9 Best Homeopathic Doctors in Kolkata Near me West Bengal

Best Homeopathic Doctors in Kolkata Near Me

Homeopathy is another way rather a pseudoscientific way to treat people. Homeopathy in India is known to be one of the traditional ways to cure people. It is a holistic approach to cure any kind of diseases. A German physician named Samuel Hahnemann first discovered this process of treatment and even now the homeopathy doctors follow his formulae of medicine.

If anyone compares allopathy medicines with homeopathy medicines, homeopathy medicines are considered safe as because it is derived from natural substances which can be from the plants or minerals. These medicines mostly help the human body system either by killing the root of the disease and it tries to heals the sickness completely forever.

Best Homeopathic Doctors in Kolkata

The first time you visit a homeopath doctor it might take more than 30 mins because a homeopathy doctor tries to understand the mind of the patient by talking to the patients and asking him several questions. A homeopath spends so much time to understand the psychology of the patient just to find out the root cause of the sickness. Along with asking a patient about his physical condition a homeopath will be interested to know his background and his mental health conditions. While discussing the problems with the patient the doctor will try to analyse what is the reason for the health to deteriorate.

Doctors practicing in Kolkata pays special interest in discussing mental problems with their patients so for them initial evaluation is considered very important. They do prescribe medicines on this. Doctors of this city can solve all kind of health problems and that too within very short period of time. Most of the homeopathic doctors of Kolkata uses a computer so that they save the information gather from the patient for their future use, as this helps them in serving patients in better way.

All the kids love to visit a homeopathic doctor as they know that these doctors do not give injections and the medicines. The globules which the homeopathy doctors give really taste sweet which children like to have. So, if your kid is suffering from cough and cold or is facing stomach problems take them to a homeopathic doctor. Lactose contain in globules is very less and hence it does not cause any kind of diabetic problems to kids. The way they prescribe medicine it is very easy to remember and they do not give too many medicines. You just need to maintain the timings of the medicine.Each and every kid happily and willing visits a homeopathy doctor and have the medicines on time.

There are many homeopathy doctors in this city so please do not get confused as to whom to select. Read this article you will surely get an idea. This write up is really important to everyone who is wanting to know about the best homeopathy doctors of Kolkata. If needed save this article for your future reference as the details of each doctor is given.

List of the top rated Best Homeopathic Doctors in Kolkata

1. Dr Pratim Banerji

Dr Banerjee has been serving this field for the past 18 years. He has learnt this form of treatment from the British Institute of Homeopathy which is in Canada in 1999. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in medicine from the Hawaii Pacific University which is in the United States of America in the year 2002. He is one of the eminent members of the Society for Enthnopharmacology which is located in Britain. He specialises in kidney stone treatment, cyst treatment, schizophrenia treatment, gynae problems, uterine fibroids, gall bladder (biliary) stone treatment, infertility evaluation, infertility treatment, psychiatric problems, bronchial treatment, asthma treatment, autism spectrum disorders treatment and clinical depression. he is one of the busiest doctors of the city so try to take a prior appointment.

Expected consultation fees:Rs. 900.

Address:104, Aurobindo Sarani (Grey Street),

Beadon Street,


Landmark: Near Hatibagan Crossing (Leather World),

Phone Number: 033 391 08235

2. Dr S. Z. Khan

He has an experience over 36 years in this field and this has helped him to gain huge popularity all over Kolkata and India as well. He is considered as one of the leading homeopathy doctors in this city. He has completed his MD degree in Homeopathy from the Dr Madan Pratap Khuteta Rajasthan Homoeopathic Medical College which is in Jaipur in the year 2001. He wasa professor and the Head of the Department of theMateria Medica National Institute of Homoeopathy Government of India, Kolkata. He is an expert in treating any kind off skin diseases. He also specialises indiabetes management, kidney stone treatment, arthritis management, kidney stone treatment and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). These days young boys and girls suffer a lot from hair fall and dandruff so they can come to Dr Khan’s chamber for consulting.

Expected consultation fees: Rs.500.

Address: The Care and Cure Clinic,

35H/1, Gorachand Road,


Landmark: near Beniapukur Police Station,

Contact: 033 391 05316

(Extension: 726)

3. Sudha Tripathi

Dr Tripathi is practicing homeopathy treatment for the past 16 years and right now she is in Kolkata. She has completed her graduation in the year 2000 from the Bachelors of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery from Foster Development Homeopathic Medical College which is located in Aurangabad. She is one of the members of an eminent association named Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association. These days most of the teenagers suffer from depression, they are stressed with their lives, suffer from obesity so they should take an appointment from Dr Tripathi and consult with her as soon as possible. Dr Tripathi also provides medicines for irregular menstrual problems; hence young girls can go and meet her. Feel free to discuss your problems with this lady doctor. You can contact her for skin related problems, tumour in uterus, leucorrhoea, dysmenorrhea treatment and ovary cysts.

Expected consultation fees: Rs.300.

Address: Indian Homoeo,

53/1/3, Hazra Road,



Landmark: Near Hazra Law College,

Phone Number: 033 391 05314

(Extension: 152)

4. Dr Soumalya Golder

He was a physician of the CHMC and hospital of the medicine department. He is one of the life members of a reputed concern named The Indian Science Congress Association. From the Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, he did BHMS. He is an expert in neck pain treatment, joint pain treatment, premature ejaculation atopic dermatitis treatment, eczema treatment,homoeopathic treatment, herpes infection treatment,lichen planus treatment and rheumatism treatment. If you want speedy recovery you should visit Dr Golder’s chamber.

