10 Best Cardiologists in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal

Best Cardiologists in Kolkata Near Me

Heart attack rates in India is maximum resulting in death of one third population. Previously heart problems were considered as a suffering which would happen only to old people but now the story has changed completely. Young people in the 30s or 40s suffer from heart attacks and this is due to stressful life which people are going through. Another reason of heart attack is high blood pressure which tries to put stress on the heart. Heart is one organ which is known as hard working muscle and it beats more than 100000 times in a day.

Best Cardiologists in Kolkata

It is always necessary to monitor the blood pressure from time to time, by this we can be sure that we are healthy. Still, it is advisable to contact a cardiologist if there is any sign of suffering or pain. As the saying goes if you want a healthy life then take your medicines on time so that the pressure is low and it will surely prevent long term heart problems. Chest pain is the first symbol of heart problem and if you seem that you are facing it then it is a symbol that you must visit a heart specialist as quickly as possible. Never ignore chest pain as it becomes terrible in the coming days.

Kids suffer from palpitations, dizziness or shortness of breath and these symbols generally are ignored by the parents; this is something were people go wrong. If you find any kind of problem in your child do not waste your time but take an appointment with a cardiologist. A heart specialist will understand the problem easily and start the treatment. Not all heart problems are dangerous, some can be easily put under control if detected at the right time. Through proper check-ups and screening heart diseases can be cured.

Some of the symptoms which tells a patient that he is suffering from heart problems are:

  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Breathlessness
  • Heat palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Stomach pain
  • A choking sensation
  • Arm, leg, back pain
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Swollen ankles
  • Fatigue
  • And an irregular heartbeat

Generally, it is a human nature to ask friends or relatives to take their suggestion when it comes to select a cardiologist. A cardiologist reputation in terms of his practice matters a lot including his years of practice and education qualification. The number of cases he has handled so far is really important to select for a cardiologist. Here is the list a best cardiologist working in the city of joy. The list is comprised of doctors who have outshine in this field and have gained very good reputation. It is said that the city of joy has the best heart specialists so people staying here do not need to go anywhere for their treatments. All these doctors are associated with reputed nursing homes where they use modern technology to cure a patient within a short period of time.

List of cardiologists practicing in Kolkata

1. Dr Kunal Sarkar

Dr Sarkar is not only famous in Kolkata but also throughout the country. Over the years he has performed more than 17000 critical heart operations with a success rate which is more than 98%. At present he is the senior consultant cardiac surgeonand vice president atMedica Super Specialty Hospital and he is the senior doctor leading the cardiac wing. He has specialised himself in Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiothoracic Surgery and is capable of handling any kind of heart surgery. To consult with him you need to take a prior appointment as he is a very busy doctor. He is available in the Bhawanipore area, so people staying in the south Kolkata region can easily visit him for consultation.

Timings:   Tue, Thu and Sat

From 6 pm to 9 pm

Address: 42/1A, Harish Mukherjee Road,


Phone No: 9831030908

2. Dr Sunip Banerjee

he is practicing for more than 2 decades and is one of the famous cardiologists working in Kolkata. He is considered as one of the senior and pioneers of interventional cardiology. As of now he is the director of the Medica Superspeciality Hospital heading the cardiology department. He specialises in treatments likerenal angioplasty,coronary angioplasty,percutaneous coronary intervention, coronary angiography, peripheral angiography and peripheral angioplasty. He is an expert in implanting CRT device and can manages heart failure cases quite easily.

Address: Medica Super Speciality Hospital,

127, E.M Bypass,



Phone No: 033 6652 0000

3. Dr Anil Mishra

Dr Mishra is serving heart patients for more than 28 years in Kolkata. He has won 3 gold medals as a student. He is available at the BM Birla Heart Research Centre for consultation. He has completed his MBBS from the Calcutta National Medical College, Calcutta University in the year 1979. Then did his MRCP in 1985 from the Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom. Dr Mishra had worked for years in some of the reputed hospitals of Europe. He has performed more than successful 20000 coronary angiographies and have implanted more than 3000 pacemakers. His patients treat him as almighty because he has provided them with new life.

Timings: Monday to Friday

from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Address: BM Birla Heart Research Centre,

1/1, National Library Avenue,


Phone Number: +91 33 30403040

4. Dr Rabin Chakraborty

he is one of the best heart specialists present in Kolkata, in fact he has a good reputation throughout India for his service. He is a certifies Electro physiologist, Interventional Cardiologist and Physician Cardiologist. He treats people suffering from cardiovascular system like the arteries, veins and obviously the heart. Apart from angiography he does complex angioplasty (this is something which very few doctors perform). At present he is practising in Salt Lake; anyone can consult with him if it is necessary but only through prior appointment over the phone.

Consultation fees INR 2000.

