Best Bike Riding Places in Kolkata

For most people, the idea of dressing up for hours of biking every day may seem like an impossible fantasy. Although logging significant kilometres on a regular basis requires dedication, taking a daily bike ride is not only doable, but it can also have a great impact on your overall well-being.

You can start by completing a short-term ride streak if you’re not ready to commit to riding every day for the rest of your life. It’s much easier to form a habit when you break it down into smaller steps. You might be able to demonstrate to yourself what is feasible in this manner. Do you require additional persuasion? The following are six life-changing benefits of bicycling every day, regardless of how much time or energy you have to devote to your bike ride.

Bike Riding Places in Kolkata

Riding a bike is an aspirational hobby for many people! However, it is not as simple as simply purchasing anything from the market. It takes years of dedication and practise before a ‘common rider’ may be transformed into a’skilled rider’!


Skillful bike riding, like any other achievement, cannot be achieved without the focus, devotion, time, and, most importantly, the financial resources to do so. Because your activity or passion entails major monetary investments as well as hazards (including your health), it is critical that you put in the necessary time and effort to prepare. Riding a high-speed motorcycle, particularly in India, is a more difficult task. In the United Kingdom, completing a pre-licensing training course is required before one can legally ride a motorcycle on public roads.


  • Tips for Beginners 


Which bike should you buy first?


The majority of the time, people are perplexed when it comes to selecting their first bicycle. The initial bike should have a small engine capacity, such as a 100-125cc cycle, which is sufficient for learning on, and it should be ridden for at least 50,000 kilometres. It is recommended that you ride it for 3-4 years and cover shorter distances as a novice before upgrading to a larger bike. We strongly advise against purchasing a larger bike for the first several months. Instead, begin by practising on little bikes and gradually working your way up the ladder of difficulty.




When it comes to biking, distance is by far the most crucial factor to consider. The amount of mileage you can ride in a day is largely determined by your biking expertise, fitness level, traffic conditions, and terrain. When starting out on a bike, the goal should be to cover shorter distances as quickly as possible. Please do not push oneself to the limit in the beginning because doing so may cause your body to experience excessive strain that it is not accustomed to experiencing. Avoid the interior routes in the beginning because there aren’t enough gasoline stations and service stations on them. Avoid interstates and instead take state routes, which are more likely to have toll-free helplines in the event of an emergency. Know your route inside and out by gathering as much information as you can about fuel stations, rest stops, and other facilities along the way. By setting realistic goals for yourself, you can gradually increase the distance travelled. Setting objectives and accomplishing them will increase your sense of accomplishment and self-worth.


Is it better to ride in a group or by yourself?


Yes, this is a difficult question to answer. Solo riding versus riding in a group are two entirely different experiences. Begin with solo rides to get a feel for the sport. Group riding is very different since it necessitates the use of collaboration, speed synchronisation, coordination, and patience – all of which can only be learned via considerable amounts of riding experience. It is recommended that group riders ride with those who have similar riding talents in order to enjoy the experience to its fullest; otherwise, group riding might get tedious. Furthermore, all of the bikes in the group should be comparable in terms of power and performance to one another. As a result, it is preferable to begin solitary and subsequently progress to group riding.


Practice, practise & more training!


There is no other option or justification for this approach. Your enthusiasm for bike riding would be unsatisfied if you did not put in the necessary time and effort to perfect your craft via hard practise. It is necessary for you to set aside some time to practise biking. If you are unable to find time to practise, it is difficult to think that this is your true love!


Security Gears:


That’s the Most Crucial aspect of bicycling safety. The majority of time, people claim that they do not require any safety equipment, including a helmet. However, this is completely incorrect, as safety should always be your number one priority. Always remember that if you stay safe during a collision, you will be able to ride again! Particularly important on roadways is the use of appropriate safety equipment. Dangerous situations can appear out of nowhere and strike without warning. Begin with the most fundamental riding equipment, such as a helmet, which is required by law. Helmets, gloves, and a riding jacket are all essential riding gear, and each has its own set of safety features. Keep in mind that safety equipment is a one-time investment in your well-being while riding a bike!


Bike maintenance and do-it-yourself projects:


The majority of individuals are clueless when it comes to bike maintenance. Cycling long distances and without hassles is made possible thanks to this component. Maintenance should be performed on a regular basis in accordance with the user handbook. Engine oil should be changed on a regular basis and should be of higher quality to guarantee a healthy hydraulic fluid as well as a longer engine life. In the same way, timely repair of oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, and other filters helps to avoid unplanned breakdowns. Bike riders must be familiar with the fundamentals of bike care, such as removing the tyre when it pierces or mending the rupture of a tubeless tyre, as well as lubricating and tightening the chain, among other things.




