9 BEST LAWYERS IN KOLKATA Near Me { West Bengal }


Sometimes we do not understand whether to hire a lawyer or not, situations become really trick at this point. Yes, service provided by lawyers are costly but it is not possible for a layman to struggle with the court’s deadline or protocol for filling a case. Any incorrect filing or a late day will derail the case forever. There is nothing to worry about, this article will tell you about the best lawyers working in the City of Joy.


Here is the list of some lawyers and law firms working in Kolkata who are reliable and knows Indian laws very well.

1. Raja Satyajit Banerjee Advocate

When it comes to educational degree, he is a BBA, LL. B, MA in Criminology and Police Science and finally he did LLM. He is an advocate at the high court of Kolkata and also practices at the Supreme Court of India. He is also the chairman of the Legal Reform Committee and Honorary Advisor of the Bengal Legal Aid Foundation. Some of the prestigious association he is an active member like the ICADR (International Centre for Criminology and Victimology), SASCV (South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology), AIMA (All India Management Association), CMA (Calcutta Management Association), ISC (Indian Society of Criminology)and IHS (Institute of Historical Studies). There is an association by the Government of India names Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (HLS, Pub. Div.) he attends all its meetings and conferences as one of the members. In his busy schedule he tries to teach law students as well as in he is the Visiting Faculty at the Law and Management Colleges and Institutes. Previously he was associated with the Newspaper Association of India, Press Club of India and All India Human Rights Association.

Address: Old Post Office St, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

2. Ashis Kumar Chowdhury advocate

He is practising in the Calcutta high court since June 1999. He has his own firm named ‘Chowdhury and Associates Advocates’. Advocate Chowdhury is very famous in West Bengal, every alternate day people get to see him in reputed news channels and in Bengali newspapers. This is one of the best and reputed legal firm in Kolkata which works with many advocates. These advocates are committed to provide any kind of legal service to private parties, corporate houses and different entities. They also provide service to drafting of the case, then documenting it, researching on it, providing the legal advice, handling the cases in the court, arguing before the forums and so on. The advocates working in this firm makes sure that they pay attention to each and every case and finally achieving a positive result. They deal with all kind of commercial and corporate cases. Drafting various kind of banking documents like overdraft agreements, lease deeds, loan agreement and many more banking and finance related work are done by them as well.

Address:5th floor, 6, Old Post Office St, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

Call on: 033 22422207

3. Advocate ShirshenduHazra

Any kind of cases be it matrimonial affairs, divorce law, family law, criminal law and legal law he fights for justice. For criminal matter he has a professional team who deals it in every court. He specialises in appeal matters, criminal revision, banking fraud matters, immoral trafficking matters, violence against any girl or women matters, domestic violence, family dispute matters and bail matters. The same team deals with different civil matters as well like civil revision, title suit matters, probate and LOA, succession matters, maintenance and custody matters, divorce matters, property dispute matters and civil revision. For company related cases Adv Hazra and his team is the best, they deal with different kind of dispute matters like arbitration or any other company tribunal matters. He and his team of lawyers offers all kind of legal services, they work together as professionals and ethically. Their charges are nominal which can be afforded by many people. Their motto is to give all their clients the best remedy of their problem.

Address:45, P C Ghosh Rd, Block A, Pallisree, Sreepally, Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700048

Call on: 9038326412

4. Advocate Shilpi Das

This lady is working with the AK Legal Advisors as an expert in divorce cases, civil cases and criminal cases. All her clients are pleased with her service. She smoothly handles all cases and sort it out in no time. This lady is well read and informs her move to her clients. The best part working with her is she provides hassle free resolution to all the cases she takes up. Married women really feel free to go and share her problems with her as because she understands everyone’s emotional battle very well. She keeps fighting in right manner for seeking justice. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer, they contact her as soon as possible she is there to help you come out of it.

Address: 91/B, Baburam Ghosh Rd, Ashok Nagar, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700040

Call on: 9874371127

5. Victor Moses and Co

This was established in the year 1930 (long time before India got its independence) by one of the last British Solicitors of India names Late Victor E Moses. The partnership keeps on reconstituted since that time. Advocates present here practices in areas like intellectual property rights, commercial drafting, testamentary and intestate succession, tax laws, consumer protection, real estate, customs and excise, criminal cases, corporate legal services, admiralty, shipping and maritime laws, banking, insurance, finance, civil and corporate litigation. It can be said that the cases these people take up is not fought by many advocates in the city. Since they are into this field for more than 89 years, they are royal and, in these years, they have given only their best. In Kolkata this firm is one of the first firms which started practicing Admiralty Firms in the Calcutta High Court. They are specialised in directing all kind of legal proceedings for release of any marine vessels, holding and detention of marine containers, demurrage, damages, conditions of delivery of cargo, disputes applying to in Charter Parties, interpretation of maritime conventions, enforcement of maritime claims, exercise of maritime lien, attachment of the bunkers and many more problems. The lawyers practising in this firm continuously keeps on advising its clients whether in India or in any other country on interpreting the Charter Party provisions, the Bill of Lading disputes, local agent’s obligation towards all the inbound vessels and Import and Export procedures.

