List of reasons why candidates take up interior designing course

  1. Creativity: this is one of the industries which is made for creative people. This industry welcomes creative people with open arms. Every project is a blank canvas where the interior decorator is free to do whatever will look good.
  2. Job satisfaction: if someone can join the industry, he or she likes then surely that person will get a job satisfaction. There is literally nothing more satisfying than bringing your creativity into life. Apart from this there is an immense satisfaction when you can see that you have changed a simple space into something splendid.
  3. Flexibility: in these days there is hardly any industry which is as flexible as this particular industry. People associated with this industry says that this is the most accommodating contemporary sector. Some people focus on extensive business complexes and someone else likes palatial residences or change a small room according to your choice.
  4. Work flexibility: though the work is unpredictable but they are free to work from where ever they want to. Interior designers can work from home whenever they want to, hence they have the freedom to dress up according the way they want to. In other words, they do not need to face any kind of burden every morning while commuting to work.

Some of the best colleges in Kolkata are:


1. D. Birla Institute

This private college is affiliated to Jadavpur University. For Interior Designing BSc honours degree is provided to the students and this is the new addition to this institute. This degree course is for 3 years and it is divided into 2 semester per year. An internship training is planned for the students for 6 weeks which is 250 hours and this is compulsory for all the students to attend. This happens during the 6th semester and the students need to clear this paper so that they qualify for the last semester examination. In the first semester there are 4 papers each 100 marks. The papers are Introduction to Architecture and Introduction to Interior Design, Basic Drawings, Design Fundamental and Communication Skills and Personality Development. Second semester is also for 4 papers like Building Materials and Building Construction, Colour and Lighting in Interior Design, Freehand and Measured Drawings and Environmental Science. Third semester has 5 papers and they are: Advanced Building Construction and Working Drawings, Furniture Design and Construction, Residential Space Planning and Design, Computer Aided Drawings -1. There is also a Seminar and a Term Paper. 4th semester consists of Building Services, Accessories Used in Interior Design, Commercial Space Planning and Design, Computer Aided Drawings -2 and Computer Fundamentals. Semester 5 has Interior Design Codes and Presentation Techniques, Design Studio -1, 2 papers from Group A and a Project Work. Coming to the final semester students need to learn Estimating Costing and Specification and Professional Practices, Design Studio -2, 2 papers from Group B and a project work.

Founder: Sushila Devi Birla

Principal: Dr Deepali Singhee

Address: 11, Lower Rawdon St, Rowland Row, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

Call on: 033 24755070

2. INIFD Salt Lake Kolkata – (Fashion Design & Interior Design Course Institute Kolkata)

This institution is for students who want to learn fashion designing and interior designing. INIFD is an award-winning institution and it offers cutting edge, seamless, industry specific and interior design course which is relevant to fashion. This course is running for more than 2 decades. The mission is to prepare the students who are skilled at their work, informed about the industry and have proper educational qualification to become a certified and successful interior designer. In carrying out this particular mission the institute offer design training which is combined with studio courses and the study of design history, theory, the necessary presentation skills and all the resources that will help a student to establish herself or himself in this industry. The specific goals of this interior designing course are to inspire the students to open their creative minds, earn to innovate and this is taught by giving some designing challenges, so that the students can identify them and solve it. Finally, to individualized focus and this is done by the faculty who are eminent professionals in this industry. They come to train each and every student.

Address: DD-7, Salt Lake City Next to ILS Hospital, near City Centre 1, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064

Call on: 033 46004650

3. NSHM Knowledge Campus

This college has 2 branches one is in Kolkata and the other is in Durgapur and it is affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology. Students who take up Interior Designing they get a BSc degree for after their graduation. This subject is taught only in the Kolkata campus. The eligibility criteria for getting this subject are to clear class XII finals. This is a full time 3 years degree course. This course will introduce the candidates to be creative and have technical knowledge of this field. From commercial spaces to residential properties, landscape to furniture, the course will definitely try to cover the fundamentals of all kind of designing through multiple categories, it will also teach the students to be using their aesthetic beauty while creating the project and definitely be environmentally friendly using all kind of contemporary concepts in the ongoing projects. The internship the students need to go through during their final year makes them ready to face the world once the course is ready.

