11 Best football academy in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal

Best football academy in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal

Though most of the people throughout the world prefers cricket but Bengalis are the only tribe who loves and support football from the bottom of their heart. Most of the Bengali parents send their boys to learn football. Bengalis have given the best football players. Taking up sports as a career is stressful and delightful. As every other career there are both pros and cons in this career as well. It is you who have to take the decision. It is the most played sport in the world and it has a huge popularity in India.

Best football academy in Kolkata

No wonder Kolkata has the best football academies. All the football academics of this city has upgraded themselves to modern facilities. They have proper coaches, gyms along with it and also provide healthy food to the players. These football academies train the boys in such a way that they can represent their country in foreign countries. This article will have the best academics where you can admit your son for his training.

List of best football academies in Kolkata are:-

1. Mohan Bagan Athletics Club Academy

football means Mohan Bagan Athletics Club in Kolkata. People of Kolkata is biased about this team and they do send their kids to this academy thinking that their child will represent the country. The Indian football team and this club are intertwined. This is the oldest football club of India and had won the first IFA shield in the year 1911. The club has its football academy for young boys who are below 14. Though they have experienced coaches but at times the senior players of this club come and trains the boys. They have their own ground which is used for practise purpose. They even have well equipped gym for the members to work out.

Address: Mohan Bagan Ground,

Landmark: Opposite to the Eden Gardens,


Telephone Numbers: 033-22484642 or 22100060

2. East Bengal Football School of Excellence

This is another famous club of India. Half of the Bengali people are biased about this club. This club runs an academy which has a lovely infrastructure. They have all kinds of modern facilities which are needed for training. Most of the well-known football player belongs to this club. If your son is 3 years or above you can get him admitted here. selection is completely based on talent and nothing else. It is a prestigious feeling to enter the gates of this red and yellow club.

Address: Maidan Kolkata.
Telephone Numbers: 033-22484642



3. Milan Sangha Football Academy

This particular coaching centre provides theoretical training along with practical demonstrations to the young trainers. All the coaches here are experienced for all the positions. The trainers sometimes make the young boys play against senior players or some strong opponents for their own development. In this way they develop the sportsman’s spirit in the boys from a very young age. Every alternate day on the Bengali newspapers you will get to see the name of this club for scoring highest number of goals.

Address: Tank No. 2,

VIP Road,

Near Jaya Cinema,

Telephone Number: 09051239698

4. Kolkata Football Academy

For young boys of Kolkata this is the best academy to start the coaching. This is a residential academy. This academy provides modern coaching facilities like they have their own set of doctors, in-house physiotherapists, dieticians. A parent does not need to worry if his son gets hurt during the practise time as because they have medical doctors who will immediately treat your son. They have a canteen which provides only healthy food for the players. The coaches take theory classes regarding the sport. Selecting a player who will represent the club or the academy completely depends on how they play.

Address: 314, Diamond Arcade,

Jessore Road,

Telephone Number: 09123007079

5. Sports Authority of India Eastern Centre Football Academy

This is also considered as one of the best football academics of eastern India. They have the best players, well dressed ground, extremely qualified coaches, gyms and so on. They do have the facility to provide government scholarships to the boys who are really good at this game. This scholarship has helped many boys and boys give their best just to win this. before the class the boys can spend time in the gym for some warm up. The gym has all modern equipment and various kinds of exercise tailor made for the young football players. They have proper infrastructure, drinking water facility, rest rooms for the players. The trainers believe along with education learning a sport is equally important.

Address: Netaji Subhas Eastern Centre,

Salt Lake City,

Sector 3,


West Bengal 700106

6. North Calcutta Football Academy

In the Deshbandhu park area of Kolkata years ago many international footballers would come and assemble. They decided to form a group rather an academy to nurture this sport so that India can make it to the World Cup. In this way the North Calcutta Football Academy was formed in the year 1980. They have qualified coaches, physiotherapists, some ex-football players, physical trainers for young boys. Many boys from this academy have represented India for various tournaments. Since it is one of the oldest coaching club it is also known as the best place to learn the game. The coaches here are really friendly and they know very well how to train the boys so that the boys are interested to play with their heart and soul.

