An Amazing Day in Alipore n Zoological Garden

An Amazing Day in Alipore n Zoological Garden

Alipore Zoo is the perfect destination if you’re on the lookout for a place to go on a winter’s day out. Situated in Kolkata’s southern suburb, it’s relatively easy to get to and is one of India’s leading zoos. Winter is incomplete without a zoo visit, and the Alipore zoo is the must-visit place in Kolkata. It’s an enjoyable and fun-filled place for kids of all ages as well as for adults.

Alipore n Zoological Garden

In winter, the weather in Kolkata is so pleasant. The temperature is usually in the mid-twenties, and the sky is being so clear. The Zoo has its old-world charm and a beautiful setting. Most of the time, it was the family get together or family outing. We can enjoy to our fullest with all family members, especially with siblings. You can also go with your friends, it will be so much fun.

There are plenty of benches in the zoological garden; people would sit and enjoy their time there. You can carry your own food with you and enjoy eating it together. The kids enjoyed the outing most, and they used to play with balls and balloons in the garden area of the zoo. After all, the children were granted a chance to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

With the camera, you get to go into the Zoo and take photos anywhere you want, but with a video recorder, you’ll have to ask official permission to get inside the with you. There will be an additional cost of rupees two hundred and fifty rupees per hour for a video camera to have that permission.

Alipore Zoological Garden

How to reach Alipore zoo

The Zoo is situated in the southern part of Kolkata near park street. Everyone can easily reach out there. The best and nearest transportation from the city is metro rail. Just walk to gate no 3 of Alipore rail station and take any southbound train. which is mostly 10 min intervals.

From Howrah Station: One can easily access the Zoo from Howrah station. First, take the bus from Howrah to Khidirpore, and then take an auto to get to the Zoo. You can book a taxi or cab from either Howrah. It may cost 300-400 for one taxi.

From Sealdah Station: Another easy way to go to the Zoo is from Sealdah; the Zoo is just 7-8 k.m. away from the Sealdah station. There are many available buses near the station; one can easily take a bus its the best pocket-friendly way of reaching the Zoo. You can take a taxi or book a cab; it will cost around 100 rupees per person.

My experience visiting the Zoo

The Zoo is one of my preferred places to visit in winter. From my childhood, the Zoo has been a popular place to visit by the family. My whole family like to visit the Zoo every year. Like every year, We hired a taxi from my house near Dum Dum. The taxi charged Rs-500/-. We have started our journey at 9:00 a.m. and reached the Zoo at 10.30 a.m.

We booked the online zoo tickets one day ago. I suggest booking an online ticket from their website before reaching out to the Zoo. The procedure is simple, hassle-free; you will get instant confirmation through the mail. It will help you from waiting in the queue especially in the holidays. The Zoo is very crowded on the weekends and holidays in the winter season. Almost 90,000 people visit the Zoo only on 25th December or 1st January.


After entering the Zoo, we settle in an area for sitting under a tree and started eating some snacks like oranges, biscuits and chips. Then we start to explore the Zoo. We started our exploration from The Royal Bengal tiger cave. It’s one of the main attractions in the zoo.

Then we moved to the bird’s cages and went to see the Giraffes; there were almost 7-8 Giraffes in the Alipore zoo. Then move to the Elephants, After visiting the elephants, we moved to our sitting area again for having our lunch. We carried delicious foods like paratha, chicken, and sweet treats. We sat down altogether to enjoy our meals. It was so much fun at the Zoo. It is an excellent place to spend with your family.

After lunch, we visited zabra; there are almost 5-6 zabras are in the cage. Then we go to see the chimpanzee, he was playing at that time; it’s one of the main attractions in the Zoo, he is also so cute; Then we go to see the reptiles; there are different types of snakes and crocodiles in the Zoo.

We also went to see a bear; he was playing with leaves like a baby in his cage. After visiting the bear, we moved to the deers; there are many types of deer in the Zoo. At last, we see the kangaroo. And we are very disappointed not to see that Lion and Hippopotamus. They are in their cages; we can’t see them.

