from school and college students to established professionals.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

We provide a high quality digital and social media marketing solutions. Strategizing promotional activities over and across all popular social media platforms, arrangement of events, live-blogging, collaborating with brands, providing technical support in the form of development and maintenance of websites.

Graphics and Photography

From strategizing and devising your branding logo and graphics, to event coverage through the means of photographs and video clips. We help you in making your event a highly successful affair.

Videos and Animation

We help you in making very high quality promotional videos and animations for your event and/or cause.

Digital Media Workshops

We have conducted various workshops to spread awareness about the importance of branding, and digital and social media marketing and promotions. Our policies have been proven successful across a myriad of requirements.

Printing and Publishing

We cater to all your printing and publishing needs for your event/cause.