9 BEST AUTISM TREATMENT IN KOLKATA Near Me & Center with best Doctors

Best Autism Treatment center in Kolkata West Bengal

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a developmental disability that causes substantial differences in communication, behavioural and social challenges in the patient’s life. People suffering from ASD faces different problems but these problems can be solved by continuous therapies given by the doctor. Generally, children between 12 months to 24 months start suffering from it but sometimes symptoms may appear earlier as well. According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), 1 out of 160 children suffer from autism and it has been proved that autism affects young boys than girls, here the ratio is 4:1.


Kolkata has got many centres for treating autism patients and some of the renowned doctors as well. Here is a list of doctors, school for autistic children and medical organisations working in the City of Joy.

The List of the best doctor for autism treatment in Kolkata Near Me

1. Dr Anjan Bhattacharya

Dr Bhattacharya is working in the field of Neonatology, Paediatrics and Developmental Paediatrics in India and United Kingdom. He is working for more than 30 years. He is the only developmental paediatrician in India who knows o use the Gold Standard Diagnostic Tools for the autism patients along with other diagnostic tools like the BSID III (Bayley Scales of Infant Development), Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) version 1 and 2, SGS II (Schedule of Growing Skills II) and Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI R) to examine through the Gold Standard techniques for the mental development of the autistic children. While practising in London he had developed special interest towards developmental paediatrics. He has written many medical articles on parents training for treating autism kids, early intervention in children will eliminate autism symptoms. These journals are highly appreciated by medical team members and common people.

Address: Apollo Genesis Hospital, No 58, Canal Circular Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700054

Call on: 9874797726 or 9830032968

2. Dr Arnab Ghosh Hajra

Dr Hajra is treating patients suffering from autism problem for more than 14 years. He is one of the best doctors for autism treatment within the city.since he is a psychiatric this has helped him to connect with the children very easily. Some of the services provided by him are alcohol or any other drugs treatment, epilepsy treatment, stress management counselling, unusual behaviour, strange behaviour, abnormal behaviour treatment, personality disorder treatment, anxiety disorders treatment, mood disorders, bipolar disorder treatment, behaviour and though problems, psychological diagnosis, adopted child syndrome treatment, child and adolescent problems, schizophrenia treatment, insomnia treatment, suicidal behaviour, obsessive compulsive disorder, dementia treatment, sleep disorder treatment, psychosexual problems, affective and emotional difficulties, concentration problems, sexual problems, depression treatment and autism spectrum disorder treatment.  He had done his MBBS from University of Burdwan in the year 2007 then did MD in Psychiatry from the Sikkim Manipal University in 2016. At present he is attached with the Zenith Superspecialist Hospital, Suraksha Kharda, Residence Clinic in Ariadaha, Suraksha Dunlop, AMRI Hospital Salt Lake, ILS Hospital Salt Lake, Kundu Medical Stores near Hazra crossing, Charnock Hospital, ILS Hospitals Dumdum, Bagbazar Drug Hall and Suraksha Salt Lake.

Address: Amri Hospital, KB Block, JC16 & 17, KB 24, JC Block, Sector III, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700098

Call on: 9674036108

3. Manovikas Kendra

The chairman of this health organisation is Shri Vijay Kumar Dhandhania. This organisation deals with patients suffering from genetic basis of neurodevelopmental syndromes like autism. They also try to organise workshop for the parents whose kids suffer from autism problem. This workshop was arranged on ‘Autism and Management of Autistic Children’. Ms Indrani Basu was a part of it and this lady has gained wide knowledge on this field and knows to deal with autistic children. This workshop was great help to the parents as they came to learn more about this problem. In the year 2018 and 2019 this institution had dealt with 248 autism spectrum disorder, 7 people intellectual disability with autistic traits and 5 people with seizure disorder with autistic traits.  For autistic children they try to arrange regular classes but many children cannot attend them due to various reasons hence they offer their package programmes. In these package programmes the therapies are provided to the children for 3 to 5 consecutive days under their supervisor and then different home-based strategies are told and discussed with all the parents so that they can continue with the therapies. Parents who stay far from this place can also contact them for the therapies. Just call on the given phone number and the officials here will surely help you out. In fact, all the children have benefitted through these package programmes.

Address: 482 Madudah Plot: I-24 sector, J, E.M.Bypass, Sector J, East Kolkata Township, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107

Call on: 033 40012731

4. Autism Society West Bengal

To common people this association is named as ASWB. This organisation is quite famous in the city.This was registers on the 30th December, 2002. Initially this organisation had started as an evening play group by Indrani Basu. It is a parent-initiatedorganisation for the rights of ever child suffering from autism spectrum or ASD. The organisation tries to increase the awareness every day among the family members so that they do treat autism children in a normal manner. Now they have 3 months advance parent training programmes happening during the morning and evening so that the patients get to learn how to deal with their kids at home or public place. Reputed doctors are also associated in this initiative. On March 2020 they have started their programmes in different places like 24 North Parganas, Nazat and Jhargram. In 2009 Indrani Basu was awarded for her innovation and creativity from the Heartspring, Kansas of the USA.

