Best beaches near Kolkata West Bengal for Vistors in the City of Joy

Best beaches near Kolkata West Bengal that can give your boring life perfect relaxation:

The eastern hub of the united states of America is packed with lovely and unexplored coastal gemstones that quench the thirst of each soul-searcher. The metropolitan town of Kolkata is bustling with well-known but remarkable matters and a few kilometers of pressure from the hustle-bustle of the town serves as a great getaway for all of the seashore bums. Located withinside the lap of nature, the seashores close to Kolkata offer a notable street to discover and indulge in. The serene surroundings of the seascapes fantastically mingle with the cascading blue waves portray a hanging photograph that is certain to incite each wanderlust to go to those hidden gemstones.

Best Beaches near Kolkata


One of the metropolitan cities, Kolkata, has a lot of attractions that a person can feel while living here. It is like a perfect home for everyone. One can get everything here, from amazing Riverside to Sea beach. It is an emotion to everyone. Kolkata is a city of joy.


Whenever we consider beaches the grooving waves lurching in the direction of the shoreline take us to an imaginary cosmos. The seashores close to Kolkata offer an unmatchable allure in all quarters that amplifies its beauty. Situated far from the primary city, those best locations are favored via way of means of everybody because of the tranquillity they boast of. We have indexed out a number of those hidden gemstones which in a blink will ship you to those unspoiled beauties.


Imagine yourself sitting with the aid of a sea seaside and looking at remarkable sundown now no longer a long way far from your home.

Yes, it is possible.

Kolkata is placed in a sort of geographical position, we are able to tour without problems by way of train, vehicle, or airplane. West Bengal has 210 Km of shoreline that consists of Bakkhali, Tajpur, Mandarmani, Digha, and some greater sea seashores.

Apart from those not unusual place destinations, you could additionally go to offbeat sea seashores like Junput, Baguran Jalpai, and Dakshin Purushottampur Sea Beach from Kolkata. You may go to a few seashores in Odisha that aren’t always a long way far from Kolkata. Here we can speak of the Top 9 Best Sea Beaches close to Kolkata which you must go to as soon as in a lifetime.


  1. Digha:

 Distance from Kolkata: 182.9 km

 Digha is one of the famous beaches which is located near Kolkata. Digha is a deepwater resort city that is the top destination for weekenders from Kolkata and other corridors of Bengal. It is about 177 km down by the road. The Digha Beach has a shallow and low grade and it is veritably popular sand for swimming. The sand is a great place to spend the day and the rainfall then’s nearly always affable. The beach sand is where the people head straight to before they have reached the place. The Digha region has now been divided into regions-the Old Digha and the New Digha. While the installations are much better and the city has been streamlined to an extent in the new part of the city, the old part still retains some of the charms from earlier times. Casuarinas were planted in abundance in this region ahead but now the utmost of them have been cut down. The children especially have an awful time then, with pony lifts, electric buses on the sand.


A veritably good seating arrangement has been made along the banks and a huge, low wall, limited with marble, runs along the sand, which makes it a splendid place to sit on and enjoy the ocean. Come evening, all the weekenders come out to sit then and enjoy the view of the ocean and the spray on their faces. The Duronto Express from Kolkata is a stylish way to reach the place. Do not forget to visit the government-approved booths along the sand where you can find bags and doodads made from ocean shells and adorned with hand embroidery.


  • Activities To Do In Digha Beach Beach walk, Marine life studies. Ideal For Families, musketeers, and couples.
  • Ideal Trip Duration 1-2 days
  • Weather 21 °C-30 °C
  • Stylish Time To Visit Digha Beach October-February
  • How To Reach Digha sand can be reached from Kolkata by road in 5-6 hours. One can board a flight to Kolkata and from there take a hack to reach the place
  • Stay Options Beach hospices and resorts hard are the stylish options for staying


  1. Bakkhali Beach:

Distance from Kolkata: 127.4 km


Bakkhali is one of the maximum famous seashores withinside the region, and the exceptional element is approximately it’s far that no matter a massive wide variety of travelers flocking it, its splendor stays intact. In fact, Bakkhali Beach is one of the cleanest seashores withinside the place. If your concept of a super vacation is exploring the place and soaking withinside the attractions of nature, stroll from Bakkhali to Frasergunj.