The ability to ride a bicycle requires dedication, just like everything else in life. In order to keep the fire burning, short trips are sometimes sufficient. It’s a case of either doing it with dedication or not doing it at all. If you don’t do something with passion and determination, you won’t be able to complete it in your lifetime. You will only be able to dream about it for the rest of your life, but that fantasy will never become a reality.


Safety on the road:


Safe driving is of paramount significance to every motorcycle rider. Many individuals, particularly in India, are not aware of the importance of road safety. Compliance with traffic regulations, such as obeying traffic signals, respecting road signs, and adhering to posted speed limits, is critical for the security of the rider and his motorcycle. In particular, recognising and adhering to traffic regulations is a critical duty when riding your bike. Overtaking on the left side of the roadway must be absolutely avoided at all times, regardless of the circumstances. Additionally, you must honk before passing a huge vehicle to ensure that the driver is aware of your presence.


Bike Riding Techniques:


Once you have been riding a bike for the at least a couple years, you should consider changing your bike and honing your riding skills even further. Skills such as cornering and manoeuvring in traffic take practise, which you can get some of at this point by practising with a friend. You can build a method to increase the riding skills. You can also participate in track days and put your abilities to the test on race tracks.


Riding a bicycle in the middle of the night:


Riding at night should be avoided during the initial stages of learning to ride. Riding at night on some roadways is also quite tough for experienced bikers, according to some reports. It entails numerous risks, including unreadable or absent road signs, pedestrians, cattle, and other animals, among others. Another factor contributing to the danger is unsafe overtaking by the other drivers as well as constant high beams from opposing vehicles.


  • Benefits of Bike Riding


Among the first advantages of bicycling every day is that if you are short on time, among the most natural ways to incorporate it into your calendar is to make it a part of your daily commute. Unlike gym activities, cycling can be readily incorporated into one’s everyday routine, explains Nick Cavill, a global health consultant and former director of Cycling England, a program in the United Kingdom that promoted the numerous health benefits of bicycling. Even a few minutes spent bicycling from and to the office can soon accumulate: Portland cyclists log at least 2 hours of riding every week, with all the remainder of that time being spent on short commutes. If your journey is particularly long, you might consider biking portion of it (to a railway station and parking lot) or purchasing an electric bicycle.


Additionally, biking to work provides very genuine health benefits without needing you and go out of your result of trying, but the benefits of getting it around two wheels extend far beyond avoiding traffic as well as living more healthfully in the process. It has been shown that driving to and from work is associated with weight gain as well as obesity, even among drivers who schedule time for physical activity. Women who travel by walking or cycling for at least five seconds each and every day were also shown to have a lower risk of breast cancer, according to the research.

Having a Sharper Mind


Once you get into the habit of riding your bike to work, you’ll be more prepared for whatever comes next, whether it’s doing errands on the weekends or going to the gym. Exercise on a daily basis has been shown to enhance energy and lessen weariness. The effects of even a single 30-minute exercise session can be seen in the improvement of reaction time, memory, as well as creativity.


Increased Self-Belief


All of this improved mental health may result in increased self-assurance, which may or may not be a positive development. Males who exercise six or seven days a week self-report their sexual desirability to be above average, or much above average, according to research findings. (Women reported increases, though not to the same extent as men.) The fact that they think so highly of themselves, though, is not entirely without foundation. Exercise has been demonstrated to improve sexual drive while simultaneously decreasing sexual dysfunction, but only up to a point. A little too much of a positive thing can cause testosterone levels in men to plummet; however, just 20 minutes of intensive exercise can increase the sexual responsiveness in women.


Overeating is reduced


Regular cycling also allows you to relax a little bit about what you eat and helps you maintain your weight, to a certain extent. Although an easy spin isn’t exactly a green light to indulge in two additional doughnuts, one benefit of biking every day is that it can help you relax your eating restrictions. According to a study carried out by academics at the University of Bath, two groups of men overate significantly, but only one group exercised on a daily basis. Despite ingesting the same excess calories as the other groups, after accounting for the calories burnt through exercise, the group that exercised on a daily basis was able to offset the negative effects of overeating, such as blood sugar increases and unfavourable metabolic alterations. According to Dylan Thomas, a professor of medicine engineering at the University of Bath and the study’s lead author, one of the grounds that daily exercise may be beneficial is that it permits our muscles to function as a ‘buffer’ to the food that we eat. In order for your muscles to work, they must first break down glucose and fat storage. Even brief periods of riding, such as a quick commute to work, might help to put your body in a healthier state for the rest of the day to follow.


