10 Best Eye Hospitals in Kolkata

Best Eye Hospitals in Kolkata

Our eyes are one of the most important sense organs which we have rather we are blessed to have. From a kid to a grown-up adult everyone knows to take care of them. Hence it is important to take care of our vision, little bit distress in your vision consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

Best Eye Hospitals in Kolkata

Best eye hospitals provide you the best eye surgeons, experienced nurses and support staffs. All these nursing homes have advanced eye care apparatus and separate provision for each and every eye related problem. Vision loss or vision related problems can cause huge problem in society and in the economic condition of the country. Eyes is known as the most vital sense organ of our body because a large part of the brain is devoted to our vision. Brain considers the eyes as the main source for collecting information.

Awareness has been created among the people staying in West Bengal regarding vision and the importance of correct eye care. Awareness camps are conducted by the hospitals just to let people know what should be done for better vision. From school it has been taught how to take care of eyes and why it is so important. In fact, it is necessary for all students to visit an ophthalmologist chamber at least twice a year because they are the future of the nation and they need to keep their vision clear.

These days from a student of a nursery school to a university student attend classes through laptops, tabs or mobile phone hence their screen timings have increased immensely so it is important for the parents to go for a regular check-up. Doctors will definitely give eye drops or eye exercise to relax the eye muscles. You can consult with doctor associated with these hospitals as most of the hospitals have outpatient facility.

Any kind of eye emergency can occur at any time like a foreign object can go inside the eyes or some chemical, so it is necessary to seek medical help. Without proper medical help eye damage can be serious like there can be partial vision loss or permanent blindness. These hospitals have an emergency department which is run by experienced medical workers who are ready to give instant service. Try to admit your patient to the nearest eye care nursing home just to save time. Eye care hospital will provide better medicines than a normal medical hospital.

A suggestion to my readers if you face any kind of problem with your vision you should get an eye check-up done as early as possible. Kolkata has the best eye hospitals when compared with rest of the country. All these hospitals have hired the best doctors and they use the latest technology for treatment. This write up is a list of best eye hospitals working in the city. Address and phone numbers are provided and also the services they provided.

List of best eye hospitals in Kolkata:

1. Salt Lake Eye Foundation

This hospital can be said as one of the best hospital functions in the city of joy. It uses computerized way of checking eyes. The head of the hospital is Dr P B. Sarkar who is the medical director. He is an ophthalmologist himself and had started this foundation in the year 1995. This hospital can be said as high-tech eye hospital which uses sophisticated apparatus for treating any kind of eye problem. This hospital has the best-operating microscopes, phaco-emulsification machines which is used for cataract surgeries and so on. Coming to the best part it is a charitable hospital so the socially backward people can come here for their treatment. This is funded by the Salt Lake foundation so please do not worry about the cost of treatment. You will get the best result at a very less cost.

Address: Salt Lake Eye Foundation,

IA-173, IA Block,

Sector III,

Salt Lake


West Bengal 700106

Contact Number: 033 2335 2681

2. Sankara Jyoti Eye Research Institute

This is located in the Khardah region and is one of the most prestigious eye care hospital of Kolkata. It is medically advanced than any other hospital in terms of treatment. This hospital has a huge campus which is more than 5000 sq. feet. All kinds of eye treatment take place here, in fact they have anoutpatient facility as well. This centre provides complete range of services for eye care by using advance techniques and equipment. From normal routine check-up to complicated surgeries everything takes place under one roof. Group of experienced nurses work here and they provide service throughout the week. Their main motto is to deliver world class treatment to all its patients.

Address: Kalyan Nagar Mathpara,




West Bengal 700116

Contact Number: 033 2583 1616

3. Sunetra Family Eye Care Center

Most of the people staying in Kolkata says that Sunetra Family Eye Care Centre is the pride of the city. This is located at the Survey Park. There motto is to give the best service for eye care and that too at an affordable cost. Services it offers are treatment for cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disorders, neuro-ophthalmic problems and so on. Sunetra has hired the best surgeons and it delivers hi-tech treatment. The doctors give their best quality eye care service to everyone. A point to be noted about Sunetra Family Eye Care Center is that 40% of consultation fees and 20% of operation charges are reduced from the total bill. Hence the treatment expenditure will not make a big hole in the patient party’s pocket.

