8 Best Acting Classes in Kolkata Near Me { West Bengal }

Best Acting Classes in Kolkata Near Me

If someone wants to know how to act or anything else related to this art form then the best thing, he or she can do is study about it. There are many people who do not think it necessary to take a formal training before starting their career and this is where they go wrong. It is really important to learn about the craft before you start working on it or with it, then only you can grow in that genre and survive for a long period of time.

Best Acting Classes in Kolkata

It is said that Kolkata is a city of movie lovers and this city contributes a huge amount towards the film industry. Not only people of Kolkata like to watch movies but they also love to learn the skills relating to it. There have been many acting schools in Kolkata and due to its high demand people are taking admission in it. Let’s read about some of them. If you think you are interested acting classes then take a note from this article, it will surely help you in future. By joining acting class, you will learn more about the industry, you will get to know the history as well. Definitely you will get to know about the actors, their struggles, their contribution and how they have shaped their lives.

1. Kolkata Film Academy

If you are serious about acting and if you want to purse your career in this field then join this Kolkata Film Academy. They offer 2 acting courses; you can select the certificate course which is for 3 months or do a diploma course which is for a year. Definitely you need some level of education i.e., you need to have high school graduation certificate or else you will not get admission here. The course which are taught in the classes focuses on the complete package as in they teach the students about the history of acting, about the little nuances on voice modulation, creative body language, chemistry between the other actors, body movement, expressions and so on. If you go for diploma course then you will get to know more as because in these 12 months course, they will focus both on theatre acting and film.


Salt Lake City,


Tank No. 7,

Baisakhi Island,

Landmark: near the Apeejay School,


West Bengal 700091

Phone number: 7044449696

2. Institute of Film Media & Arts

Here there are 3 courses on acting in films. A girl or a boy can admit themselves in their diploma course which happens for 4 days a week or on their advanced certificate course which happens twice a week. If you are planning to learn only the basic skills then go for their Foundation Course in Film Acting and for this you need to spend only 3 hours every day. The main motto of this acting institute is to provide local talents to the industry. The Head of the Department of the acting section is Professor Kanwarjit Paintal. He is associated as a professor for more than 8 years. Previously he would teach in Pune at the Brightest Talents at Film and Television Institute of India. Now this man comes to Kolkata to teach the local students. Students are really happy to get him as their teacher as because they get to learn a lot from them.

AddressThe Legacy Regus,

25/A Shakespeare Sarani,

1st Floor,


West Bengal 700017

Phone number:+918100543050

3. International Institute of Acting and Modelling (IIAM)

The chance which you were looking for so many days to fulfil your dream is right here in front of you. IIAM is going to give you every opportunity to be a successful person in the glamour world. This institute not only emphasis only into acting or on films but also modelling as well. They have 6 months course which focuses on the development of the students who are going to entire this new world. Students are taught how to face the camera as well. Students get several opportunities to work in television serials and advertisements during the course. Within these 6 months course students get opportunity to do some modelling assessments as well. The institute has top notch infrastructure with all modern amenities which will be required for the students during their training session. The main purpose of IIAM is to develop all the student’s natural talent along with building skills that they can value throughout their life. The aspirants can visit their official website and check about the admission details also. To assist the aspirants regarding their query they have experienced counsellor.

Address7B, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd,

Beck Bagan,



West Bengal 700017

Phone Number:+917044081000

4. National Institute of Film & Fine Arts

This institute is located in the Bhowanipore region and they offer 2 diploma courses. Before taking admission in this institute the students should know that this institute not only focuses on acting only but also teaches dances, recitation and so on for all round development which are needed to be a good actor.  One of the diploma courses runs for 2 years where they teach the students all round development which is needed for the industry. The teachers have curated many exercises which focuses only on technicalities that will be required for acting on top of that the students get to learn various body movements, voice modulation and also dubbing. All the teacher’s emphases on improvisation of the students all the time. The other course is for 12 months which is more advanced in terms of learning. In this course apart from body preparation, voice production they give the students dance classes. During the course the students get to learn how to deliver speeches like for monologue acting and duet acting.

