12 Best Bengali web series in Hoichoi Top Customer Rated List

Best Bengali web series in Hoichoi: don’t miss it:

Bengalis are always fantasies lovers. They always love to see something that is too realistic. Bengalis can not imagine their life without a perfect Sunday having some favorite mutton curry and rice, a full Bengali dish, and a perfect show. It is like heaven for them. For any kind of mood, they always love to watch a movie or a web series according to their mood.

So for these typical fun-loving Bengali Hoichoi comes with a lot of interesting web series and movies as well. One can really enjoy this app if they want to watch some quality web series. From romantic to thrilling and from horror to comedy you can get each and every kind of web series here.

Best Bengali web series in Hoichoi

So want to know more about Hoichoi? Hoichoi is a very popular app that is a leading Bengali entertainment platform. This app is maintained and owned by SVF Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The app always tries to focus on Bengali language content worldwide. It also hosts more than 2000+ hours of Movies, Music Videos, and Original Series. This popular app can be accessed on Apple TV, iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. It is the perfect platform for finding the Bengali web series and perfect for Bengali web series lovers.

So you choose hoichoi but are not able to choose a perfect web series that you can sit and watch properly? Just because there is a lot of web series? So don’t worry about it. We are here to help you. Here we are discussing the top web series on this app that you should watch. And we guarantee that it will definitely make you happy and you will think that this is the right decision to choose this article. So without wasting more time let’s start.

1. Byomkesh

Byomkesh is a beautifully crafted series that stays true to the source material. Still, it has 5 seasons.

In childhood we all listened to or read the story of “Byomkesh Bakshi ”. In this web series the fictional character of Byomkesh Bakshi” is created by the Bengali writer “Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay”. It is a thrilling web series that is full of investigation. It is known as one of the best and most popular web series on Hoichoi.

The most favorite and famous actor for all Bengali Anirban Bhattacharya is in the role of Byomkesh Bakshi as well as “Satyanweshi”. This story is too lovable since 1930.

You can enjoy a scenario of the 1930s in this series. The old Kolkata scene can win your heart. The perfect scene of the investigation of Byomkesh Bakshi and his friend Ajit Bandyopadhyay can make you fall in love with this web series. In the character Ajit Bandyopadhyay, the most charming actor Subrata Dutta is acted. You can enjoy the romantic scene of Byomkesh and Satyavati. In the role of Satyavati the actress Ridhima Ghosh is acted. Soumik Chattopadhyay and Sayantan Ghoshal are directors of this web series.

If you love old-school detective stories, then Byomkesh is the show to watch. But if you are not a Bengali then Don’t worry. Don’t let the language barrier stop you as subtitles are available.

2. Paap

Paap is another most thrilling and suspense web series that you will love. It has two seasons. It is Hoichoi’s original web series consisting of 5 episodes in season 1 and 5 episodes in season 2. The suspense thriller revolves around this bar dancer who visits her childhood home during Durga puja and later on the family encounters some infamous murders. You can enjoy a perfect scene of old Kolkata houses and the culture of Durga puja here. With respect to suspense, the series has done a fairly good job. You’ll find thrillers as well which are also shown rightfully. The story is good and by the time you decide this person is the villain or this you come to know something really shockingly different.

The series plays with symbolism. Paap just doesn’t mean sin only in the series. Read that again! It is a good watch with the family!

The actors have done an exceptional job. The famous actress Puja Banerjee who is known as Parbooni or Paro in this series is very convincing in her role. Her aura is strangely beautiful. You feel a kind of soothing air with the kind of expressions that pooja carries. The rest of the cast is excellent. The music combination in this web series is also very good. In this, you can see how a helpless girl has been tortured and how she fights back. It is really a very interesting and Well-Paced Murder Mystery, With An End That’ll Surprise You. There are many more characters like Saheb Bhattacharya as Chhoton Chowdhury, Rahul Banerjee as Inspector Monojit Halder, Ishani Das as young Paru, Bhaswar Chattopadhyay as Srimonto, Chowdhury ‘Tublu’ aka Mejda, Solanki Roy or Mishmee Das as Tiya Chowdhury, Roopsha Dasgupta as Bidisha Chowdhury, Priyanka Mondal as Sneha, Indrajit Chakraborty as Dhiman Chowdhury’Bablu’ aka Borda, Rajat Ganguly as Baikunto Chowdhury aka Natun Mesho. You should go for it if you want to experience a perfect crime and revenge web series.