Improved Sleeping Conditions


With all of our modern-day worries coupled by an excessive number of screens time, disconnecting as well as falling asleep is more difficult than ever these days, especially for people who work from home. With environmental cues taken into consideration, a study by the university of Georgia discovered a relationship between cardiovascular endurance and sleep patterns. Approximately 8,000 people participated in the study, ranging in age from 20 to 85. The researchers discovered a strong connection between a reduction in fitness as well as the incapability to fall asleep or other general sleep complaints. Translation: Moderate to intense aerobic activities such as cycling have been demonstrated to improve fitness, making it much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep during the night. While this advantage of mountain biking may seem clear to anyone who has ever pedalled and tasted the post-ride combination of weariness and pain (with some serotonin sprinkled in), the science behind it has finally been shown by research.


A Longer Span of Time


A final advantage of daily bike riding is that it does more than just make you happier and healthier; it also increases the time you have had to feel differently, even if you’re already creeping up on the years. Following the progress of a large group of older men in their ‘ 80s over the course of a year in Norway, researchers discovered that really just 30 minutes of activity each day resulted in those guys living up to 5 years longer than individuals who did not engage in any physical activity.


The findings of another study from Taiwan, conducted in 2011, in which over 400,000 adults were asked how much people exercised and then followed up on their responses over an eight-year period, revealed that just 15 minutes of workout per day was associated with a three-year increasing life expectancy. None of these individuals were particularly youthful or athletic when they began the research, demonstrating that it is never too late to get started.


  • Best bike riding places in India


Ladakh has the potential to be the ultimate motorcycle riding location in India. This region of Jammu and Kashmir state, which is blessed with such stunning beauty, is a task that any whacky bike rider would be delighted to undertake. The trail’s ruggedness, the weather’s erratic and unpredictable nature, and, to top it all off, the constant threat of landslides as well as other perils keep the bikers on their toes at all times. In Ladakh, you’ll find stunning lakes, high mountainous terrain, Buddhist monasteries, and meandering roads, most of which are unpaved and unpaved well. Consequently, when arranging a ride here, one is spoiled for choice, but it is important to remember that you can never make a terrible choice because each path has its own set of benefits and thrills.


In India’s Spiti Valley, you can find another hard and similar track for mountain biking that is worth exploring. Spiti, which is a state of Himachal Pradesh, bears a striking resemblance to Ladakh. For this reason, if you were unable to organise a bike ride trip to Ladakh, you may comfortably settle for the Spiti Valley, which provides an almost identical level of adrenaline rush. As a matter of fact, the Hindustan-Tibet highway that runs into the Spiti valley assures that a rider’s doze of thrill remains consistent during the entire journey. It is during this journey that you will be able to get close to the highest settlements in Asia. Kibber, Kaza, Tabo, Spiti, and Pin valley are some of the most visually appealing remote locations in the country, and the Baspa as well as Kinnaur regions are excellent destinations for outdoor enthusiasts who can take in the beauty of apricot as well as apple orchards, Satluj river views, and snow-capped monasteries in these regions.


Arunachal Pradesh’s Western region boasts some of the country’s most humbling landscapes, making it one of the top destinations in India to go biking. Yes, there is a significant likelihood that you may encounter gravel roads and landslides throughout your route, but the grandeur of nature more than makes up for it. For adventurers, this high altitude path is attractive, thanks to its waterfalls, terraced rice fields, alpine woods, streams, small human villages, now covered roads (during the winter), and the opportunity to observe distinct tribal culture. Western Arunachal Pradesh includes the towns of Bomdila, Dirang, Tawang, Gorshem Chorten, Ziro, Parsuram Kund, and Namdapha National Park, which are all located in this wonderland known as Western Arunachal Pradesh.


There is no doubt that this specific location will have your heart pumping! Kolli Hills is a picturesque hill station located in Tamil Nadu’s Eastern Ghats. One of the most famous features of the hills is its continuous network of hairpin curves (which, by the way, are quite enough to have you all thrilled). Agaya Gangai waterfall, the old Shiva temple, and pineapple orchards are some of the other attractions on this tropical hill. On paper, a saturday bike ride from Bengaluru to Kolli Hills sounds like a fantastic idea.