Address: Unnayan (2nd Floor) 1050/1,

Survey Park,


West Bengal 700075

Contact Number: 033 2418 8223

4. Shree Netra Eye Foundation

This is an outstanding eye care centre in the city which caters all type of eye related problems to every class of people present in the society. This eye hospital has different surgical modalities and uses latest diagnostic to treat their patients. If anyone compare the treatment of Shree Netra Eye Foundation with any eye hospital of first world countries then he or she can definitely say that this hospital is at par with international standards. If anyone wants to have a cataract surgery then come here, and within few hours it will be done and you do not need to get admit in the hospital. They try to discharge the patient on the very day of the operation. Some of the exclusive service they provide are:

  • Glaucoma Screening and also filtration surgery
  • Diabetic Eye Check up
  • Treatment of diabetic retinopathy, CRVO, ARMD
  • Oculoplastic surgeries
  • Correction of Cataract surgery

Address: 73, Chakraberia Rd,

Jadubabur Bazar,



West Bengal 700020

Contact Number:  033 2486 6487

5. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital

please do not think that apollo has limited itself only to health care, they do have a sperate wing for eye care. Apollo’s eye care department is at par with its health care wing. Apollo is the best hospital when it comes to eye care treatment. It has the progressive apparatus and fully equipped operation theatre. The operation theatre has all the latest microscopes used for operations specially for cataract. If you want to consult with the best ophthalmologist you should come to apollo and consult here. All the eye operations are done on day care basis as in the patient does not need to stay in the hospital for days after surgery. The patient can come in the morning get admitted and leave the hospital on the very day of operation. Services like preventive eye care, optometry, management of squints, eye trauma management and so on are done here by the doctors.

Address:58, Canal Circular Road,


Phool Bagan,



West Bengal 700054

6. AMRI Hospitals

This hospital is unified group of hospital that has more than 1000 beds and conducts more than 12000 operations every single year. The ophthalmology wing has high end medical equipment and can address any kind of eye surgery or eye problem. Ophthalmologists of AMRI hospitals are available in the hospital for 7 days a week and serving people for 24 hours.

Address: 58, Canal Circular Road,



West Bengal 700054

Contact Number: 033 2320 2122

7. Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre

this was founded by Dr Ratish Ch. Paul and Dr Sunil Chandra Bagchi in the year 1998. These two doctors’ main intention was to eradicate blindness completely from the society. It is a non-profit organisation serving people for decades. Their main aim is to serve who ever suffers from eye related problems. The cost of treatment is really less here and people who cannot afford huge expenditure can come here. The West Bengal Government had recognized this foundation as the centre for excellent eye care in the entire state.

Address: HB-36/A/1,

Sector III,

Salt Lake City,


West Bengal 700106

Contact Number: 033 4050 6500

8. Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital

if you are looking for an advanced eye hospital then come to Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital. This was founded with collaboration with Belle Vue Complex and Arvind Eye Care System which is in Madurai. They had collaborated to control rather prevent blindness. This hospital is promoted by a reputed organisation named the MP Birla Group which is known for its philanthropic work towards the society. The service provided is the best and can be afforded by anyone.

Address: 10, Loudon Street,


West Bengal 700017

Contact: 033 2289 4343

9. Vasan Eye Care Hospital

this is a chain of hospitals dealing with eye care throughout India. It has more than 180 portals in all the cities of India. This hospital has earned a good name due to its reasonable expenditure for treatment, very friendly staff and also the love and care they provide to each and every patient. The administration focuses on each and every service which they are make available to the patients. They have several branches throughout the city. The address of each branch is mentioned here below.

Address 1: Andromeda,



Salt Lake City,


West Bengal 700064

Address 2: 1842, Rene Tower,

Rajdanga Main Road,



West Bengal 700042

Landmark: Near Geetanjali Stadium

Address 3: 177F, B. T. Road,

Panihati Crossing,



West Bengal 700114

Address 4: Bidon Street,

Bidhan Sarani,




West Bengal 700004

Address 5: CD 182,

Bl- CD Sector-I,

Salt Lake City,


West Bengal 700064

10. Spectra Eye Foundation Pvt Ltd:

this hospital works only for eye care and it has the capability to cater each and every eye care problem which people faces in their life. It focuses to render the best quality service and patients are satisfied with their service and treatment. This centre hires the best and experienced doctors only. They even have ophthalmic nurses which are not there in most of the nursing homes of Kolkata. The doctors here are capable of performing any kind of eye surgery.

Address: Jessore Rd,

Vivekananda Nagar,



West Bengal 700129

Contact Number: 033 2518 4949

All these eye hospitals functions for 24 hours and they do have an emergency set up as well. Any kind of accident just go to these hospitals they will help you to recover very fast. Kolkata is considered as a state which has the best eye care hospitals. People from west Bengal do not need to go out of station for their eye treatment anymore. Everyone tries their best to take care of their eyes because we humans feel that eye is the most essential part of our body, which is very true. Hence little bit of consultation from doctors and you are good to enjoy life long uncomplicated and painless vision.

The eye hospitals of Kolkata are trustworthy hospitals who will provide a complete detail about the expenditure starting from the consultation fees to the surgery fees and there is no hidden expense. Most of the hospitals have accreditation with insurance companies as well. If any patient party wants can compare the payment structure just to settle for affordable ones can do it but one thing is for sure i.e., all the hospitals (mentioned above) does not compromise with the quality.


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