Address: House No: BE – 407,

Sector – 1, Salt Lake City,

Phone Number: 09831254504 and 9836370453

5. Dr MonotoshPanja

he is associated in this particular field for more than 32 years and right now he is available for consultation in the AMRI hospital of the Salt Lake branch. He is also the director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences. Areas of expertise of Dr Panja is coronary angioplasty system and pacemaker implantation. He had won a prestigious award named ‘Dr B C Roy Memorial National Award’. He is available in the Belle Vue Clinic and Nightingale Hospital. He is also an examiner of several reputed universities throughout India.

Consultation Fees is Rs 500

Address: KB Block, Sector III,

Salt Lake City,


Phone No: 033 6614 7700

6. Dr Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay

he is a consultant cardiologist of the Fortis Hospital which is located in Anandapur. He is working in this field for more than 21 years and has earned the tag of best cardiologist. He has severed serious patients suffering from cardiac attacks. He had done his graduation from the University of Calcutta in the year 1995. Later he completed his DM in Cardiology in 2005 from the Calcutta University. He believes in health care which is based on personal commitment only, so he meets all his patients with care and compassion.

Consultation Fees is INR 800

Address: Fortis Hospital,

730, E.M. Bypass Road,



Phone: 033 6628 4444

7. Dr Dilip Kumar

he is associated with the Medica Super Speciality Hospital as a consultant of interventional cardiology. Having an experience of 16 years in this field and he specialises in coronary angiography, coronary angioplasty and cardiac catheterization. He was associated with the Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences and Brahmanand Narayan Hrudyalaya as the chief interventional cardiologist. Dr Kumar has published many research papers of this field, which is read all over the world. Dr Kumar has completed his MBBS from the IMS Banaras Hindu University which is located in Varanasi in the year 1999. Then he completed his MD in general medicine from the same university in 2003.

Address: Medica Super speciality Hospital,

127, E.M Bypass,



Phone No: 033 6652 0000

8. Dr A K Bardhan

he works in Apollo Gleneagles Hospital of Kolkata as a senior consultant in the cardiology department. He has gained an experience of more than 40 years and throughout his career he has provided the best treatment to all his patients. He has handled many emergency cases and have been successful in most of them. Few services he performs are angioplasty, transoesophageal echocardiogram, implantable cardioverter defibrillator, arrhythmia treatment, balloon mitral valvotomy, catheter ablation and implantation of permanent pacemaker. He had completed his MBBS in 1971 from the University of Calcutta and even now he keeps updating himself in terms of treatment so that he can provide the best. He uses modern apparatus while performing an operation.

Consultation fees is INR 1000

Address:No. 58, Canal Circular Road,

West Bengal,

Kolkata – 700 054

Phone number:91 33 2320 3040/2122

9. Dr P K Hazra

Dr Hazra is an interventional cardiologist working in Kolkata and has a rich experience for more than 25 years. He is conducted more than two thousand coronary angiograph and is a specialist in coronary disease. he has done more than 2500 coronary angioplasty, 2500 pacemaker implantation and approximately over fifty peripheral angioplasties. He is the head of the department of the cardiology department of the AMRI hospital. If you want to consult with him then try to take an appointment first because he does not see any patient without prior appointment.

Timings: Mon to Sat, from 11:30 am to 1 pm

(Except Sundays and Holidays).

Consultation fees is 850 INR.

Address: AMRI hospital Dhakuria,


Phone Number: 9830032958 or 9831654444

10. Dr Shuvanan Ray

he has an experience of nearly 26 years and is an expert in this field. He is a renowned cardiologist of the eastern India. In these years he has performed more than five thousand interventional procedures. He is considered as the best cardiologist of eastern India. Most of his patients have said that he has the power to detect the sickness within the first consultation. He tries to cure his patients with the help of medicines initially, keeping surgery as the last resort. Almost all his surgeries are successful and the patients have got a new life to live. In his college days he had received several awards for excellent result.

Consultation Fees is INR 700

Address: Fortis Hospital,

730, E.M. Bypass Road,



Phone: 033 6628 4444

It is said that in India every 33 seconds one person dies due to heart attack and this is becoming worst day by day. So, it is a suggestion by every cardiologist that after 30 years of age everyone should consult a heart specialist just for a normal check-up. People staying in the villages of West Bengal suffers from mild heart strokes and this is due to ignorance. Though they stay physically active but they do not take care of themselves. They try to do tedious job which their health do not permit. Smoking is something which old men in the village areas do a lot and this increases heart-related problems. Any problem please visit a doctor immediately because early or immediate medical help can save a life.

It is very much necessary for the patient’s family or friends to stay steady at this time, heart problems do not take away life. Some heart problems can be solved easily if the patient is in the hands of good doctor. So, save this article if you need it for your future reference. Start leaving a tension and stress life, exercise for 30 to 40 minutes and go for a holiday whenever possible. It is necessary to stay active how old your age might be, at the same time it is important to keep an ideal body weight. Excess fat is not good for the heart. This way your heart will be in a better condition and you might not need to visit a cardiologist in your entire life.

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