3. Kamini

Not only in thrilling web series, but Hoichoi is also best for comedy and horror web series too. Kamini is a perfect combination of comedy and horror starring Barkha Bisht Sengupta and Saurav Das. You can get a link to the Bollywood movie named Street but the execution is quite different. This series has one season that was released in 2019. It was released in phases, the first one was released in September 2019 and the remaining episodes were released in October 2019.

This series can make you like pulling a hanger and you will want to know what will happen next. The main character Barkha Sengupta has the role of Kamini and Saurav Das, Trina Saha, Apratim Chatterjee, Trina Saha, Kharaj Mukherjee, Manasi Sinha also play a great role in this web series. Rick Basu directed this web series.

In this web series, you can see a scenario of a village named Nishadpur and this story shows you the men who went to this village have disappeared into the darkness. Then after knowing this two boys will go to this village. Then Mistry and Mistry. So if you want to know what it is you have to watch this perfect web series.

4. The Stoneman Murders

If you want to experience a different type of thrill you can go for stone man mudders. We all know how society has become and even in the 90s century, there are many girls who were misused and never able to raise any voice. You can experience this story of how a father takes revenge on those types of people. It is one of the most interesting thrills web series that hoichoi has recreated.

In this series, you can see the fabulous acting of Swastika Mukherjee, Rajatava Dutta, Rupankar Bagchi. The way they play every role you will just fall in love with this series. You can also Experience a scenario of the last 80s in Kolkata and Mumbai. The director of The Stoneman Murders is Rafiq Abdul Wahab. It was released in 2019 and it has 1 season that has 9 episodes.

In this story, you can see a serial Killer killing 5 people on the open road. He used to be killed by a huge stone. Sneha as well as Swastika Mukherjee is an aspiring writer. She finds an old, mysterious diary of the Stoneman. It makes her curious and she unfolds the details inside and finds out if the Stoneman is back again. But this series is not finished yet. It is still a mystery what will happen in season 2. So if you want perfect goosebumps while watching a series definitely go for it. The acting of these masterpieces is fabulous.

5. Hello

Hoichoi never disappoints you when it comes to providing you with an interesting and thrilling web series. They always produce something that a person is always searching for. Hello is another masterpiece of Hoichoi. Bengalis always love to see their culture. This web series is perfect for it. You can also Experience an old-day joint family in this series.

It is a mind-hacking web series that is directed by Anirban Mallick. In the lead role of this series the character Nandita is played by Raima Sen, supporting role DebaLina acted by Priyanka Sarkar & Nandita Husband Anonya role played by  Joy Sengupta. Their friendship & family problems are discussed in this series but this problem is not simple. Every character’s mind-blowing and normal behavior makes everybody confused whether this story is real or not. You can see Nandita as a protesting lady who fights for herself. You will become confused as you will go through the next episodes. It will confuse you but I’m sure you will find your estimation. Every twist can make you more confused and become more excited to know about the whole story. You can also see a perfect mother in the character of Nandita. It shows the mirror of today’s society how some women are tortured. But it can give you lessons too.

It has 3 seasons. In season 1 there are 8 episodes that were released in 2017. In the 2nd season, there are also 8 episodes that have been released in 2019, and season 3 has 12 episodes and will be released in 2021. But this web series has some adult scenes so we always suggest watching it to those who are 18+. You can experience also bisexual love in it.

