10 BEST NUMEROLOGIST IN KOLKATA near me for the best Result


A numerologist is a person who has studied the implication of numbers on a man’s life to predict the future and also to interpret the past circumstances and events. Numerology is a part of astrology since the beginning. These two branches are inseparable as in it goes hand by hand. The study of numbers and their interaction and combination plays an important role in everyone’s life. Since our lives revolves around numbers as in bank account number, insurance policy number, mobile phone number, passport number and many more such things so numerology has played an important role in our lives. Numerology works faster than any stones and it does not need the time or place of birth.


Numerology as a subject is becoming popular day by day and many people are joining institutions to learn it. Some novices are also reading books and internet to know more about it. Many people discuss with numerologists regarding which number combination will bring them good luck. Kolkata is blessed to have numerologists who have clients all over the world. Here is a list of numerologists working in the city, kindly visit their chambers and bring the positive change in your lives.


1. Dr Rajnee Garg

this lady is considered as the best numerologist present in Kolkata. She is also a certified Spiritual Healer and a Tarot Card Reader. She has specialised in Black Magic Removal, DNA Healing, Past Life Regression, Space Cleaning, Mind Power Techniques, Angel Healing, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, Pyramid Vaastu, Hypnotherapyand so on, actually she has does 25 types of healing on her clients according to their needs. Over the years she has acquired great knowledge in these fields. Her dedication and intention to help people have helped her to get lot of clients including some big names from the modelling industry and Bengali film industry. For marriage, education, job, name correction, career, health anyone can take the help of numerology from her. From her 11 years of work experience she has more than 3100 satisfied clients, 3000 success stories. ‘Women Achiever of India’ is one of the prestigious awards which has been won by her to make a milestone in her career. Every week she has her own show on Taaza TV on where she discusses a lot on Numerology which is a great help to the viewers. The anecdotes she shares helps the viewers.

Address: Soulvio,” FLEXIBIZ “, Saltee Plaza, 1 Khudiram Bose Sarani (Mall Road), Near ILS Hospital, 6th Floor R N 607 Near Nager Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700080

Call on: 8335837666 or 9152165875

2. Dr Surendra Kapoor

he is a 65 years man healing people for years. He is an expert in numerology and astrology. He also does dream interpretation, naming names, aura reading, vastu shastra and vedic jyotish. All India Federation of Astrologer’s Society of New Delhi, The Institution of Vastu Science, International Vastu Association of Jodhpur and Astrological Research Project of Kolkata he is an active member of this association. In the year 1997 he had written a book names Vastu which was the best seller. Later again he wrote Vastu Sar in 2003 and Namkaran Namchayan in Bengali in the same year. Not only in India he has clients all over the world. Most of the times he needs to travel abroad for attending various seminars. He has clients all over the world. In his vast career he has earned a good named by helping lot of people.

Address: R/AA37, VIP Rd, Tegharia, Baguiati, Kolkata, West Bengal 700059

Call on: 983002909

3. Dr (Prof) Piyhalli Roy Gupta

for this lady numerology is a passion so she started doing lot of research on this topic and this led her get her doctorate degree in numerology. After excelling in this field, she further started studying feng shui, tarot card, vastu and palmistry. Graphologist is something she is interested at so she helps people by analysis their handwriting. The counselling sessions she provides has helped lot of people to get rid of different blockages like any kind of fear, guilt feeling, anxiety, stress and so on. This lady has written the book ‘Magical Power of Numbers’ for the beginners guide to the world of numerology. It says about how numbers impact on human life. It is written in simple English language so that everyone can understand and it can serve all people of different age group. This book does not specifically mean for specific religion, class or financial condition of people. Some of the awards Dr Piyhalli Roy Gupta has won are West Bengal Women Leadership Award 2018, 6th World Women Leadership Award, Royal Excellence Award 2019, Times Leading Numerologist Award 2020 and so on.

Address:  A/3/1, Ramkrishna Upanibesh, Sulekha, Kolkata, West Bengal 700092

Call on: 9903223629

4. Dr Abhaey A Kripalani

he is also known as Abhhey Kripallani. He is a renowned numerologist, graphology, Vaastu and palmist consultant. It is said that he had gave birth to Numerologic in the early 1999 and he himself changed his named from Ajay Kripalani to Abhey Kripallani for making his life better. By now he has experience for more than 2 decades and he has 3 offices throughout the world. The services he offers to people are in astrology, graphology, Vaastu and of course numerology so that people live happily with the things he or she wants.

Call on: 9830888888 or 9831028888

5. Mrs Aditi Mukherji

she is also considered as the best numerologist of Kolkata because she has helped to change live of many people. For more than a decade she is associated in this field and has helped lot of people to overcome their weaknesses, fear and find their strengths and talents. She is well qualified in this field and make the accurate prediction. As a professional numerologist she has earned a good named all around the city and have achieved a milestone in this field. Still, she keeps on healing people by giving them love and light. Though she has huge clients and is practising for more than 10 years still she keeps on reading about the subject so that she can serve her clients properly.