Address: KMC Building,

Deshbandhu Park,

Raja Dinendra Street,


West Bengal 700014
Telephone Numbers: 09433323014 or 9051363803

7. Edusphere

Though it is a new coaching academy for football but within these few years it has earned a very good name as in the young boys who practice here have proved themselves as good players. The coaches have faith in them and they say that these boys will surely represent India in the World Cup. This institute has the best players as their coach. It is said by the trainers of this club that if you skip a day at practice you will lose interest in the game. They even say that unless and until you are sick do not miss a practice. This club wins almost all the torments they participate in it. The trainers give equal opportunity to each and every player. No biasness is accepted in this club.

Address: D116, near Tarunsangha club,

Block J,

Bagha Jatin Pally,

BaghaJatin Colony,


West Bengal 700032

Telephone number: 80179 82986

8. Kasba Samannoy Coaching

Young boys who come to learn the game here gets to know the history of the game as well. The trainers give them theory classes as and when needed. The coaches tell the student about the best player, best game so that the boys learn the skills and techniques from their tender age. Boys of this club is very focused and they know they will make a name as a football player of the country. If you stay in south Kolkata then you can easily bring your son to this club. A stiff competition goes on in the class among the students and this is something which students should embrace from childhood if they want to take up this sport seriously in future. There will be lot of failures and struggles in the life of every sportsperson so it is better to learn and cope with this from a young age, this is what the trainers of this club believe in.

Address: 115/1, Banku Bihari Chatterjee Rd,

Rath Tala,



West Bengal 700042

Telephone Number:9831075504

9. Bijoygarh Football Training Centre

Even this is a reputed training academy for little boys who are interested to learn the game. Boys like to come to this club because of its friendly atmosphere. Boys feel relaxed coming here after a long day at school or college. They have a well-maintained ground which is used during the practise time. They have experienced coaches. Without joining any football academy, you will never get to learn the sport in professional way and this is something the trainers of this club have faith in in. The thumb rule is to become a member of a good academy and then follow what the coaches say diligently. The focus of this football club is to develop new talents every year for the state and the country. As parents can check their official page on social media before admitting their children. The young players learn new techniques how to play the game in a better manner and they also learn modern skills so that they become better citizen beside being good players.

Address: 3/45 A,




West Bengal 700032

Telephone Number: 8017982986

10. Baranagar Sporting Club

If you want to make your career in this game then come and get yourself admitted to this club. People from far places come here to take classes. The coaches here are passionate about the game and they give their 100% to teach the boys. They take care of each and every child and do not show any kind of biasness among the students. This club was founded in the 6th January 1895 and Manoj Mukul Ghosh. Right now, they have 279 registered players. The best part of this club is they have separate wing for women as well. Young girls come here to learn the game. There is lot of scope in women’s football as well in India. Parents are really happy after admitting their children in this club.

Address: 11/1/A, Neogi Para Rd,




West Bengal 700036

Telephone Number: 80029 07796 or 70599 73940

11. Howrah Sahayatri Football club

In the year 1964 this club was founded. Few young boys staying in Shibpur region got inspired by this sport started this club so that they can practice the game and at the same time teach the little boys also. These daysthe club members arrange different types of programmes on special occasions.Like on the foundation day of the club some eminent football players of West Bengal come to give a speech, encourage the students and at the same time tell the boys how to play so that they do it properly in the coming days. Initially this club did not have a proper ground to practise but now they have it. The main objective of this club is to inculcate the game so that the young generation grow mentally and physically. The club also gives emphasis on the students’ education as well. They help the students who do not come from rich families with their education as in by buying books for them, giving their school fees and so on. So, families staying in the Howrah district can come here instead of going to Kolkata. In a way you will save time and your son will get more time to spend on the ground. The fee structure is not much and it can be afforded by anyone.

Address:  Botanical Garden Area,


West Bengal 711103

Telephone number: 98300 91628

It is said by doctors that is really necessary for a child to get admitted in any kind of sport and specially if you are from West Bengal you literally have no choice apart from picking up football. Even the Bengali parents believes in this saying. A child cannot do good in their academics unless and until he has time to play. This game will help the child come closer to nature and this will help him in his overall growth.

There are many more academies in Kolkata apart from these. In fact, throughout West Bengal there are plenty of academies but these (names which are mentioned above) have earned a reputation since its inception. Parents who want their boys to get scientific training should join here. After years of training, you will find your boy as one of the reputed football players of the country. This is something which is promised by all academies and they stick by their words.

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