Expected consultation fees: Rs.400.

Address:  Arogya Homoeo Hall – Unit 2,

75 G, Kar Villa,

A.N. Saha Road,


Landmark: Opposite Adyanath School andbehind Jaya Cinema,

Phone Number: 033 391 07705

5. Archana Agarwal

Dr Agarwal is working in this field for more than 17 years and is in Kolkata right now. In 2001 she has completed her BHMS degree from the Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Dental College and Hospital which is in Pune. She is a specialized doctor in treating erectile dysfunction, chronic liver disease, tonsillitis treatment, skin problems like acne or pimples, kidney stone treatment, chronic pain treatment, gall bladder stone treatment, chest pain treatment or chest related infections and so on. She gives the best medicines to kids suffering from diabetes, insomnia, nutrition related difficulties and many more.

Expected consultation fees: Rs.250.

Address:  Dr Agarwal’s Multispeciality Homeopathic Clinic,

1/75, Neli Nagar,


Landmark: Near Ramlalbazar Auto Stand,

Phone number:033 391 07612

6. Sukanya Das

As of now Dr Das is practising in Basirhat region. She has an experience over 8 years as a homoeopathic physician. In 2010 she completed her BHMS from the Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital. Later in 2013 she did her PG diploma from the University of Calcutta in Rehabilitation Psychology. Then she again achieved a PG diploma degree in Health and Hospital Management from IGNOU in 2016. She is associated with numerous associations like Indian Science Congress Association, Academy of Hospital Administration, Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (West Bengal State Part) and so on. She is a skilled doctor in treating some acute and choric diseases. If anyone is suffering fromgynaecological homeopathy, pediatric homeopathy, neuro disorder, urogenital diseases, arthritis, neuro disorder or skin disorder treatment should visit her. She always tries to provide the best service.

Expected consultation fees: Rs.150

Address:  Shree Maa Homoeopathic Clinic,7A/1A,


Landmark: Beside Albert David Medicine Factory Gate,

Phone Number:033 391 05325

(Extension: 413)

7. Dr Anutosh Chakraborty

he is practicing for more than 21 years and has earned a good name over these years. He has several educational degrees like B.Sc.,BHMS, DBMS, PGDHM and PGDCR.He has specialised in treating erectile dysfunction, gastrointestinal disorders, various skin problems or allergies, neurological problems, sexually transmitted diseases, weight management issues and so on.Newly married couples can visit this doctor if they are facing any kind of sexual problems. Feel free to discuss your issues with the doctor.

Expected consultation fees: Rs.400

Address:  A Clinic of Advanced Pain Solution and Chronic Disease,

15, Sashi Bhushan Banerjee Road,

LIC Market,

Silpara West Kolkata

8. Dr Chhandanika De

Dr De is one of the best homeopathy doctors of Kolkata and is practising for more than 25 years. His patients consider him as the best. Apart for homeopathy he has vast knowledge in gynaecologist, psychotherapy and dermatologist. In 1993 she has passed out of the Institute of Medical Sciences (BPWS) in DHMS. Since she has good knowledge in gynaecologist girls can consult with her if you are facing any kind of problems regarding your periods. For erectile dysfunctions, diet planning, migraine, acne issues, skin care, weight management issues and gastrointestinal disorders. It is always a good idea to visit a homeopathy doctor than an allopathy doctor.

Expected consultation fees: Rs300.

Address: Blessing Polyclinic,

48/2B, B. T. Road,




9. Dr Samir Chandra Das

He is practicing as a consultant Psychiatric Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Radionics Practitioner and Homeopath doctor for nearly 30 years. In 1982 he completed his DMS from the Metropolitan Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital. Dr Das is an expert in treating several problems likemental problems,teenager counselling,sex problems,radionics, hypnotherapy, acupressureand so on. Being a homeopathic doctor, he provides various kind of treatment for cancer patients like their stress management and pain management. Since he is one of the experienced doctors of Kolkata, he serves various kinds of patients.

Expected consultation fees: Rs.500.

Address:  Dr Samir Chandra Das’s Clinic,

Flat Number 401,


Block K2, VIP Enclave III,

VIP Road,


Landmark: Opposite to Big Bazaar

Try to visit a homeopathy doctor once a month and always follow the dates he gives. The medicine charges are included in the consultation fees for most of the doctors practising in Kolkata. Taking homeopath medicines on time is a part of treatment. These doctors have the ability to save a patient from cancer or any other serious sickness. It can happen that a homeopath might give his patient an immediate treatment or recommendation at the very first visit or it might happen that the doctor needs to know more about the patient and might ask the patient to come for another consultation. There can be many ways to treat a patient on a given situation. Most of the homeopaths believe that every person and their symptoms is unique so every patient will have his or her own way to react with on a particular medicine.

Over the year’s homeopathy treatment is being favoured by huge number of people as they know that there are no side effects of the globules provided and secondly the cost of treatment is less expensive than allopathy. If anyone wants to heal themselves quickly then he or she should visit a homeopathy doctor from the list mentioned above. These doctors ensure proper treatment and medication. All a patient and his family members need is patience and faith on the doctor. Benefits of their medicines are way better than any other type of medication. Hence it is high time to choose the best homeopathy doctor and get well soon.


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