Taking a motorcycle trip through Kerala is an incredible experience. Kerala is a land of stunning beaches, stunning lighthouses, and mesmerising greenery. It is a destination for nature lovers. When it comes to selecting a bike route in the state, one would be spoiled for options. A ride from Kochi to the Southern Ghats, where a diverse range of wildlife may be observed, would make for an ideal excursion in Kerala. A rider’s motivation is maintained throughout the journey by the breathtaking sights of tea and rubber fields as well as paddy fields. On the other side a bike path at Southern Western Ghats, Kodaikanal greets riders with open arms. Route will pass via the famed Munnar tea plantations treks, which are a highlight of the region. Afterwards, the journey continues towards Ooty, where riders must ascend to a height of 2,000 metres to reach the Nilgiri Mountains. The journey will begin in the Nilgiris and will continue towards Calicut before arriving in Cochin. One may anticipate a beautiful view of Kerala’s backwaters as well as the opportunity to sample some of the wonderful cuisine the state has to offer.


It is possible to bike through some stunning scenery in South India, and one of its better instances would be the Valparai to Vazhachal Forest route. The monsoon season would be the best time to take a bike ride along this route. In addition to beautiful rain forests with cloud and evergreen forests, the road connects Pollachi from Tamil Nadu and Chalakudy in Kerala, that is conspicuously covered with cloud – evergreen forests. There are various dams and reservoirs along the walk, which includes some spectacular waterfalls. Furthermore, because this area is either a part of the Anamalai wildlife sanctuary or the Vazhachal nature reserve, wildlife sightings account for a substantial portion of the area’s wildlife sightings. The well-maintained roads as well as the emerald splendour of the forests are two of the attractions that will undoubtedly draw bike riders to this area.


Kolkata is a city that is synonymous with culture and brimming with life, and it is a city that celebrates its people on a daily basis. Whether it’s the aesthetic splendour or the rustic street food, or the rich history or the inspiring society, Kolkata is not simply a location to visit, but an adventure in and of itself.


Similarly, there are a few hidden treasures in the vicinity of the city of pleasure that make for fantastic road trips in Kolkata. Begin a fascinating road trip which takes visitors to the lesser-known treasures of the region around Kolkata, whether it is for a day excursion or a weekend retreat.


Here are some road journeys from Kolkata that are less than 500 kilometres in length. Start from Kolkata, and with some possibilities to stop along the way, it would be a fantastic ride if you followed the recommended route, which is outlined in the following section:


  • Falta


A river town that is also known as a weekend retreat from Kolkata, Falta is a great place to spend a weekend. A number of picnic spots have been established around the junction of rivers Damodar and Hoogly, which has helped to establish the area as a rivertown destination. The town of Falta is the finest place to go biking from Kolkata if you want the best experience. On the riverfront, there are a number of farmhouses, temples, and ferries that you can take.


This is the route: Bankura-Beliator-Sonamukhi-Khandaghosh-Nischintapur-Diamond Harbour-Bankura

52 kilometres separate the two locations.

2 hours were spent on this project.

Whenever you want to go, you can go!


  • Raichak


If you’re planning a quick trip from Kolkata, Raichak, which can be found in the region of Diamond Harbour, is an excellent option. As one of Kolkata’s most popular and sought-after picnic sites, it’s a peaceful riverside location. Discover the wonders of Raichak on a thrilling road trip, whether it’s the famous lighthouses at Diamond Harbour or perhaps the ancient Raichak Fort. This is one of Kolkata’s most popular long-distance driving destinations.


Journey: Bankura – Beliator – Sonamukhi – Khandaghosh – Nischintapur Road Distance: 53 km.

Two and a half hours and twenty minutes spent

September to April is the best time of year to visit.

Historic architecture is what makes it famous.


  • Chinsurah


It is a city inside the Hooghly district of West Bengal, and it was originally a part of the Dutch colonial settlement in India. It is highly recommended that you take a short bike excursion from Kolkata to Chinsurah & tour around in this historic place. There are numerous tourist attractions in the city to see, including as the historic military barracks, the Hooghly Imambara, Bandel Church, the Aqua Marina water park, and the Sobuj Deep, among others.


The route takes you via Delhi Road.

Distance travelled: 53 kilometres; time required: 1 hour & 30 minutes

The great season to visit is between December and February.

European villages along the Hooghly River are well-known.


