11 Best Child Specialists in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal

Best Child Specialists in Kolkata Near me

Though the trend is to dress the children like adults but that is not the case when it comes to doctors. A baby’s body is totally different from a grown-up man. In other words, medication, vaccination and surgery for children should be different. Many parents of Kolkata fail to understand this and consults with their family physician or take them to the nearby nursing homes when their baby is not well. It is not possible for a doctor to lower the dose of medicine (which he would offer to an adult body) for a child. The reason behind it is because a child is in a continuous stage of change as in growth and this happens till the baby turns 18 or 21.

Best Child Specialists in Kolkata

First and foremost a parent should decide on the Pediatrians as soon as the baby is born. A Pediatrians is a doctor who takes care of a child’s physical, mental and behavioural problems till the age of 18. A child specialist is qualified to treat and diagnose different kind of illnesses which happens to children. They get their educational degree from medical schools. These days child specialists of Kolkata do not limit themselves only to an educational degree, they attend seminars of different countries, gain different degrees and provides the best treatment to kids. A child’s bones, muscles and organs develop throughout their lives and this can be taken care of only by a pediatrician.

From the day a child is born till he turns into a toddler, consulting with a pediatrician should be regular, this can be for numerous reasons like regular vaccination, sudden pain and so on. Try to stay in touch with your doctor. Let him know about every detail of your child. A baby can fall sick anytime so it is very important that you stay well connected with your doctor. Maintain a good relation with your pediatrician so that if your baby falls sick you can call the doctor and take help from him.

At times even the healthiest child can fall sick so it is necessary for you to share the symptoms or the signs with the concern child specialist. Never ever compare a child’s biological body with any other child. There are many common sicknesses which almost all kids suffer from i.e., is tonsillitis, ear infection, stomach ache and so on. These are unavoidable as well, so if you any of these problems instead of feeding any medicines on your take your child to the doctor. Kolkata has been blessed with the best doctors so if your child is born with some birth defects get it cured at the young age. Palate or cleft lip treatments are available in this city.

Being a pediatrician is not an easy job, a Pediatrians need years of experience to provide quick relief. If you do not know about the best child specialist then read this write up. This article talks about the best pediatrician of Kolkata. Address and phone numbers are also provided here so that next time when your baby falls sick you do not need to face any problem during the emergency. Please do not panic and just consult with the doctor.

1. Dr Amitava Pahari

He is the best Pediatrianspresent now in Kolkata with an experience of 31years. Right now, he is practicing in the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital which is located in Salt Lake. He was a bright student. He stood 2nd in his MBBS. He was a student of the R.G. Kar Medical College and later had completed his MD from the Calcutta University. It is said that he is the best child specialist present in the city these days. He is a master in this field and a good human being.

Address: Apollo Gleneagles Hospital,

No. 58, Canal Circular Road,


West Bengal 700054

Landmark: Near Saltlake Stadium

Phone Number: 9547066588, 9903082436

2. Dr Anjan Bhattacharya

He is a well-known child specialist practicing at the Child Development Centre of the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. He is practising for more than 26 years and has been awarded the Pioneer Award by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics of the East Zone. He also got the ‘Bharat Jyoti’ by the India International Friendship Society. He specialises in the fields like Neonatology, Paediatrics and Developmental Paediatrics but he is an expert in treating the autism patients. He took special training in the United Kingdom and was working there for several years.

Address: Apollo Gleneagles Hospital,

No. 58, Canal Circular Road,


West Bengal 700054

Landmark: Kolkata Near Saltlake Stadium,

Consultation Fees: Rs 1000/-

Timings: Monday to Saturday from 9AM-10AM

Phone Number: 098747 97726

3. Dr Sandipan Saha

Dr Saha is the best child specialist available in the Saltlake region. He is practicing for more than 12 years and is attached with many nursing homes like the Woodlands, Charnock Hospitals, ILS Hospitals, BaghirathiNeotia Women and Child Care and so on. He has an MD degree in Pediatrics as well as PGPN from the Boston, United States of America. He has gained lot of experience in new born unit and critical care. The best part of his treatment is he does a special counselling for the couples who are going to be parents for the first time.

Timings: Sunday to Saturday11am-2pm and 6pm-9pm at his own clinic

Address:  Dr Sandipan Saha Child Care Clinic and Vaccination Center

AA122, Salt Lake Sector 1,

Kolkata 700064.

Landmark:Near the PNB ISLAND

Phone number: 984376648

4. Dr Apurba Ghosh:

He is also a professor and one of the best child specialists of Kolkata with a practice of 30 years. He is the best when it comes to child vaccination and immunization. He provides the best service for kids who suffer from bronchial asthma. If you want any kind of counselling for your kid you should visit Dr Ghosh’s clinic. he is available at the Sri Aurobindo Seva Kendra. He has the maximum satisfied patients. He is always available for his patients. If you need help then call up and fix an appointment. This doctor understands the problem very well and provides fast treatment.

