Best nutritionist in Kolkata Near Me who can guide you the best

The best nutritionist in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal

A nutritionist, dietitian-nutritionist, neurologist, dietitian, or diabetologist is someone who advises others on topics of meals and vitamins and their effects on fitness. Some human beings specialize specifically in areas, including sports activities, vitamins, public fitness, or animal vitamins, amongst different disciplines. In many countries, someone can declare to be a nutritionist even with no education, training, or expert license, in comparison to a dietitian, who has a college diploma, expert license, and certification for expert exercise.

Best nutritionist in Kolkata who can guide you the best

Degrees Needed for Nutritionists

Typically, anybody who completes a diploma in vitamins can discuss with themselves as a nutritionist. This will be various degrees of training: a bachelor’s diploma in vitamins, a master’s in vitamins, or a Master’s of Public Health with awareness in vitamins. The range of years of training and education wanted will rely on what credential you pick to obtain, inclusive of licensed vitamins professional (CNS) or licensed/medical nutritionist (CN).

For example, licensed vitamins professional (CNS) is a certification regulated with the aid of using the Board of Certification for Nutrition Specialists (BCNS). Eligibility to be licensed vitamins professional consists of:

Master of Science or doctoral diploma in vitamins or an associated discipline

35 hours of applicable coursework associated with the exercise of customized vitamins

1,000 hours of supervised exercise enjoy

Five BCBS customized vitamins case examine reports

What Does a Nutritionist Do?

Nutritionists commonly paint with people or populations to educate them about extra approximately standard vitamins, meals, and fitness. Their consciousness is on meal behaviour. This consists of running with people to plan and put into effect meal plans that enhance the individual’s or family’s vitamins.

Nutritionists may fit in:

  • Clinical settings are inclusive of hospitals, nursing homes, long-time period care centers, and clinics.
  • Government positions, inclusive of neighborhood fitness departments.
  • School districts, to increase public coverage concerning faculty vitamins requirements and labeling.
  • Private centers, in which they could paint independently and with different clinical professionals.

Research settings or with game agencies.


Nutritionists are restricted in what they could do in lots of states. For example, due to the fact nutritionists do now no longer always have a certification, license, or medical enjoyment, they won’t be allowed to carry out unique vitamins counseling or diagnose and deal with clinical situations. Many states and coverage companies locate obstacles to unique vitamin counseling. Some states permit nutritionists to carry out vitamins counseling, however, they can not be looking for repayment from coverage.

Although many human beings need to devour healthily and take their existence to the proper flip closer to fitness and wellbeing, they regularly don’t recognize where to begin. To maintain your self wholesome and inspire different human beings to evolve to a wholesome consuming dependency, one desires to get the right professional advice. There are lots of deceptive facts on food regimens and vitamins anywhere that may damage your fitness in preference to enhancing it. So, it’s time to move for an expert’s opinion earlier than your ordinary consuming behavior. If you’re in Kolkata, seek advice from those nutritionists and dieticians to manual you for a more fit way of life. Let’s have a glance at pleasant nutritionists in Kolkata.

1. Swapan Banerjee

Swapan Banerjee S Diet-Fitness is a food regimen cum vitamins consultancy to provide wholesome food regimen plans and different health pointers to human beings laid low with numerous fitness troubles. He is in the world over reputed, FAO, CPD Global & FSSAI licensed pleasant dietitian in Kolkata who affords particular custom-designed food regimen plans simply to suit your way of life and fitness troubles exclusively.

Swapan Bannerjee, MSc – Dietetics, Ph.D. – Food Science and Nutrition

Address: Dr.Swapan Banerjee, No-three, Milan Pally, Deshapriya Nagar, Colony Bazar, Gopal Bhaduri Library, Belghoria, Kolkata, West Bengal 700056, India

Contact: +91-5226666666

Timing: MON-SUN ( 09:30 AM – 01:00 PM )

Work Experience: 22 Years of experience

2. Sanchari Majumder

Sanchari Majumder believes in case you need something you’ve by no means had, you have to be inclined to do something you’ve by no means accomplished. “Investing in one’s fitness is the pleasant choice anybody can take ”, in keeping with Sanchari Majumder. As a Diet Coach, is obsessed with human beings’ information about the significance of food regimen & vitamins of their health journey.

