10 Best Caterers in Kolkata Near Me { West Bengal } Top Rated List

Best Caterers in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal 

Kolkata is known for hosting best parties be it a marriage party or a birthday party. The main point in a party is the food. people come only to enjoy the food, so if your catering service is not good then your guests will not be happy. Kolkata being the land of foodies the caterers here deliver their best service. More than anything else people come to a party to eat good food and this is basic human nature. If the food is delicious then guests are happy because to everyone nothing else matters apart from food.

Best Caterers in Kolkata

List of caterers working in and around Kolkata: –

1. my Mandap

Within Kolkata the best catering service is provided by none other than ‘my Mandap’. This catering service is delivering the best service for the past few years. People who had avialed their service says that they prepare world class food. not only they give unparallel taste but they have variety of dishes. The food which is prepared by them is made of fresh ingredients and they have hired only experience cooks for different cuisines. Once you have decided to hire them be sure that your guests are going to get the best quality food. apart from cooking they give an exceptional service at a low cost. Occasions like marriages, family get togethers, engagement parties, birthday bash, picnic, rice ceremony, puja and so they can be hired. They have different menus for different occasions. In fact, they prepare different menu for dinner and lunch as well.

Address: 418/2, Jawpur Rd,


Bahiragath Colony,


Dum Dum,


West Bengal 700074

Phone number: 86970 48456

Price chart: for a Bengali wedding their price starts from Rs 700 per plate.

2. 6 Ballygunge Place 

6 Ballygunge place already have a reputed restaurant but it is also considered as one of the finest caterers. Their food is really tasty and people say whatever they do they give their best in it.  People staying in Kolkata are familiar with this caterer. At least everyone has attended a ceremony where they had prepared the food. over the years they have improved themselves and have included various kinds of cuisines. Clients call them for various kinds of parties like anniversary, corporate lunches, birthdays and so on. The team of cooks is made up of experienced chefs whose work is to serve delicious food within time. Bengali cuisine made by them is really good but you can try their North Indian dishes.  If you want any international preparations then order Lebanese Shawarma, Goulash from Hungary or any anything else from any part of the world. As a client if you want then they can customize the dishes also as per your taste. Not only Bengali functions 6 Ballygunge Place arrange food for corporate parties also.

Phone number: 9903967620 or 9903975608

Price chart: per plate starts from Rs 825

3. Bhojohori Manna

Another household name when it comes to catering service is Bhojohori Manna. Serving this industry for years and have arranged food for various functions. When it comes to authentic Bengali cuisine people think of the Bhojohori Manna. Being the best caterers of Kolkata, their motto is to give the best to everyone. Till date there has been no complains about this caterer. Their food does have a lasting effect on the tastebuds. Even if you have small gathering then also you can hire them. Though they are a big banner but they provide their service for small parties also. Several packages they have customized for their clients as per the quantity and menu. Try to order their beverages as well. They have several packages for different occasions and it depends on the menu and the quantity. The celebrities of Kolkata avail their service. Once you hire them for any occasion be very sure that your guests will be really happy with the food quality. Not only good quality food they also create a pleasant ambiance for the clients. They do have their own restaurants throughout Kolkata.

Address: Kasba Industrial Estate,

Phase 1,

P 33,

Kolkata 700107
Phone Number: +91 033 2443 4397

Price chart: It starts from Rs 750 per plate

4. Bijoli Grill Catering

Another best caterer is the Bijoli Grill. They had started their journey long time back as a small bistro behind the Bijoli cinema hall. Working in this field for more than 50 years and within these years they have made a good name of their brand. During the wedding season they handle lot of clients in a day. If you want them to work for your occasion you should hire them at least few months back. In their kitchen they have more than one hundred experienced cook who are really professional at their work. Bijoli grill has their own menu but if clients want then they can customise them. Apart from Bengali cuisine they prepare seafood, Chinese food and so on. Their signature dishes are sorsheilish, mutton curry, bhetkipaturi, crab curry, daabchingri and so on. Not only within West Bengal they have rendered their service in other cities also like Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Address: 9E Rupchand Mukherjee Lane

Kolkata 700 025

Price: It starts from Rs 800 per plate

5. The Bhoj Company

In the year 2012 they started off as a small restaurant and now they have become the best caterers of Kolkata. This brand was popular since their restaurant days. initially they started serving authentic Bangladeshi food only. After establishing themselves as a good restaurant owner then they started their catering service. Clients do call them for various occasions and they provide only premium quality homely food, which are simple yet exotic in taste. Cooks of the Bhoj caterer use less oil because they know that these days people are really conscious about their health. For this reason, they have made a huge fan base. Guests do not find too much oil or spice in their food.