But the condition of the animals is not acceptable. I am under the impression that some of them are sick. Some birds are not moved out of the cages. The Zoo has one main motive to attract visitors, but it fails to meet the purpose. They should be more cautious to keep the animals in good condition.

peacock Alipore Zoological garden

Genuinely speaking, not all animals look attractive, but they look miserable, like they are bored with their boring life. The Zoo’s management is not helpful enough to help the visitors, and it will be a wonderful experience for the visitors to see all these animals in the Zoo. The main attraction was the crowd, the rush and the noise when a considerable crowd visited simultaneously. It is a beautiful place for all age groups of people. The best time to visit is from November until February.

We took all the expeditious recollections we persisted the Zoo at around 4.00 p.m. It was a wonderful experience at the Zoo. We enjoyed our outing to the Zoo very much, and there were no problems at all. It was an unforgettable day for us.

Animals to see in the Zoo

There are many varieties of mammals in the Zoo. Some of them are Striped Hyena, Rhinocerous, Tiger, Leopard, Fishing Cat, Lion, Jaguar, Monkeys, Zabra, kangaroo, Bear, Elephants and many more. The tiger cave is one of the most crowded places in the Zoo.


tiger Zoological Garden


Elephant Zoological Garden

There is a vast range of birds in the zoo-like Parrots, Amazon parrots, Krakatau, American Macau, Western crowned pigeon, Domestic goose, Emu, Painted stork, Cockatiel, Indian Hornbill, Hill Myna, peacocks etc.


One of the most attractive of the Zoo is a chimpanzee. He is cute and, at the same time, playful. He knows well the humans are watching him. When there is any threat, he will try to catch it.

Giraffes are another main attraction of the Zoo. Their long necks make them unique over other animals and symbolise the Zoo.


giraffe Zoological GardenThere is a wide range of reptiles in the zoo-like Burmese Python, cobra, Indian python, saltwater crocodile, Gharial, etc. crocodiles are the children’s favourite. They look so cute and huge when they move.


Alipore zoological garden

We saw many ducks as well as migrant birds near the lake area. the birds come from other states of India or other places. Uncountable bats are hanging from the trees in the zoo premises.

6. BAT

History about Alipore Zoo

Since its establishment, the Alipore zoological garden has passed many rough phases. The Zoo has a great collection of wild animals and has always been one of Bengal’s most popular tourist attractions. It is believed that the Zoo was built on 25th September 1875 with a Total of 188,114.982 sqm / 18.811 hectare Area.

After then, land development began; the first animal house built within the Zoo was founded by Raja Rajendra Mullick Bahadur, the thirst Indian philanthropist. Schwendler and George King served on an honorary committee that oversaw the early operations of the park.

Ram barman Sanyal was the first Indian superintendent of the Zoo. he served there for a long time and made several improvements.

The Central Zoo Authority of India was crooked in 1992, and with the help of the Central Zoo Authority, Monkey and tiger enclosures were built with water moats. Lions, elephants, and crocodiles were housed at open-air moated enclosures. The West Bengal government also helped with remodelling an open-air moated enclosure for hippopotamuses.

The management of the Zoological Garden, Alipore, was transferred from the Management Committee to the West Bengal Zoo Authority in August 2009. As a result of this change, several developmental initiatives have taken place at the Zoo since then. The face of the Zoo has changed dramatically as a result of those operations as various animal houses that had outlived their usefulness were dismantled, such as “Echidna House,” “Kiosk House,” “Jungle Fowl Enclosure,” and “Leanto Shed.”

Zoo fees and hours


  1. entrance fees: 30 /- for adults and 10/- for minors (up to 5 years).
  2. aquarium fees: Rs. 5 / – per person
  3. Video Photography: Rs. 250 /- per hour

Zoo Hours

  1. Ticket counters of the Zoo open at 09–00 a.m. and close at 04-30 p.m.
  2. Garden opening Time at 09–00 a.m. and closing time at 05–00 p.m.
  3. The Zoo Aquarium opens 10-30 a.m. and closes 05–00 p.m.

C. Remain Close every Thursday for the rest of the animals; if a holiday falls on Thursday, the garden remains accessible to visitors on that day, with the weekly shutdown taking place the next available working day. And for November to February opens every day.

Rules to follow

  1. Use Salpata and Paper Plate.
  2. Try to keep the premises of the Zoo clean.
  3. Try to be cordial and polite with your fellow visitors.
  4. Try to avoid entering the Zoo with a polythene bag, plastic bottle.
  5. Do not play cricket, badminton, flying dish etc., inside the Zoo.
  6. Do not carry firearms or any sharp objects.

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