Address35A, Townshend Rd,

Bakul Bagan,



West Bengal 700025

Phone number:+913324556879

5. SMPAi

The principal and the managing director of this acting institute is none other than Samrat Mukherji, who himself is a well-established actor in the Bengali film industry. For years he is associated with this particular industry and is a very famous actor in the silver screen. This institute was established in the year 1994 and from that time onwards they groom the students so that they can become one of the eminent personalities of the film industry.Though SMPAi offers a year’s course only in acting but every student wants to join this institute as because this institute is run by only television professionals. The teachers who will train these students are someone who has already established himself of herself in the Bengali film industry. Once they are done with the course each student will be prepared for a film, theatre or television. New students get to participate in workshops, they learn how the preparation goes behind each scene, shot and the script. In other words, students get to learn method acting here. SMPAi has their centres in Siliguri and Durgapur. In the eastern India SMPAI is known as the largest performing arts institute. If you are a flowerer of Tollywood then you will get to see some of the actors and actress graduating from this institute. This detail is clearly given on their official website.

Address41/F S. P,

Harish Mukherjee Rd,


West Bengal 700026

Landmark: opposite to the Asutosh College and beside the Chittaranjan Cancer Institute

Phone number: 913324860743

6. SETC Institute

At the present time many people dream to live a reel life at least for few months and this is only because of the glamour, fame and money. Unfortunately, this dram does not turn into reality for many people. If you are really passionate and willing to learn the craft then please get yourself admitted to this institute. Once you start taking their classes be very sure that within few months your dream of being an actor or actress will come true. The SETC give chances to all their students to turn their dream into reality. For the past 13 years this institute is running successfully and they have provided some of the finest actors to the industry. The teachers her give lot of stress on their practical classes than the theory classes as because they believe practical classes help the students a lot. Now coming to the best part is that the tuition fee of this institute is really less than other acting classes which happens in Kolkata. If you want you can check their official website. In the official institute you will get to see the students who have graduated from thisinstitute and are now famous actor and actress of Tollywood. Some of the eminent actors come here to take classes. Since their inception they have started their branches in many districts of West Bengal. They have their branches in Howrah, Amherst Street, Dhakuria, Purba Medinipur, Burdwan, Sreerampur, Krishnanagar, Durgapur and so on. The address of the Behala branch is provided here below.

Address: 232 Diamond Harbour Road,



West Bengal 700 060
Landmark: Canton Restaurant Beside

Opposite to the Behala Police Station and P. C. Chandra Jewellers

7. Royal Academy of Cinema & Performing Arts

This is the only institute in Kolkata which has international connection and standard. This institute is founded by award winning eminent directors, artists, writers, scholars and producers, from all over the world. This institute is affiliated to the University of Cambridge. The main vision and objective of this institute is to promote awareness and educate the students about television and film. The RACPA is registered under the Act XXVI of the 1961 under the Government of West Bengal. There are various kinds of courses here like screen acting, film direction, script writing, cinematography, art direction and film editing.If you take the pain to check their social media pages then you will get to see that reputed actors from Bengali film institute comes here for seminars, workshops and so on. At the end of the session, they provide certificates to the students which they can produce when they an audition.

Address12A, Jadavpur Central Rd,

Poddar Nagar,



West Bengal 700032

Phone number: 033 4600 0197

8. FCP Acting School

Be sure that once you complete a course from the FCP Acting School then surely you will get through the industry. Apart from acting they do teach anchoring, direction and script writing. The teachers here believe that these are part of the craft so students should learn these things before joining the industry. If anyone checks their social media page then they will get to see that Bengali film industry heroes or heroines come here to take classes. This really excites the aspirants and they want to join this institute. since these heroes and heroines have experience, they teach in a better manner. Ex-students of this institute have written on the internet that if any one wants to make a name in the film industry, they should take admission here. Most of the students who have done a course here has made a name in the industry. The price rate is really reasonable here. the staffs working here are courteous and very prompt at giving any kind of assistance. So, feel free to call them, they will assist you properly.


9/8, Kali Charan Ghosh Road

Kolkata, West Bengal 700050

Phone Number: 98319 68183 or 94332 16925

Hence it can be said for the world-be actors that an acting school will help you gain confidence and give you a platform where you show the world your talent. Never mind if the teachers scold you or tell you something in front of the class. Take their harsh words as a helpful advice and seek guidance from them. If you are really serious to take up acting as your career then please join any of these institute and be sure that you are going to get a great opportunity very soon. Even your favourite actor or actress had taken up acting lessons before joining the industry.

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