Address: 124 B L Saha Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700053

Call on: 6292145277

4. iLEAD – Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development

This institution offers 3 years UGC recognised BSC in Interior designing course under the MAKAUT. At present at iLEAD there are 5 teachers who are really helpful and helps the students a lot. These teachers are approachable and help the students at every moment in their professional field even after the course gets completed. They are associated in this field for years and have earned a good name in this field. Candidates need to pay Rs 175000 at the time of enrolment and then Rs 50000 every semester hence they need to pay a grand total of Rs 475000. If any student decides to cease the course during the academic year then there will be no refund. The syllabus covers all the topics needed for a candidate to be successful in their professional life, starting from the history to construction materials, technology and techniques used, colours, spaces, lights, environment and many more. The teachers also help in developing their portfolio. During the last semester students needs to submit a dissertation paper of 3000 words on Sustainable and Ethical Studies.

Address: 113 J Matheswartola Road, Near Axis Bank, Off Park Regency Hotel, Topsia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046

Call on: 9163122222

5. Anima Institute of Fashion

Within a very short time this institution has been able to create students to face the highly competitive interior designing world. This success is given to their specially designed computer course. These courses are very closely monitored and is scientifically prepared keeping in mind the demand of the industry. Anima tailor made the future of their students. Facilities given to the students by this institution are Wi-Fi, library, sports field, transportation, hostels, healthcare, cafeteria, computer lab, AC classrooms. Job interviews are arranged once the course comes to an end. Through this every student make through the company they like. The teachers prepare the students thoroughly for job interviews. This institution appoints teachers who are associated in the field for ages and knows how to prepare the students for the professional world. This is a competitive market but the students of Anima get themselves ready before the course comes to an end. The non-teaching staffs also helps the students from time to time.

Address: BE 97, Sector 1, (Kwality Bus Stop), Elgin: 1, Shambhunath Pandit, Kolkata. West Bengal 700020

Call on: 033 2231485

6. Behala Government Polytechnic

The interior decoration course offered here is a diploma degree and it is for 3 years. They have 60 seats only and the competition is quite high. Total fees which the parents need to pay are Rs 2.19 K. This is a co-educational college. It can be said that this is a new college which the city has to offer to its students but this college is doing really good in academics. Students of Behala Government Polytechnic college is very serious and do get good marks. In fact, this department is growing since its inception. Students are provided with necessary gadgets they might need during the class hours. Lot of books are there in the departmental library which students can use for their reference work.

Address: 756 Upendra Nath Banerjee Road, Parnasree, Behala, KMC Ward No.: 132, Kolkata, West Bengal 700060

7. Educadd

The headquarters of Educadd is in Bangalore and for the past two decades they are associated in this educational field. They have more than 50 location throughout the country. They also have their branches out of India. This institution is opened for all the 7 days in the week and the official working hours start from 9:30 AM to 6:30 AM. Courses offered here are Civil, Architectural and Interior CAD CAM. For the Interior designing course there are 2 programs one is Master Diploma which is for a year and there is a Diploma course which is for 6 months. The professors provide only updated course material to their students and in this way, they stand out in the crowd. students are trained on latest version of software program. If you are planning to join this course in this institute then make time and visit their official website. You will get to see the design that are made by the students. People will be surprised by their work. In all the courses students are taught about the latest technology and technique so that they do not face any kind of problem once they start their professional career.

Address: 6 Acre Road, near Kala Mandir, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

Call on: 9073282002

8. Exterior Interior Ltd

The institution vision is to give importance on ‘Excellence in Teaching’ through there practical applications and also to integrate the current technology. This institution present in Kolkata is globally renowned with more than 23000 ex-students. It has a track record of 100% placement in this industry every year.the interior designing course is divided into various academic degrees and the candidates are free to choose which ever they want to. The BSc in Interior designing course is for 3 years and is divided into 6 semesters. There is also ‘Technician in Interior Decoration’ course which is for 6 months and there are 12 classes held each month. Diploma in professional interior designing which is for a year. There is also a Master diploma course available for the candidates and the duration is for 2 months. students are really happy about the job placement which is arranged by the institution for their students. The officials see that each and every student get a job before they complete their final examination.

Address: Abhishek Point Building 5th and the 6th Floor, 152, S P Mukherjee Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026

Call on: 9836158666 or 8335835454

Students who take up interior designing as their subjects and get an educational degree they will surely flourish in life. They can be an entrepreneur, have their furniture designing studios, work in event management companies, have lot of public sector and private sector establishments, work for any film and theatre production houses, designing studios or be an exhibition organiser, design hotels, resorts, health clinics, do work as town and city planning bureaus, obviously be renowned builders, have their own architectural firms and many more. Career option is innumerable.

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