Bakkhali is a whole destination, which has something to maintain each form of vacationer interest. For instance, in case you love looking at plants and fauna that thrive in their herbal habitat, you may pay a visit to the Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project, placed near Bakkhali.


Take an exciting 10 km boat journey to attain Jambudweep, a small island withinside the ocean. On the island, verdant forests unfold over acres of land that will welcome you. Take a rickshaw to the scenic Henry’s Island, placed simply 10 mins far from Bakkhali. When you attain it, do not forget to go to the long-lasting Watch Tower. You can climb the watchtower for picturesque perspectives that positively blow you away.


  • Activities To Do In Bakkhali Beach Beach walking, Island hopping. Ideal For Families, musketeers, and couples
  • Ideal Trip Duration 1-2 days
  • Weather 20 °C-41 °C
  • Stylish Time To Visit Bakkhali Beach October-March.
  • How To Reach One can reach Bakkhali sand from Kolkata by road in 4-5 hours. Take a flight to Kolkata and from there take a hack to reach the place
  • Stay Options Beach hospices and resorts hard are the stylish options for staying


  1. Mandarmani Beach:

Distance from Kolkata: 169.6 km

Mandarmani is home to some extensive strands, numerous of which stretch for kilometers. Mandarmani vill, an antique and sleepy village, has lately come abuzz with sightseer conditioning. The adding interest of the trip community in the sand is a good sign for original tourism- grounded diligence. We all have walked along strands, but have you ever endured the exhilaration of driving along the sand? Mandarmani gives you the chance of doing exactly this.

The fun noway ends at Mandarmani, and if you love to get into the water, you can swim in the demitasse-clear ocean, or differently you can simply sit back, relax, and sunbathe on thousands. However, put your energy to good use by indulging in sand justice or sand volleyball, If you detest sitting idle in one place. And, just in case you’re an adventure junkie, the good news is that the sand also has installations for parasailing.


Feel the love in the air by taking a perambulation with your mate on the reinforcement. As you get near to the sand, the prickly bowwow of vehicles honking will sluggishly begin to vanish, making way for the sweet sound of swells crashing on land. When in Mandarmani, do not forget to explore the scenic delta then.


  • Activities To Do In Mandarmani Beach Beach walk, Parasailing. Ideal For Families, musketeers, and couples.
  • Ideal Trip Duration 1-2 days
  • Weather 22 °C-36 °C
  • Stylish Time To Visit Mandarmani Beach October-February.
  • How To Reach One can reach Bakkhali sand from Kolkata by road in 5-6 hours. One can board a flight to Kolkata and from there take a hack to reach the place
  • Stay Options Beach hospices and resorts hard are the stylish options for staying


  1. Shankarpur Beach:

Distance from Kolkata: 174.7 km

Shankarpur Beach, located near Digha Beach, is popularly pertained to as its binary sand. It’s one of the numerous retired gems scattered around India that may warrant introductory structure but can give indeed the most popular shores a run for their plutocrat. The evening at the sand is a sight to behold; it looks like the sun is publicizing its love for the ocean by trying to kiss it.


Shankarpur Beach is an ideal vacation destination for those who are craving to break free from the megacity crowd. It’s dotted with towering casuarina and win trees that feel hopeless to touch the sky. In the present time, when utmost scenic lams are full of excursionists, Shankarpur is far from the public aspect; hence, is one of the lower visited strands near Kolkata. This lack of mindfulness is a blessing in disguise and the reason behind the still-unspoiled beauty of the sand.

When at Shankarpur Beach, take a perambulation and enjoy the gentle ocean breath that messes with your hair and caresses your face. This is Mother Nature’s way of raining her love on you. Fresh air, which is fast getting a rare commodity in metropolises, is available than in cornucopia. As you sit under the win trees, soaking in nature, recollections of the time spent with musketeers and family will flash in front of your eyes, bringing a smile to your face. Spending a day at this scenic sand will help you rediscover yourself. So what are you staying for? Pack your bags and head to Shankarpur before it shows up on the radar of your fellow holidaymakers.