Both seasons 1 and 2 left you in mystery but in season 3 the mystery will be solved.  Atlas’s conclusion is the clear end of every season but many questions can be turned around in the head, those answers the director left for the audience, just a masterstroke for suspense.

So if you want to watch a web series that is highly suspenseful, the thriller can turn around everybody’s mind anytime, so see the full season of Hello.

6. Eken Babu

Eken Babu is a different kind of web series where you can experience a comic and thrilling plot. It is a really amazing web series that can make you laugh in a thrilling era.

In this web series, Anirban Chakrabarti acted as Eken Babu. And Shoumo Banerjee and Devapriya Bagchi act as a friend of Eken babu. They played the lead role in this series. This story is written by Sujan Dasgupta.

It has 4 seasons and 27 episodes total. We assume that more episodes will be coming soon.

We Bengalis become older by watching and reading the story of Bomkesh and Feluda who are too serious a detective. But this story can change your view. Eken Babu is a character who has Short-height, bald head, round-faced, smiling face, at first glance. His looks can attract a lot of Audiences.

In the first season, you will not be able to know that he is a detective. He will investigate and nobody comes to know he is a directive. At the end of the season, it will be revealed, even in front of his friends too. It has no adult scenes so you can easily watch it on Sunday afternoons with your sweet family.

7. Montu pilot

Montu pilot is a hoichoi original web series that can touch your heart. It is a story that is based on the opposite side of society and about their lifestyle. In this series you can see Saurav Das as Montu Pilot, Solanki Roy as Bhromor, Chandrayee Ghosh as Bibijaan, Kanchan Mullick as Taufik, Fuyad Hasan Bhoyan as Doctor, Alivia Sarkar as Shoroma, Suzi Bhowmik as Transgender Brothel worker. This series has 1 season which has 9 episodes that were released in 2019.

In this story, you can watch the life of a boy who becomes stuck in a red light area. The boy is Montu who wanted to be a pilot when he was a child, but his mother is a single mother and a member of the red light area so she is not able to give him a perfect education. And he has Memories of his painful past, encounters with his mother that keep flashing in his mind. But this time he got his love name Bhromor. Then you can enjoy a pathetic story that can melt your heart. You come to know about their lifestyle and know how much pain they have to face.

It is a beautiful love story. If you choose this series you can watch a perfect combination of love and hate in this series. The songs are really awesome and can touch your heart. And most importantly you can watch perfect acting in this series. The actor Sourav Das did really well with the character Montu. This series has many adult scenes too.

So if you want to watch a painful love story then you can go for the Montu pilot.

8. Charitraheen

Hoichoi never disappoints you while it comes to serving a perfect lovemaking series. Charitraheen is another example of a perfect web series that reflects love, hate, and a lot of pain. It is one of the most controversial and bold web series produced by Hoichoi.

In this series the main character is Kiranmayee and that role is played by Naina Ganguly. It has 3 seasons. In the first season you can watch beautiful acting by Naina Ganguly, Gaurav Chatterjee as Haran, the husband of Kiranmayee, Sourav Das as Satish, Sayani Ghosh as  Sabitri. In the 2nd season, you can see Sourav Chakraborty as Abhoy, Mumtaz Scorcar as Nirupama, Aditya Banarjee as Usnish, Sweata Chaudhary as Vengchi, and Judhajit Sarkar as Richard. In season 3 you can also get a perfect performance of Swastika Mukherjee as Rabaya.

This series is inspired by a novel with the same name Charitraheen by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. The word Charitraheen means characterless. This web series shows you how someone becomes characterless and what it really means.

In season 1 the director of the series tries to break down all barriers of judgment. This is a complicated story of a few lost souls. The web series focuses on these women and men who desperately want to come out clean but little do they know that they are destined to be doomed. You can experience bisexual love in it too.