Consultation Fees: Rs 600

Address: Dr.Apurba Ghosh’s Clinic,

#179, Santoshpur Avenue,


Landmark: Above S.K Pharma., Kolkata
Phone Number: 090077 16516

5. Dr N K Taparia:

He is one of the oldest doctors with a master degree in Paediatrics, treating new born and young babies for more than 37 years. When it comes to Limping child, New Born Care, Autism, Nutritional Assessment he is the best. Dr Taparia is the member of the ‘American Society of Pediatrician’ and MCI (Medical Council of India). You can visit the Bhagirathi Neotia Woman & Child Care Centre of Park Street, Divine Poly Clinic in Beliaghata and Happy 2TH- Pediatric Care Clinic in Ballygunge for consultation.

Consultation Fees: Rs 600 to Rs 700/-

Address: Happy 2TH- Pediatric Care Clinic

No.10 Deodar Street,


Landmark: PS Group Primera Building

Phone Number: 9831012830

6. Dr Chandan Ray

If you are looking for one of the best pediatrician then visit Dr Ray’s clinic. he is treating children for more than 15 years. He uses the latest method of treatment specially for immunizing the kids, at times he incorporates international method which are practiced in developed countries. If you want an accurate and effective treatment of your baby then consult with Dr Ray.

Consultation Fees: Rs 750.

Timings: Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 1 PM

Address: 2, Rawdon Street,


West Bengal 700017

Phone Number: 9830262646

7. Dr Abhijit Sarkar

He is a child specialist for more than 21 years. He is an experienced doctor in providing the best treatment for children for any kind of illness. He is an MBBS from the United Kingdom. Dr Sarkar believes in ‘Evidence Based Medicine’. Right now, he is practicing in Child Health Clinic which is in Salt Lake, Woodlands and in also in the Howrah region. He is one of the members of the ‘Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’ which is in London.

Consultation Fees: Rs 500/-

Address: AD 145, Sector-1,

Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital


Landmark: Near Eastern Furniture

Phone Number: 098300 99869

8. Dr Pavitra Chakravarty

Dr Chakravarty has done most of her education from out of India. Some of his educational degrees are MRCPH from United Kingdom, MRGCP (London), DCH and FRCPCH again from the United Kingdom. He is associated in this field for more than 27 years. These days he is available in some of the best hospitals of Kolkata like Columbia Asia Hospital, Institute of Child Health, Calcutta Medical Research Institute Kolkata, Vision Care and ILS Hospital Nagerbazar.

Consultation Fees: Rs 850/-

Address: Columbia Asia Hospitals,

IB 193, Salt Lake City, (Sector 3)

Sech Bhawan,


Landmark: Near Eastern Zonal Cultural Complex

Timings:  Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2:00 to 3:00PM

Saturday- 4:00-5:00 PM

9. Dr KakoliAcharyya

She has gained a vast experience in this field for more than 12 years. As a pediatrician she is practicing in CMRI, Kolkata. The best part of her treatment is she provides the holistic medical (care along with vaccines) for babies. In Raja Basant Roy Road she has her own clinic where is available for consultation.

Address: Dr.KakoliAcharyya’s clinic,

1 A, Flat No 63, Raja Basant Roy Road,


Timings: Monday to Saturday 10 AM to-1 PM

Phone Number: 9831034803

10. Dr Ashok Mittal

He is providing the best service for new born babies for nearly 10 years. He is the head of the department of the Pediatrics in Medica Super Specialty Hospital of Kolkata. He has achieved his MD degree in Pediatrics and ‘Integrated Fellowship in Neonatal-Perinatal’ from Canada. Neonatology is a part of this field which deals with treating new born baby till he or she turns a month old. Dr Mittal provides the best treatment for new born babies. He has contributed a lot in this particular field. He provides special infrastructure and treats baby using methods which are used in developed countries.

Address: 127 Mukundapur, E.M. Bypass,


West Bengal 700099

Phone Number: 033 6652 0000

11. Dr Parthapratim Gupta

One of the well-known pediatrician of Kolkata is Dr Gupta who is working in this field for 20 years. Apart from pediatric surgery he is into neonatal and has done more than 2500 cleft lip and surgeries for palate. He is practicing this treatment from August 2005. He has an MS degree in pediatric surgery and has achieved FRCH from United Kingdom.

Consultation Fees:Rs 600/-

Timing: Monday to Friday from 5 PM to 7 PM

Address: Clinic 54, Chowringhee Road,


Contact: 033 22824408

Some of the child specialist mentioned above are attached with general nursing homes and hospitals. A child specialist often works with regular medical doctors to treat a child and this is specially done during some serious surgeries. Still, it is said that the best care for a child is received from a Pediatrians than any other doctors.

3 reasons why we need a child specialist:

  • Child specialists have specialized training in emotional, behavioural and physical needs of each and every kid, which is sometimes missed by your family physician.
  • Since a child specialist only checks children, they have broader knowledge and experience identifying and treating all illnesses happening to kids.
  • If you had premature delivery then the health condition of the kid needs to be closely monitored and a pediatrician can give the best treatment for it.

God forbids next time your child falls sick take him or her to the pediatrician listed above. By consulting with these child specialists, you will be saving expenses, time and you will cure your kid faster. Not only your child will be cured but your child will get the best treatment.Any kind of behavioural change in a kid consult with your pediatrician. He knows very well what is wrong with the child. A child is the future of the nation so do not ignore their health. Provide him the best doctor from the day he is born.

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