  • Works To Do In Shankarpur Beach Beach: walk, Water Sports. Ideal For Families, musketeers, and couples
  • Ideal Trip Duration 1-2 days
  • Weather 20 °C-36 °C
  • Stylish Time To Visit Shankarpur Beach September-February
  • How To Reach One can reach Shankarpur sand from Kolkata by road in 5-6 hours. One can board a flight to Kolkata and from there take a hack to reach the place.
  • Stay Options Beach hospices and resorts hard are the stylish options for staying


  1. Sagardweep beach:

 Distance 120 Km from Kolkata

The convergence of the River Ganga with the Bay of Bengal is considered an extremely holy spot and every time during Sankranti, which happens nearly around the end of January, a huge fair and gathering are organized at this position. People from all over the country massed then and the gathering is as large as the Kumbh Melas. The main point of deification is the River Ganga’s convergence and the vihara of the savant Kapil is also located then. The Government of West Bengal makes all kinds of arrangements to ensure that the people then have no problem, with food booths and public toilets being set up. People start to arrive then well before Sankranti and it can be relatively inviting to see similar humanity at one place, all drawn with the single belief that taking a dip at the holy waters at the hours of Sankranti will vindicate all sins and will clear the path to heaven. It seems like a small city descends then and it is quite an experience to be a part of it. It’s veritably popular sand near Kolkata for this reason.


  • Effects To Do In Sagar Beach Beach walking, attend the Mela, Sunbathing. Ideal For Families, musketeers, and couple
  • Ideal Trip Duration 1-2 days
  • Weather 20 °C – 41 °C
  • Stylish Time To Visit Sagar Beach October-January
  • How To Reach One can reach Sagar Beach from Kolkata by road in 3-4 hours. Take a flight to Kolkata and from there take a hack to reach the place
  • Stay Options Beach hospices and resorts are stylish options for staying.


  1. Tajpur Beach:

 Distance: 173.5 km from Kolkata

 Beautiful sun-kissed seashores and casuarina bushes status in rows is the primary aspect which you could note whilst you attain Tajpur seaside. The idyllic vicinity of the seaside offers the much-wanted respite to human beings seeking to break out their company shackles. The sandy white shore is a super spot to laze around and watch the waves get right into opposition to outdo each other.


The calmness withinside the air will let you experience the tune created with the aid of using crickets nesting in close by shrubs. The seaside is domestic to cranes and migratory species that go to it all through the nesting season each year. Play disguise and are trying to find with the shy crimson crabs as a way to get lower back into their nest as quickly as you technique them.


During low tides, you can take a stroll and acquire seashells. Or take a leisurely walk to the lagoon at the stop of the seaside. Eat on your heart’s content material at beach eateries. And despite the fact that those eateries won’t keep a candle to the hip town eating places in terms of infrastructure they’re 2d to none in relation to the quality, flavor, and authenticity of the food. These humble, no-frills eateries provide a number of exceptional seafood, along with pomfret fry and lobster curry, you’ll ever flavor.


  • Things To Do In Talasari Beach: Beach walk
  • Ideal For: Families, friends, and couples
  • Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 days
  • Weather: 21 °C-27 °C
  • Best Time To Visit Tajpur seaside: October-February
  • How To Reach: Talasari seaside may be reached from Kolkata via means of avenue in five-6 hours. One can board a flight to Kolkata and from there take a cab to attain the place
  • Stay Options: Beach motels and accommodations close by are the first-class alternatives for staying


  1. Talasari Beach:

Distance: 229 Km from Kolkata

You could be welcomed with the aid of using scenic hills, greenery, and acres of white sand while you go to the expansive Talsari Beach. The seashore is covered with rows of palm timber which have been status tall for centuries, including its beauty. Braving the cruel weather, those palm timbers appear to be sentinels guarding their kingdom. Talsari is a product of words, ‘Tal’ which means palm timber, and ‘Sari’ which translates to row in English. Tal additionally approaches rhythm.


Nature creates a bright song at this seashore…the candy sound of waves growing up after which collapse like a percent of cards, and the palm timber swaying with the wind is pleasing to the ears. Watching the solar upward thrust and set right here is a mesmerizing experience. To attain the seashore, you need to move the backwaters, including any other measurement in your trip. The adventure could be but any other addition in your ever-increasing listing of tour exploits. Vivid colorings of nature withinside the shape of various vegetation and fauna paint the seashore. To get sopping wet in those colorings and unwrap valuable items from Mother Nature, take a leisurely walk at the seashore.