Address: Temple Chambers, Ground Floor, 6, Old Post Office Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

Call on: 033 22481296

6. S Dutt and Co

This firm was established in the year 1936. This firm is considered as one of the best and renowned law firm working in Kolkata. In these years they have experience lot of legal domain of different clients from diverse forums. Though they are established in the City of Joy but they have huge network of Lawyers and counsels to support all the clients in different parts of the country. The strength of the lawyers of this firm lies in their different experience in all kind of legal matters. They work throughout they day and everyday in a year. Still their areas of specialisation lie in writ matters, will and probate cases, registration, real estate and land laws, matrimonial law, intellectual property law, insurance matters, general counsel, drafting of agreements which includes international agreements and contracts, documentation, divorce law, criminal matters, corporate law, conveyancing, civil and corporate matters, cheque bouncing cases, banking laws, bail matters, arbitration matters and anti-dumping. The way they counsel each and every client that people will think that he or she is their only client.

Address: 8, Old Post Office Street (2nd Floor), Kolkata, West Bengal, 700001

Landmark: opposite to the high court gate of Calcutta No. F which is beside the United Bank of India, High Court Branch

Call on: 9836021438 or 9748029995

7. Advocate Aniket Agarwal

He is associated in this profession since the year 1991. He is the Partner in Corporate and Commercial practise group of ‘Khaitan& Co.’. For Khaitan and Co he does all kind of joint ventures, strategic or supply alliances, commercial litigations, licensing arrangement, any kind of complex contractual collaboration and product management with development. His areas of specialisation are debt restructuring, restructuring and capital, defects, acquisitions, mergers and corporate restructuring. Since he is working for 3 decades, he has gained lot of experiences and now he provides the best solution to his clients. He advises on all leading companies and all financial institutions on different range of all complex corporate matters and different kind of business issues. He also has his own team who are quick in their action and deliver only exceptional service.

Address: 1B, Emerald House, Old Post Office Street, BBD Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

Call on: 033 22487000

8. Advocate Soumya Banerjee

He is a proficient at matters like real estate, infrastructure law and corporate matters. He is working in this field from 2006 and has taken part in many transactions which are quite noteworthy and also has represented in many sectors be it within the country of out of country. Advocate Banerjee has dealt with many documentations works which was undertaken by the nearby development authorities for different kind of infrastructure assignments. He provides service in Bengali, Hindi and English. His areas of specialisation lie in allied legal services, transaction advisory, different projects agreements like (distributorship, advertising, tea auction, hotel management, joint venture, investment, shareholders and purchase), mergers and acquisitions, infrastructure, commercial contracts, government contracts and advisory. Anyone can call on the phone numbers given below to know when he is available for consultation.

Address:8th Floor, 9, Old Post Office St, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

Call on: 033 4065525 or 033 2262829

9. Ace Legal

This is a law firm serving all kinds of cases in court. It is based in the City of Joy. They do have their presence in Pan India catering corporate clients and individuals for consultation, litigation any kind of dispute in resolutions from the courtroom battles. The lawyers associated here maintain transparency in their work and they do not keep their client in dark for anything. The associates and the experts are available for the clients 365 days and 24 hours in a day. They also provide a facility to people to send any kind of queries related to cases or laws and their team will reply within 2 to 3 working days. since the time they are working they have received many awards and recognitions.

Address:22/1/A, 2nd Floor, Block J, Sahapur, New Alipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700053

Call on: 9062412450

9 good reasons to hire these lawyers are as follows: –

  • Indian law is really complicated
  • Not hiring any lawyer costs much more at the end of the day
  • These lawyers know how and when to challenge any evidences
  • Filing the document in a wrong manner or going ahead following the wrong procedure might ruin the case
  • They are experts who will be in your side
  • These lawyers can present a simple case in strong manner
  • As a layman it is better to avoid problems than to fix them when it is too late
  • All lawyers know how and when to negotiate with the settlements or the plea bargains
  • These lawyers or the law firms at times provide free consultation.

For any matter if you have decided to go to the court then please do hire a lawyer. Do not try to do anything on your own. Most of us do not know half of the rules and regulations hence we might go wrong and this will lead to loss in money, time and energy. The lawyers mentioned in the list above are experienced and they are highly professionals. They do not waste anyone’s time nor their own time. their service should not be considered as an extravagance service but a necessity.


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