In the 2nd season, you can see Kiranmoyee as a new character. This season perfectly reflects how a single girl is dominated by society as well as how a perfect marriage will destroy. You can also Experience a sweet love of Vengchi and Usnish. This season will show you a painful love and how a person becomes helpless without love.

The 3rd season is also very interesting. In this season Rabaya will make you fall in love with her acting skill. This season shows you a bad side of society is the distinction between two casts. How two lovers become separate for the different cast. You will feel the pain of love when you see the last episode.

So just go for it. I’m sure it’ll never disappoint you.

9. Cartoon

Who does not love to watch a web series which consists of many paranormal activities? Most people nowadays love to watch a perfect horror series that can make them too scared. So for those people, Hoichoi comes with the web series “Cartoon”. It is one of the best horror and thriller web series.

This series has one season with 7 episodes. In this series you can see Mainak Banarjee as Aritra, Payel Sarkar as Jiniya, Sandeep Chakraborty as the physiologist, Sayanta Modak as Well. It was released in 2017.

This is a perfect web series that you can watch when you are home alone or at midnight. I’m definitely sure you will become too scared. The story is about the ups and downs in the life of Aritra who is a cartoonist and Jiniya when they have shifted into a new house. Mayhem ensues when a paranormal activist dies suddenly. We’re not spoiling anything just if you will definitely love it. But the web series is still not clear. The audiences are eagerly waiting for the next season.

10. Manbhanjan

Manbhanjan is a perfect web series that can tell you how some women have been treated in the past centuries.

You can enjoy the best acting of Anirban Bhattacharya as Gopinath seal, Sohini Sarkar as Giribala the wife of Gopinath seal, and Amrita Chattopadhyay Labongo. This series was released on 14 June 2019. This web series has 1 season which has 2 episodes. You will enjoy the dialogue and the perfect music combination in this web series. It is directed by Abhijit Chowdhury.

You can get a link to the famous story written by Rabindranath Tagore named Nobel Laureate with this web series. On the 158th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, the director announced that this is one of his most immortal creations and they will release the date. This mini-series is not totally copied from the story but engaging like it.

You can enjoy the scenario of old Kolkata and a lovely theme of theatre in this. The story is based on a simple housewife who loved her husband too much and wanted to love him back but he always criticized her. You can see a woman’s emancipation and how they too can come out of the shadows of their husbands or the men in their lives to create a new beginning. You will fall in love with Anirban’s acting skills when he acts like a drunk. The character Gopinath always drinks and he has an affair with the theater actress Labongo. He tortured Giribala but the Loneliness and betrayal lead Giribala to leave the house, and she bravely decides to come out of the situation and empower herself. In the end, many things have changed and she gives the perfect answer to Gopinath. This is really an awesome series. So just go for it. You will never regret choosing.

11. Astey ladies

Nowadays girls are not backward. They are working like men. In this series, you can see this. There are three women who do everything to make their lives beautiful.

In this series you can see Sandipta Sen as Megha, Saayoni Ghosh as Tani, Madhurima Ghosh as Lima, Saurav Das as Kaushik, Fuyad Hasan Bhoyan as Subham, Dipankar De as Samar Poddar. It is a Bengali web series streaming on the Bengali OTT platform hoichoi from 14 March 2019. If you are not Bengali even then you can enjoy this web series because Hoichoi also released the dubbed version of Astey ladies named Salon De Paris. This web series has 1 season with 9 episodes.

In this story, Megha is one of the lead characters whose husband does not support her for her parlor loan. Then she and her three friends decided to arrange money at any cost. Then you can see an interesting part of girls’ empowerment. In the middle, they met with Kaushik. He also helps them to get money successfully. There you can also experience love between three people but we are not revealing it. At last, they help the police to find some kind of criminal. It is a really very interesting and dramatic web series. You will find some comedy in this web series. So you can go for it if you want to watch a dramatic thrill web series.