Address30A, Mirza Ghalib St,

Fire Brigade Head Quarter,




West Bengal 700016

PriceIt starts from Rs 750 per plate.

6. The Maharaja Caterers

This catering service of Kolkata is working for a long period of time and the food which they make for the clients are made with proper love, care and affection. Till date the services they have offered is of good quality and is considered as the best. Whether it is for a small gathering or a big one they will make the food with best ingredients and by the best cooks. They specialise in giving premium culinary experience and this is the part of their service. Any kind of gathering people can hire them. As a client you can arrange meetings with the managers and tell them what you want. They are really punctual and serve the food on time. the employees of this catering service work as professional and are ready to serve their clients at any point of time. From the starters till the desserts, they have variety of tasty items. Even if the clients guest list if of 2000 to 3000 people they can easily arrange it.

Address105, Canal St,

AB Block,


Lake Town,


West Bengal 700048

Price chartIt starts from Rs 899 per plate

7. Sholo Ana Bangali

This catering services goes by their name. over the years they have served authentic Bengali dishes. Since day 1 they have been termed as the best caterers of Kolkata. Compared to other catering services they are new in the business but they have built a rapport with the people of Kolkata by giving the best quality food. It is true that all Bengalis love to eat and this is the reason they avail the service of ‘Sholo Ana Bangali’. Their food is something people will relish for days. Any kind of Bengali function just call them and they will be there to serve you.  They give their clients numerous menu options and if needed they customise the menu card as well. On the day of the functions the guests get surprised by seeing the spread. The prices of each plate are quite affordable. If your budget is a factor, they you should appoint the Sholo Ana Bangali because they charge really less from the others.

Price chartIt starts from Rs 725 per plate.

8. Dawat Caterers

If you are looking for a catering service which prepares other cuisines apart from Bengali then you should talk to the DawatCaterers. They prepare best North Indian cuisine in Kolkata. Dawat Caters have branch in the capital city as well. There way of working is really creative. The way they serve the food is really mind blowing. Since the time they have started working in the city of joy they have provided the best service and have kept up to the expectation of their clients. On top of this this catering service is known for their hospitality. They have a team of well-trainedexperienced employees who are skilled of handing any number of guests at any party. Young people approach to this catering service just because each dish they add a modern touch. Some of the unique dishes they prepare are not known to many other caterers. The staffs take the responsibility of every aspect starting from presenting the food to its colour and its look. They give each dishes a royal, elegant and sophisticated look and they have become an expert in it. Every time they try to add new ideas to their work. Guests are really impressed with their presentation.

Price chartIt starts from Rs 799 per plate.

9. La Fiesta Catering

La Fiesta catering is one of the best caterers of Kolkata. Their method of working is really different from the others and the food they serve is not the regular food someone gets at a party. The food is obviously tasty but the way it is prepared is unlike others. Since they have professional and experienced chefs the food if served on time and keeping in mind the health of the guests. Withing West Bengal clients like to hire them for corporate eventslike for some kind of conferences, seminars or launches. Let us not forget that they are really good at preparing Bengali food also. This particular catering service provide standard food to all the guests. The employees here are really professional at handling any kind of function. Not only quality they focus on quantity also, there will be no dearth of food in the function. If you search on the internet then you can see the various kinds of dishes they prepare. If you are thinking of hiring them then be very sure that your guests will be more interested to click the pictures of the dishes.

Address36, 62, Jyotish Roy Rd,

Ajoy Nagar,


New Alipore,


West Bengal 700053

PriceIt starts from Rs 799 per plate.

Price: 96740 86314

10. SuruchiCaterers

Though they are not located in Kolkata but they deliver services throughout West Bengal. Basically, the Suruchicaterer is located in Howrah (on the other side of River Ganga). They aim at delivering best experiences to their guest by offering wide range of dishes. Not only Indian cuisines they provide global cuisines also, if the clients want. They give full liberty to their clients to choose from the packaged menu or if required they customise the menu card for them completely. They ensure to make the party a memorable one. They will definitely serve the best quality food maintaining their standards.

Price chart: it starts Rs 700 per plate

So, by now you know whom to hire for your next party. All these catering service names is known to your guests so in a way when they will get to know you have hired them be sure that you have won half of the battle. Just pay the amount and be tension free. These people are really professional and they will provide hassle free services.

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