September 10, 2014

How can Kolkata Bloggers help you & people around ?

Dear Kolkata, 

If you want to start blogging, there are a very few questions which naturally come to your mind. What should I blog about? Why should I blog? If I write, will people read? How will I increase my readership?

Learning: If you are reading this, I presume you already know what a blog looks like. Any website which has a commenting system to it below every post, is basically a blog(shortened from weblog). We conduct meets and blogging workshops, where members come and discuss what s/he wants to blog about.

The best way to learn is to learn from friends. From the “Kolkata Bloggers” page, we share blog posts written by people in / hailing from Kolkata. I am a Bengali based in Kolkata. I can relate to a Blogger based in Kolkata better than a blogger based somewhere else in the world, with possibly a huge cultural difference. Local people share culture and mentality. The pulse can be gauged by local people. And what do we do? We share local content and in the bloggers’ meets, we invite bloggers based in Kolkata. Learning becomes faster!


Promoting Blogging: It is not only personal learning. Suppose you find a blog post from Kolkata Bloggers page interesting and you decide to share it. If you are inspired, someone else might also be inspired. Knowledge and experience, thus get shared. A lot of people like this, will come to know about blogging, the experience shared and yes, about the blogger.


Expand Organic reach: And now comes the most important part. Suppose we have 100 people in our page. 10 people decides to invite 10 people each. The page strength grows to 200, of which you have invited 10 friends of yours. When we share your blog post from the page, it reaches to a good percentage of the 200, of which 10 are your friends. You reach to a newer audience, whom you did not know. Who did not know you. Your blog post’s reach increased. If they find it interesting, they stand inspired and knowledge is shared.


Get referred to: Corporate blogger engagement programs is yet not popular in this part of the world. If  we are required to refer bloggers for paid promotional writing, we do it.


Inspired? Join KolkataBloggers by clicking here, come to Bloggers’ Meets, share this page with other bloggers and that is about it!