Call on: 9830021070

6. Aditi Chawla

Aditi was a student of science. Services this beautiful lady offers are numerology, tarot card reading, business consult, matrimonial consult, face reading and financial consult. For face reading when the client enters her room for consultation she starts observing and analysing the client. She has clients who deals with lot of complicated cases, she has given them remedies that is a mixture of scientific and spiritual beliefs. ‘ADC Blessings’ is designed by her to help common people overcome daily life challenges. According to her and her predictions numerology helps everyone to achieve peace of mind, success in life and brings harmony. She does help clients through telephone also as in she does the reading over the phone. Not only in Kolkata she has huge clientele in Agra and Delhi.

Call on: 894189933

Time: Monday to Friday 10 AM to 7 PM

7. Aditya Shastri

this man is serving the nation for more than 25 years, workings every day, provides remedial solutions and the privacy is maintained with him. Services he provides are numerology, horoscope reading, vastu, tantra, palmistry and astrology. Places he visits for consultation are Barrackpore, Dankuni, Howrah Maidan, Asansol, Durgapur, Burdwan, Krishnanagar, Baharampur, Siliguri, Dhanbad, Malda, Agartala and Guwahati.As one of the best numerologists it has made him feel that common people need a place and guidance so that they can live a better life. His prediction has helped many people to come out of darkness. He has spent many years learning and studying this scientific art and now a bit change which he does on his clients’ lives bring in a positive change. All his clients have faith in him and they believe that their life is in safe hands. Few subjects like some ancient Indian treatises, tantras, gemstone, palmistry, vastu, numerology, astrology and astronomy he keeps reading a lot and continues his research on it.

Address: Mahakash Chambers, 35/A, Hazra Rd, Kolkata

Landmark: Opposite to the Hara State Bank of India

Call on: 8420777352 or 9836577352

8. Shri Mithun

Associated with this field from the year 2008 and is a certified numerologist. He is a trust worthy man who takes his profession very seriously. He has a heart to help people. He got his certificates from the Faulty of Astrological Studies of United Kingdom, International Society for Astrological Research of United States of America and Astrology American Federation is Astrologers which is also in the USA. Other than numerological prediction he offers reading for palmistry, horoscope and vastu. He has clients from Jamshedpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Pune, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Since he is not always available in Kolkata it is a suggestion to make a prior appointment. Once you visit his chamber for consultation be very sure that better days are not far away.

Address:338 Ganguly Bagan, Top Floor, near Shri Guru Sangha, Naktala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700047

Call on: 7044130054

Time: Monday to Sunday from 11 AM to 10 PM only by appointment

9. Dr Sohini Sastri

For numerology she has a huge client base within India and 99.99% of them are satisfied and they keep referring her to their friends and family members. For her honesty she has earned the trust from all the clients who used to come to her in the moment of crisis. Her numerological solutions have given only optimistic result. She is a busy lady but she gives enough time to each and every client and the best part is she treats everyone equally. If you have time then visit her official website where she has given lot of tips on numerology. It is written in easy language and any one can understand, just a bit of calculation needs to be done which is also easy. Over these years she has earned lot of prizes from various Bollywood actors and actresses. According to Dr Sohini numerology is not a rocket science and everyone will understand and will surely follow. She holds membership in various astrological associations of various international and national groups. She is someone who believes in karma and works accordingly. Services she provides are colour therapy, daily prediction, vedic astrology, palmistry, and tantra.

Address:152, S P Mukherjee Road, 3rd Floor, Abhishek Point, Above Federal Bank, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026

Call on: 9163532538

10. Shri Indraraj Priyam

This man is an Astro Researcher and is one of best numerologist who is practicing for more than 15 years. With the help of numerology, he suggests mobile phone numbers, bank account numbers and so on. He even helps in naming a child, shop, business office, farm with numerology. He has 3 chambers in Kolkata and also visits Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore for providing services. Though he uses the latest technology to predict the future but the power lies within the numbers which he knows to read very well. In 2019- 20 he got the award as the best astrologer of India. He has the power to remove any kind of blockage from an ordinary man’s life and this he does with the help of precious gem stones and different rituals. He completed his Master Degree in traditional Astrology. He also has done Masters in Krishnamurti Padhyati from one of the renowned institutions named the Institute of Krishnamurti Stellar Astrology and Vedic Culture.

Address: Dum Dum Chamber
2H/1A, Kalicharan Ghosh Rd, More, Near Bombay Dyeing, Sinthi, Kolkata, West Bengal 700050

Call on: 8697682531 or 9831399009

Numerology is subject which is not new to the people of Kolkata, some people visit their numerologist at the drop of their hats. It is seen that little bit change in any number or spelling of the name a person’s life has changed completely. The numerologists whose names are mentioned in this article has helped lot of people. They are really honest with their profession and is not sitting in the chamber to fool people.


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