If you need to reinvigorate your senses, you may play numerous video games on the seashore. But, amidst all of the laughs and frolic, take into account to deal with the foodie in you. When starvation pangs strike, get yummy seafood inclusive of prawn curry and different prawn and crab cuisine from close meals stalls. If you need to find out about nearby customs and practices, head to a close-by coastal village.


  • Things To Do In Talasari Beach: Beach walking, Sunbathing, Take a calming walk
  • Ideal For: Families, friends, and couples
  • Ideal Trip Duration: 1 day
  • Weather: 22 °C – 30 °C
  • Best Time To Visit Talasari Beach: October-December
  • How To Reach: One can attain Talasari Beach from Kolkata with the aid of using the street in 4-five hours
  • Stay Options: Shree Inn Talasari, Panthasala Chandaneswar


  1. Chandipur Beach:

 Distance: 260 Km from Kolkata

Known for the enchanting sunsets and Horseshoe crab, Chandipur seashore is one of the quality seashores close to Kolkata. Chandipur Beach is the precise spot for the ones weary souls who’re seeking out a spoil from their demanding life. Perfect for a weekend getaway, Chandipur seashore is located in Baleswar District in Odisha. You can live at Odisha Tourism’s visitor residence which is famous for its top-notch services. Take a chilled night stroll or meditate at this seashore first factor withinside the morning to make the maximum of your visit.


  • Things To Do In Chandipur Beach: Meditate, Relish the sunsets, Spot the Horseshoe Crab
  • Ideal For: Families, friends, and couples
  • Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 days
  • Weather: 22 °C – 41 °C
  • Best Time To Visit Chandipur Beach: October – February
  • How To Reach: One can attain Chandipur Beach from Kolkata via way of means of street in 5-6 hours
  • Stay Options: Beach accommodations and tourism visitor residence


  1. Kiran Sea Beach:

 Distance: 138 Km from Kolkata

Henry’s Island is domestic to a gorgeous seashore with the intention to actually front you with its splendor and charm. From taking a clean dip on the seashore to birdwatching, you may do lots at the Kiran Sea Beach positioned on Henry’s Island. Some of the chook species that you may spot at Kiran Sea Beach are whistling ducks, not unusual place snipe, black-rumped flame lower back woodpecker, Streak-throated woodpecker, and kingfisher. To deliver your swimming wear and binoculars to make the maximum from your vacation.


A top-notch seashore, so secluded from the ordinary crowd, one has to like it. Sand is white here, you may take a lazy walk as long as you want. The sound of the wind and water can take you to an exclusive dimension. The watchtowers at the doorway of the seashore stand like guardians. Kiran seashore offers you an eerie feeling of loneliness. A should go-to place.


  • Things To Do In Kiran Sea Beach: Beach walking, Birdwatching
  • Ideal For: Families, friends, and couples
  • Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 days
  • Weather: 20 °C – 41 °C
  • Best Time To Visit Kiran Sea Beach: September-April
  • How To Reach: One can attain Kiran Sea Beach from Kolkata via means of street in 3-four hours.
  • Stay Options: Hotel Amaravati, Hotel Deepak, WBTDC Tourist Lodge



The seashores close to Kolkata are an idyllic vicinity for respite due to their smooth accessibility via road. While nature weaves a stunning story at those exquisite coastal locales, the emerald waters underneath the skyline upload an impressive hue. So romantic are those seaside escapades at the same time as to your ride to Kolkata that each tourist will locate themselves getting drowned withinside the exquisite surroundings it beholds.


Whether you’re a company worker reeling below paintings pressure, or a homemaker bored of getting to each day’s family chores, it’s miles vital to take a wreck out of your ordinary life. And, what’s higher than spending a while on a lovely beach, sipping a few teas and looking at the Sun take a dip withinside the sea. Just if you aren’t primarily based totally in Kolkata and might nonetheless need to discover those lovely beaches, you may ebook a resort withinside the metropolis, from wherein you may take a cab to those scenic wonders of nature.


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