10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Kolkata Near Me

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Kolkata West Bengal Near Me

Hair transplant is a medical or surgical procedure to treat baldness. It is done to add hair to the area where it is balding or thinning. This procedure is done by taking hair from different parts of the body as in parts where there is lot of hair growth. Men these days go for this treatment to restore their eyelashes, beard hair, eyebrows, chest hair. This treatment is no longer limited to men even women also opt for this treatment when they find that their hair quantity is reducing.

Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Kolkata

In simple words hair transplant surgery is done to take hair from areas where there is hair growth and transferred to areas where there is less quantity. Generally, the hair is taken from the back of the head or other parts of the body. This surgery comes under cosmetic surgery and everyone is aware of cosmetic surgery. This kind of treatment has developed a lot and has become quite famous over the years. Not only celebrities but common people are aware of it and they have developed a desire to improve themselves in terms of look.

Let me tell you people that this is a pain free treatment because it is done only by experienced doctors. Before the treatment starts the doctor will sterilizes the area from where the hair will be removed and this area will be numb with the help of local anaesthesia. A patient can request for sedation just to stay asleep while the surgery is going on.

Excessive hair fall, receding hair line, thinning of hair these are something which no one wants be it a boy or a girl. So that best option you have right not is to get your hair transplant done. Once you undergo this treatment you do not need to worry about your hair anymore.From a recent survey it has been found out that 50 percent women and 60 percent men suffer from hair loss problems. The hair transplant clinics do have celebrities from other states to come to Kolkata for their treatment. Here is a big list of the best hair transplant clinics which are working in Kolkata.

List of best hair transplant clinics in Kolkata:

1. PLCSC Hair Transplant

If someone wants the best quality service then he should visit this clinic for hair implantation, hair grafting or hair transplant. This clinic has hired the best doctors. Dr Maneesh Sonthalia is the best doctor in Kolkata working in this field who is associated with this clinic. This clinic not only provide the best service at less cost but they use the updated technology so that the patients are happy with their service and provide them with positive feedback. Anyone can get in touch with them through the phone number provided below.

Address- 28B, Flat 4D,

Neelambar Building,

Theatre Road,

Shakespeare Sarani,



West Bengal 700017

Phone Number- 098310 93441

2. ATRI Hair Transplant Clinic

In Kolkata this is one of the best clinics for hair transplantation. This clinic has the best team who are efficient at their work and their patients vouch for that. Generally, people get scared to undergo this treatment but ATRI Hair Transplant Clinic takes time to tell the patients what is this treatment all about. It also offers great discounts to its patients. They believe that people should save more money and invest to look good. This is the only clinic which does not run behind money. To them serving the nation is more important than anything else.

Address- 27/1 Sultan Alam Road,

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station,

Landmark-Near the Central Bank,


West Bengal 700033

Phone Number- 098311 87557

3. Kaayakalp

This particular transplant clinic is known for its modern equipment and newest technology they use for treating their patients. It has hired experienced hair transplant surgeons who are really good at it. Each and every case they deal with absolute care and love. They have only satisfied clients. They have solved more than thousand cases. The treatment they provide will help their clients to cover up their baldness in very few sittings. All their treatments are time saving procedure and the resection rate is really low. The healing time is quite fast as because the surgery will be done by experienced medical doctors only.

Address- P-158,

2nd floor, C.I.T. Road,

Kankurgachi Scheme VI M,


West Bengal 700054

Phone Number- 098316 62311

4. Dr Paul’s Advanced Hair & Skin Clinic

If you want to get the best result then make an appointment with this particular clinic. This clinic is known to surpass all other hair transplant clinic when it comes to quality. Not only in terms of quality it keeps updating its techniques, the organisers try to bring in new solutions to hair problems. If you want you can fix an appointment through internet. This clinic is very well equipped with all the machines and new technologies. There are other treatments happening here as well, if anyone wants can check it out in their official website.

Address- Ground, BB 36,




West Bengal 700064

Phone Number- 1800 419 8111

5. Bye Bye Baldy

their treatment and services are very much evident in their name. This is located in the Salt Lake region. It uses both for F.U.T. (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and F.U.E. (Follicular Unit Extraction) treatment and this complete depends on the patient’s financial condition and choice. It is true that this kind of treatments is costly but in Bye Bye Baldy treatments are quite affordable, any middle-class man can afford it easily. On the other hand, they have doctors and supporting team who are experienced. So, take an appointment from this clinic andgive a new look to your hair.