12. Tansener Tanpura

Hoichoi always comes with different ideas. Tansener Tanpura is another masterpiece served by Hoichoi. It is a musical thrill web series that can make you crazy. It is not the first one. But it is really good.

This web series has 2 seasons. In season one you can watch 10 episodes that were released in 2020 June. And in season 2 there are 9 episodes that are released in 2020 November. It is really very interesting and if you love music there is no doubt you will love this. In this series the main roles are played by Vikram Chatterjee as Alap, Rupsha Chatterjee as Shruti, Jayati Bhatia as Madhubanti Mishra, Rajat Ganguly as Kedar Mishra, Debesh Roychowdhury as Bahadur Hussain, Neel Mukherjee as Lalit Sen, Subhashish Mukherjee as Ramnidhi Gosain, Bhaskar Banerjee as Hemanta Ganguly, Debshankar Haldar as Ranjan Ghosh, Pushpita Mukherjee as Rohini / Raunak Bai. You can also see Sourav Saha, Kalyan Chatterjee, Surajit Bandopadhyay as Sunil Mitra, Angana Roy as Young Rohini/ Young Raunak Bai, Anuradha Mukherjee as Young Madhubanti Mishra, Satyam Bhattacharya, Suhorto Mukherjee, Saunak Samanta, Gautam, Siddhartha Ghosh, Pradip Dhar, Pradip Bhattacharya, Soumyadip Banerjee, Rupam Chotu, Soumitra Banerjee, Goutam Saha, Anirban Paria, Jagannath Chakraborty in this web series. Soumik Chattopadhyay is the director of this web series.

You can enjoy a perfect combination of old songs and new songs in this web series. You also have a sweet love story of Alap and Shruti. Shruti’s grandfather was a big musician and used to teach many students. He got a musical instrument named tanpura from the famous person Tansen. The total story is based on it. So just go for it if you want to know who will get the precious instrument.

How to login in hoichoi?

We are pretty sure that now you are just waiting to log in and watch these best web series. So you do want to know how to log in? So here is your answer.

For login at first, open the hoichoi app. Here you can see the menu option at the bottom left of the screen. Click on it. Then you can get the Login section. Click on it and enter the login credentials.

When you will do it you can see 2 options that are LOGIN WITH GOOGLE and LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK. You can subscribe to each of these two accounts.

Here we are discussing two types of Login. If you want the method of native login with Email ID and password, then go for that LOGIN WITH EMAIL. Then follow the manual typing of the email ID and password.

Whether you synchronize your contact number for the login method then, you should log in by entering your contact number followed by OTP.

There are many people who want to log in from Laptop/Desktop/iOS App then you should Open the URL www.hoichoi.tv first. Then you can see these two options LOGIN WITH GOOGLE or LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK. Click any of your needs. The accounts are synchronized with your subscription.

If you want to log in through the email ID and password then follow this process. First, go to log in with your email and password. You can get this option just beneath the number login option. Then put your email ID and password here. The process will become successful.

If you want to log in through the contact number then follow these steps. For this, first, open the URL of www.hoichoi.tv. Then click on the hamburger icon on the top left. Then go for the log-in option. And then follow the desktop login process that was discussed before.

How do I subscribe to hoichoi?

So now it’s time to subscribe. So for subscribing to hoichoi, you should follow these steps:

First, log in or sign up to hoichoi by the above-mentioned process.

Then click on the “Subscribe Now” option.

So when you click it you can get different kinds of plans and many online payment methods. So just go for anyone for whom you are comfortable.

The subscription plan of Hoichoi

So there are many subscription plans on Hoichoi.

If you want to Login from two devices then you can go for INR 499 yearly which previously costs INR 799. It allows 1 simultaneous stream on either of those 2 devices.

If you want to log in from three devices then you can go for INR 699 yearly which previously cost INR 1299. It allows 2 simultaneous streams on either of those 3 devices.

So why are you waiting? Just grab this offer and get perfect entertainment with your family and friends.


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