  • Deulti 


Located on the banks of the Rupnarayan river, Deulti is a popular weekend escape from Kolkata that can be reached by car or by train. You’ll enjoy this tiny wonder if you enjoy the peaceful mysticism of such a village on your tour. Taking pleasure in the peace and quiet of this small refuge You will be astounded by the panoramic vistas, attractive terrain, and diverse range of flora and fauna that you will encounter…. We are confident that a picnic in the Leisure Park, a visit to Kolaghat, a local fish town, or simply a stroll through many trails of the hamlet would be a magical experience for you.


Route: through Makardah Road & NH 16; total distance: 67 kilometres.

1 hour & 30 minutes was allotted for this.

Visit during the winter months of November through January.

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, the late author, is well-known.


  • Piyali Island 


The island of Piyali provides yet another excellent option for a bike journey from Kolkata. Due to its location in a quiet neighbourhood away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a popular weekend getaway destination for locals and tourists. With waterways connecting it to the island of Sudhanyakhali and Netidhopani, the island comes together at the confluence of the Piyali & Malta rivers to form the island of Sudhanyakhali. An excellent way to spend time on the island is to take a boat ride then go birdwatching!


Eastern Metropolitan Bypass is the route to take.

69 kilometres separate the two points of departure.

From October to March, the great season to visit is three hours and thirty minutes.

Paddy fields are what this town is known for.

  • Sunderbans 


The mesmerising splendour of the Sunderbans, which is nestled along the dazzling shoreline of the Bay of Bengal, makes with some of the most interesting road excursions from Kolkata, India. In Bangladesh, the thick Sunderbans cover an area of around 10,000 square kilometres and are designated as a World Heritage Site. It is an experience of a lifetime to embark on a trip to the Sunderbans, which takes you from the Indian delta to three separate Bangladeshi districts.


route Kolkata-Canning-Godkhali Ferry Ghat-Kolkata

114 kilometres separate us.

3 hours & 30 minutes was the total time allotted.

From September through March is the best time to visit.

White tigers are well-known in this region.

  • Bakkhali 


When travelling by road from Kolkata, Bakkhali is regarded to be another excellent weekend retreat. Your trip in Bakkhali will never be dull because there are so many interesting locations to see. Located between islands, it is a component of the Sundarbans group of islands. Henry Island, Bakkhali Beaches, Jambudwip, Mangroves Resort Garden, the Watchtower, and other popular sites on the island are just a few of the highlights.


Eastern Metropolitan Bypass & NH 12 are the routes to use.

Distance travelled: 125 kilometres (kilometres).

Visited during the best season (October to March): 4 hours.

Coastline settlements are well-known for their beauty.


  • Bishnupur


Trying to find an excellent getaway for a quick road trip near Kolkata that isn’t too far away from the metropolis? Take a detour to Bishnupur, which is an interesting town to explore. Many Hindu temples can be seen in the town, and the architecture of the temples, which are formed of terracotta from the surrounding area, is stunning. The town, which is also known as Vishnupur, is located in the Bankura district and makes for a lovely day trip.


This is the route: Bankura to Beliator, then Sonamukhi, then Khandaghosh, then Nischintapur Road, and finally SH 2.

Distance between the two points: 140 kilometres.

4 hours & 15 minutes were spent on this assignment.

Seasonal Highlights: October through March.

Terracotta temples dating back to the Middle Ages are what the city is known for.

  • Mandarmani 


Travelers can get the most out of a day excursion from Kolkata by travelling to the beach town of Mandarmani, which is located along the coast of the Bay of Bengal inside the northern region. The town of Mandarmani in West Bengal’s East Midnapore district is renowned for being a haven for red crabs, despite the fact that it is a name that many people have never heard of before.


route NH 16 from the north to the south route NH 116B from the south route

171 kilometres separate the two points.

4 hours & 20 minutes were spent on this mission.

October through May is the best time to visit.

This seaside vacation hamlet is well-known for: Seaside resort village.




  • Are there beaches in Kolkata?


Kolkata is indeed a land – locked city with no access to the sea. It also does not have its own beach or beaches.


  • Are there any dangers in Kolkata?


As one of India’s safest cities, Kolkata is regarded as one of the most secure. Without any difficulty or risk, women can enjoy quality time in this setting without restriction.




Travel encourages us to step outside of our comfort bubble and see, taste, and experience new things. Adapting and exploring new environments is a constant struggle, but so is engaging with new people, embracing new and significant experiences as they arrive, and sharing unique and fresh adventures with friends and family, all of which are always challenging us.


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