Address: 2nd Floor, 147, Krishakpally Barakhala, Mukundapur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700099

Call on: 9038008536

5. Dr Dibyendu Chakrabarty

He is one of the reputed consultant neonatologists and pediatrician in Kolkata. He is also practicing in Asansol from 1993. As a visiting consultant he is available at the AMRI Mukundapur Hospital, Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, The Mission Hospital of Durgapur. He also attends free camps for poor people in the village of Chakdala. He was a student of Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission where he stood 21st Madhyamik Exam and stood 4th in Medical Joint entrance examination. From Medical College of Kolkata in 1987 he completed his MBBS then scored highest mark for DCH from the Institute of Child Health Kolkata. After this he had done his MD in Pediatrics from the Prince of Wales Medical College of Patna. He is also a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics from the USA. Throughout the year he keeps on visiting many countries as a delegate in some of the pediatric conference. Apart from child autism the services he gives his patients are cerebral palsy, adolescent health care, new born care, childhood diarrhoea, enuresis, chronic fever, persistent cough, childhood constipation, nephrotic syndrome, pediatric medicine, childhood asthma and many more.

Time: 8 AM to 10 AM

Address: Apollo Gleneagles Medical Centre in Gariahat

48/1F, Leela Roy Sarani, Gariahat Rd, near Orchestra Co-Operative Housing Society, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019

Call on: 9434002121 or 9800643696

6. Howrah Autism Society or HAS

HAS was started on 17th November, 2013 by Mrs Jhimli Datta who is a mother of an autistic child. The pain that she had to grow through led her to start an organisation. It is an NGO which has the facility of online classes for children who cannot come to the classes daily. She had started this organisation to educate people, provided employment services and also arrange social events for the autistic children to participate. They provide all kind of information regarding therapies and treatment to the patient’s parents so that they stay aware. The aim of this association is to train all the parents, guide them accordingly and counsel them from time to time so that they deal with the problem positively. Children of HAS every year celebrate the birthday of Rabindra Nath Tagore, play Holi with the teachers and their parents, perform Saraswati Puja and have Santa Claus among them during the Christmas time. Special children of this organisation knows to sing, dance and draw with the help of their teachers. People from well to do family are requested to make some donation here for the kids or give any gifts which will be useful to the kids.

Address: A.T. Ghosh Road, Nandipara, GIP Colony, Howrah, West Bengal 711112

Call on: 9007038087

7. Shruti

Shruti is the best rehab centre for children suffering from autism. They have highly qualified professionals who know how to handle autistic patients. They do have patients suffering from mental problems, learning disabilities, hearing impairment within Kolkata. They do arrange parents’ teacher meeting along with professionals once in every 3 months to discuss about the child’s improvement. They do have parental awareness, training program and discussion. Along with all other therapy they have behaviour modification therapy which are done by trained and experienced therapists on ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). They also have dance lessons, play therapy and art sessions.

Address: 9, Prince Baktiar Shah Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700033

Landmark: opposite to the Navina Cinema Hall

Call on: 9007795044

8. Institute of Sensory Integration and Research Centre or ISIRC

Thousands of children are suffering from autism in Kolkata and areas around. To help the children they do have some of the best doctors and therapist to give the children beset therapy. They also have nutritionists and biomedical doctors for the nutritional growth of the children. Autism therapist is present all the time in this centre. People associated here are educated and have years of experience so that they understand the problem of the patients easily and guide them. Here the therapists use all modern techniques to treat the patients. they have professionals like language therapist, speech therapist, special educator, sensory integration therapist, neurodevelopment therapist, clinical psychologist, dietitian, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, neurologist and paediatrician. Since the best people are hired here so parents can expect better results within a short span of time. Children do response to the treatment provided here very fast. They do have their branches in Patna, Siliguri, Howrah, Salt Lake, Rajarhat and E M Bypass.

Address: AD 75, 1st Ave, AD Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064

Call on: 8017375953

9. Speech Plus

Speech plus is not exactly an autism centre but it is a place where parents bring their autistic children for their speech therapy. This is owned by the Bengal Speech Hearing Pt. Ltd. They have a team of trained people who helps these kids to understand and react to voice, language and speech. It is true that autism cannot be cured completely at least parents should try different therapies to give them a normal life. Speech and communication related challenges varies from patients to patients. Definitely the speech therapy helps them in social, verbal and non-verbal communication. The only goal is to improve their spoken language, teaching them various signs and gestures so that they learn to express. These children also learn communicate through technology and pictures. The patients find the technology used here very interesting and they respond to it. This therapy should be continuous if there is a gap then the child falls back.

Address: Howrah Stadium Complex, Block B, Showroom No3.

Landmark -beside the Tata Docomo Store, Howrah, West Bengal 711101

The more a person comes to know about autism spectrum disorder the better he or she will be equipped regarding the family member who is suffering from it. All the little anecdotes a person will come to know to once the treatment starts. This treatment is costly but there are many NGOs throughout the city who help financially. The only suggestion which is given by doctors and medical associations are that every autistic child grows and they develop their abilities but they need sometime more unlike others. Instead of boycotting the child it is better to try various therapies and treatment so that they can lead a normal life. Modern way of treatment has helped many children to come out of this problem.


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