12 Best Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata Near Me { West Bengal }

Best Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata Near Me 

It is said that people of Kolkata are foodies and this is absolutely correct. People staying here loves to eat and they make it an effort to visit all the outlets and try different kinds of cuisines. It is also seen that these people love to eat Chinese a lot. Who does not want a plate of spicy Hakka noodles or fried rice? Thinking of words like Manchurian, Schezuan makes a person happy immediately. Chinese food satisfies everyone’s tastebuds. Thankfully Kolkata is blessed with lot of Chinese restaurants. It is said that Kolkata has the best Chinese restaurants when compared with other metropolitan cities. So read this happy article and visit these outlets in the coming weekends.

Best Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata

List of Chinese restaurants in Kolkata are: –

1. Tung Fong

when you think of Chinese the first thing that comes in mind is Tung Fong. This place was founded by Monica Liu who was a Chinese immigrant. Food lovers say Tung Fong is a household name whenever they want to eat Chinese. With beautiful lightings, old world decors this place is worth a visit. You can order chilled beer and this will go well with Crab Claws. It is located in Park Street hence coming to this place will not be an issue to anyone.

Special dishes:noodles, jumbo prawns, salads, fish, kung pao chicken, lung fung soup.

Address: Ground Floor,

25 B, Karnani Mansion,

Free School Street,

Park Street Area,


Cost: ₹1,000 for two peopleapprox.

Call On: 033 2217 4969

2. Beijing

As the name suggest this restaurant serves Chinese food. this is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the city of joy.Previously they had Chinese immigrants working for the restaurant. The exterior décor of this place might look flashy but it has a subtle inside. Beijing is a perfect place for dining for big groups. The place is quite spacy and many people can enjoy together here. This place is perfect for Chinese lovers. They sell alcohol as well and the price is quite less.

Special dishes: Peking chicken, crispy chicken, golden fried prawn, fry prawns, rice noodles, clear soup

Address: 77/1,

Christopher Road,


Cost: ₹1,800 for two peopleapprox.

Call On: 033 23281011 or 033 23283998

3. Chowman

though this restaurant has continental cuisine but it is famous for its Chinese dishes. The ambience here is very contemporary and chic and the décor is really interesting, which will make you fall in love with this place and make you keep coming back here again and again. To the love birds of the city this restaurant is best for an intimate dinner because of the sitting arrangements. The price of the dishes is quite reasonable. The Sui Mai is something which is recommended because it is Chowman’s special rice. There are variety of chicken, fish, prawn, lamb, squid dishes. You will be literally spoilt for choice. Chowman has many outlets within Kolkata (address of one branch is given here). If you want you can order food this place and eat it in your house.

Special dishes:Jumbo Prawns, Vegetable Spring Roll,Noodles,Chicken Shumai,Lamb, Lemon Chicken,
: 16J, Broad St,

Landmark: Near Repose Nursing Home,

Ballygunge Park,



Call On: 080 49653580

Cost: ₹1,100 for two peopleapprox.

4. Chinoiserie

it is the in-house Chinese restaurant of Taj Bengal. By name it is understood that this is a luxurious restaurant for family dinner or lunch. This restaurant hires only talented chefs to keep up its good name. The western art, architecture, furniture is worth seeing and the Chinese motifs or the Chinese techniques will give you a feeling that you are no more in Kolkata but you have already landed in China. They try to offer the authentic Chinese without compromising on the quality. You can book a table for your guests if you want to celebrate any special occasion.
Special Dishes: cheesecake, kung pao chicken, spicy seafood soup, garlic rice, sweet corn soup, salad, dumplings

Address: Taj Bengal,

34B, Belvedere Road,


Cost: Rs 5,500 for two peopleapprox.

5. Hatari

this is one of the oldest Chinese food outlets. The restaurant is located at the heart of the city and people staying in south Kolkata keep coming here. Hatari is very famous to the young crowd. College students like to come here and spend some time. Since its inception Hatari has maintained its standard very well.
Special Dishes:Chicken Momo, Veg Manchurian, Thai Soup, Tandoori Chicken, Crispy Prawns, Golden Prawn

Address: 113/1B, Rash Behari Avenue,

Landmark: Near Triangular Park,


Cost: Rs 1,100 for two peopleapprox.

6. Pan Asian

though the name has the word Asian but it serves really tasty Chinese food. In fact, they do have various kind of cuisine like the Korean, Japanese, Mongolian and so on. The dumplings of this place are really tasty. This restaurant is one of stalwarts in Kolkata for luxury dining. They do serve alcohol here. If you want to spend some classy time with your family members or friends you should come here. Do not forget to click the food you had, the way they will serve the food in your table is literally jaw dropping. Surely your posts will get maximum likes and comments.