Address- A.J. Salt Lake City,

176, West Rd,

South Park,



West Bengal 700091

Phone Number- 094331 41714

6. Elation Hair & Skin Clinic

They have many branches throughout the city from Ultadanga to another one in Rashbehari Avenue. They provide the safest, most effective, advanced technology while treating the patients. They do have wide range of treatments for their cosmetic and non-cosmetic sectors like the stem cell therapy, FUE & FUT hair transplants, stretch mark reduction, sun tan removal, acne and scar revisions, P.R.P. therapy, anti-ageing, tattoo removal, breast augmentation, preventing premature greying of hair, birth mark removal, double chin correction, permanent hair removal, rhinoplasty, cellulite treatments and many more treatments to make a person look good. All the treatments are medically proven and is famous in the western countries. Before the procedure they give time to each and every patient to discuss the treatment and its consequences with them. If a patient party wants, he or she can make an appointment through their website.

Address- 141 B, Rash Behari Avenue,



West Bengal 700029

Phone Number- 098300 85599

7. DHI India

All the Indians are aware of the famous cricket player Virender Sehwag. He is the one who had given the best review about this hair transplant clinic. In his words ‘no one will get your hair back like before than DHI. DHI is the best and their results are outstanding’. Hearing this from an international cricket player is a great sigh of relief, because this makes a person easily believe in this clinic. This clinic has clients all over the world and the success rate is more than 98%. They have been helping many people for a long time.

Address- DHI, 4th Floor,

Platinum Mall 31,

Elgin Road,


West Bengal 700020

Phone number- 090071 94854

8. ARHT Global

This is one of the best hair transplant clinics and known for providing the best treatment. They have brilliant doctors who provides the best service to all their patients. It has served many clients in these years and this organisation believes in word-of-mouth marketing. ‘ARHT Global’ is a global brand having 14 clinics in 11 cities and they do have 4 branches in the United Kingdom. The doctors do not make any false promises before the treatment or use any kind of unethical procedure to make patients happy. It is one of the respected clinicsworking in the country for the last few years.

Address- 41A, Unit No 405,

Diamond Prestige Building,

Landmark: Opposite to Nonapokra Tram Depot,



West Bengal 700017

Phone Number- 077090 04212

9. Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Hiring the best set of medical doctors and using the latest technology this clinic has earned a good reputation throughout the city. This is one of the trusted hair transplant clinics working these days. Patients provide great feedback after the treatment. Photos are available in their official website anyone can go through it before the treatment. Cost of treatment is affordable to everyone. The team working here believes that pleasant appearances open new opportunities and doors so they provide the service which will make their patient look good. Opting their service will boost your self confidence and self-esteem.

Address- Fl 3c, 12, Lundon Street,


West Bengal 700017

Phone Number- 033 2282 9126

10. Kaya Clinic

Most of the people staying in West Bengal has heard its name, everyone is aware of its presence. Kaya Clinic’s has many branches throughout Kolkata and even in the suburbs. They do advertise about their treatment in the newspapers, magazines and bill boards. It is one of the best and largest skin care centres of Kolkata. They have branches in Kasba, Kankurgachi, Alipore, Salt Lake, Loudon Street and many more. They do have their own brands under their name and they keep launching new products quite frequently. Products which are available in the market are very effective and people are satisfied using those. Treatments they provide are laser hair removal, pigmentation, anti-ageing, hair loss and thinning, acne/ scars, hair transplants and so on. All these treatments happen under the same roof, you just need to take a prior appointment. Only three locations of the Kaya Clinic are written here with the phone numbers.


  • P/337, Phoolbagan,

CIT Road Scheme VI,


Opposite Kotak Mahindra Bank,


West Bengal 700054;

  • 69A, Ground Floor,

Ashiana Apartment,

Purna Das Road,

Behind Triangular Park,


West Bengal 700029;

  • Shop No 2,

Ground Floor,

9A, Judges Court Road,



West Bengal 700027

Phone: 033 2362 8121;

033 2466 9550;

093310 18176

Coming to the main part which everyone is concerned about is the expenditure. Since all the clinics are reputed ones, they will give a rough expenditure from beforehand, there will be no hidden cost for sure. Another important point which needs to be noted down is that since it is a cosmetic surgery most of insurance companies will not cover. Few items are taken into consideration, they are as follows:

  • Experience or knowledge of the surgeon
  • Extent of the procedure
  • Type of surgical technique selected

People staying in Kolkata are quite aware of this treatment. In fact, people do come from different places just to do this treatment. This is the best place for the treatment as the cost is less, all the clinics have all the amenities and they use the latest equipment. It is said that Kolkata gives the best treatment for cosmetology, hence the demand is also high. The awareness level in this matter is quite high.

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment in any of these clinics and start your treatment. No one has the time to look bad or old or be depressed with their looks. Instead of going into depression or losing confidence start the treatment to feel good. As per reviews from the patients Kolkata is the best place in India to get hair transplant surgery done. This write up do not have a particular order as to who is the best or which clinic charges the less. Selecting a clinic depends completely on the patient. It is recommended to everyone that spend some time on the internet to research about the clinics and then go for the best one (which you feel). All the best with your search and treatment, go and look beautiful.

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