Special Dishes: Dumplings, Set Menu, Pad Thai, Sushi

Address: ITC Sonar,

J.B.S. Haldane Avenue,

E.M. Bypass,

Science City Area,


Cost: Rs 2,000 for two peopleapprox

7. Mamagoto

Mamagoto has started a new outlet in Kolkata and already it has become a favourite of most of the people. The word Mamagoto means to play with the food. This playfulness is what you will get in this brand. The food which is served here is presented in an interesting manner and the taste just adds the fun factor. The food which is available here is authentic Chinese ones, you are not going to get the Indian Chinese which is available in random restaurants. Go and meet your friends in this place, you will surely like it. This restaurant is perfect for a luncheon.
Special Dishes: Gyoza, Vodka Martini, papaya salad, Khau Suey, Dumplings

Address: 24, Park Street,

Annex Building,

Magma House Complex,

Park Street Area,

Cost: ₹1,500 for two people approx.

8. Yauatcha

the young generation staying in Kolkata likes to visit malls with their friends and the Quest mall is their favourite. So, if you are in Quest mall please come to this place. It is a London based Michelin restaurant who serves the best Chinese food. This restaurant was conceptualised by Alan Yau and it means Yau have tea. This place offers some Cantonese dim sums and they also has extensive range of wine, tea and cocktails. The patisserie present here has an array of petit gateaux, handcrafted macarons and chocolates which are made from Chinese ingredients and is presented to the guests in classical European style. They do have the facility to order food at home. You just call on the number given below and in no time the food will be there at your doorstep.
Special Dishes: Lychee Martini, Raspberry Delice, Dumplings

Address: Level 5,

Quest Mall,

33, Syed Amir Ali Avenue,


Cost: Rs 2,000 for two people

Call on: +91 98316 85542

9. Mainland China

it would be a big miss if this article does not have Mainland China in it. People says that whenever they are confused where to go for lunch or dinner they come here. They have many branches within Kolkata. It is said by the guests who have already being to one of their outlets that Mainland China is the best place to come with family members. Even young children like the food here. they blend all the Chinese dishes with Indian touches. The buffet here has variety of dishes, simply you cannot finish eating everything. Do not forget to try their mocktails.
Special Dishes: Tempura Prawns, Jumbo Prawns, Lobster
Cost:Rs 1,800 for two people approx.

The Wall: they serve fuss free Indo Chinese food. The Buddha sculptures and the canary yellow walls is something which attracts the young generation a lot. This place is really happening one. The officials arrange food festivals quite often. So, drop in whenever you have time and you will be surprised to see the surprise. This place is crowded throughout the week so it is better to call them up and reserve a table. People staying in this region keep coming here quite often.

Special dishes: Prawn Pepper Salt, Dim Sums, Hong Kong Sliced Lamb, Crispy Fish in Parsley Sauce, Dragon Noodles

Address: 31, Dr Sarat Banerjee Road,

Lake Terrace,



Call on: 033 24649041 or 033 24640280

Cost: Rs. 1500 for two people approx.

Call on: 99039 75624

10. Zen, The Park

this place is famous for sushi, lamb preparations and dim sums. The open bar right in the middle of the restaurant severs some exotic alcohol which is not found in many places. Apart from Chinese food try their Bhutanese cuisines. This is something which is not found in many places of Kolkata. Zen keeps updating their menu card quite often. Visit this place to try some new additions. The ambience, the food, the service and the décor will not disappoint you at all. For desserts try their Green Tea Pudding or Chocolate Fudge. Do not worry about taking your grandparents along with you as because they do have wheelchair facility, even they need a treat from your end as well.It has valet parking system for their guests.

Address: The Park,

17, Park Street Area,


Call On: +91 8335010101 or 00 3340049000

Cost: Rs. 4000 for two people approx.

11. Eau Chew

this word in Chinese language means ‘European’. The main intention for opening this outlet was to serve tiffin for the Chinese immigrants who stayed in Kolkata. This was started by Achumpa Huang. If you are a food blog then you should visit this place. this is the best place for professional food bloggers as they get lot of content to say about. The food that is made here is said to family secret which they keep passing down to the next generation. You will be surprised to know that a family runs the entire restaurant. They do not have any professional helping hand. From buying the raw materials, to chopping, to cooking and then serving this family does everything on their own. This place is not very expensive so you can easily come here any day.

Special dishes: Chilli Chicken, Prawn Dishes, Hakka Noodles, Eau Chew Soup, Roast Pork Chilli, Chimney Soup

Address: 12, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,

Chandni Chowk,


Cost: Rs 600 for two people approx.

12. Tung Nam

if you are planning for authentic Cantonese food then you should visit Tung Nam. It is located at Bara Bazar. The food here is not very fancy as you get in the posh restaurants but the taste is really good. The portion size of every plate is quite large so be careful while ordering. Please do not waste the food by ordering too many items. They have numerous menu options for fish, prawn, pork and chicken. Well, they do not have any vegetarian food items.

Special dishes:Sweet Corn Soup, Clear Soup,Cantonese Food,Chilli Pork,

Address: 24, Chattwala Gully,

Near Terreti Bazar,

Bara Bazar,

Cost: Rs 600 for two people approx.

So, my foodie friends you know where to go next for lunch or dinner and I believe after reading this article all your confusions have vanished. Kolkata being the paradise for food lovers there are various outlets to eat or just hang out with friends. Take time and try to visit all the restaurants mentioned in this article. You will simply love it. In fact, once you are back and uploading photos on your social media your friends will ask you where have you being and they will surely want to come to place. In a way you will stay ahead of your friends.

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