Dt.Sanchari Majumder: M.Sc- Dietetics/Nutrition, B.Sc – Dietetics/Nutrition, Dietitian/Nutritionist

Address: Nutricare D/32 No-1, D.B Nagar, Block-D, Sodepur, Near Sodepur Chandrachur Girls School, Kolkata

Contact:  NA

Timing: MON-SUN( 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM)

Work Experience: nine Years of experience

3. Dipika Singh

If you’re finding it tough to regulate wholesome meals together along with your nerve-racking schedule, then Dipika is the only one to seek advice from. Dipika believes that nature’s energy is the ultimate pressure in recovery fitness obviously and he or she attempts to contain the identical withinside the plan she is able to offer you. She attempts to keep away from the dreadful food regimen plans, useless physical games and customize the plans as consistent with your requirement.

Dipika Singh, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education, Dietitian/Nutritionist

Address: 185, Sarat bose road, Landmark: Near deshapriya park

Contact: 033 4083 7639

Timing: MON-SUN ( 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM )

Work Experience: three years experience overall

4. Susama Ghosh Debnath

Susama is a Professional Nutritionist, practicing with one of a kind counseling for the remaining nine years. She has received a Masters’s Degree in Dietetics & Nutrition Management. Being an expert, Susama publications her sufferers and customers through extremely good food regimen counseling talent and motivates them to gain a more fit meals dependency in addition to a more fit way of life too. Susama specializes in Nutrition Management of non-communicable and/or Lifestyle orientated disorders/ailments. Apart from those, she engages her pleasant time in addressing the crowd concerning wholesome meals and behavior specifically ailment and way of life orientated scenario. So, professionally Susama is orientated to motivating & guiding human beings closer to a more fit existence. She nicely enjoys her career as She likes to assist and manual others who’re attaining out to Her to discover a manner to a higher and more healthy existence.

Dr. Susama Ghosh Debnath, MSc.NUTRITION

Address: Apollo Clinic, 66, 92, Barasat – Barrackpore Road, close to wi-fi gate, Mohan Pur, Barrackpore, West Bengal 700122, India

Contact: +91-3325949595

Timing: TUE, THU ( 07:00 PM-08:00 PM )

Work Experience: eight Years of experience

5. Anubha Khandelwal

Ms. Anubha Khandelwal is a food regimen & vitamins professional, fitness & wellbeing counselor. Her in-intensity know-how & professional vitamins have helped many with various fitness & clinical history. She has a radical idea of controlling clinical situations with the right food regimen.

Her philosophy is adapting & incorporating a wholesome way of life. She prescribes food regimen plans custom designed in keeping with your meals preferences, clinical condition, frame type, taste & dietary requirements. She additionally affords alternatives for wholesome meals to satiate your cravings & clean to prepare dinner nutritious recipes.

You get a month-to-month healthy eating plan with bi-weekly critiques & the food regimen may be tweaked in case you are traveling/consuming out. Constant tracking is to be had thru Phone, WhatsApp & Email.

Ms. Anubha Khandelwal, BSc. – Home Science, MSc – Food Science and Nutrition

Address: NutriGo Diet Clinic, CD 49, CD Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064, India

Contact: +91-9830952826

Timing: MON-SAT ( 02:00 PM – 06:00 PM )

Work Experience: 19 Years+ of experience

6. Manaswita Roy

Dr. Manaswita Roy (PT) is a Neuro Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist, and Orthopedic Physiotherapist in Lake Temple Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata, and has an enjoy of eight years in those fields and has acquired massive reputation and proclaim from her peer institution for her achievement in those fields. Dr. Manaswita Roy (PT) is the proprietor of Thera-World Clinic in Tollygunge, Kolkata. She finished her BPTh/BPT from The West Bengal University of Health Sciences (WBUHS), Kolkata in 2009 and MPTh/MPT in Neurology from Nopany Institute of Healthcare Studies in 2017. She has accomplished more than one certification course naming some is in Needle Therapy for remedies and is licensed with the aid of using the Indian Association of Physiotherapists and additionally has accomplished an Orthopedic Manual Therapy route from Capri Institute.

She has been a superb pupil whilst she pursued her teachers and he or she has received many medals and reputation for the identical. She has been a pleasant outgoing pupil in her BPT and MPT.

She is a member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists and MIAP. Some of the offerings furnished with the aid of using the therapist are Orthopedic bodily therapy, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s ailment, orthosis, and Special Educator, etc.

Her 8 years of enjoyment have been in numerous clinics and hospitals. She has discovered all of the new strategies and contemporary-day maximum system utilization from the discovered withinside the enterprise and now has begun out her very own hospital to attain out to sufferers at want with pleasant offerings.

Dr. Manaswita Roy (Physiotherapist) practices at Thera-World Clinic – Tollygunge. The health practitioner additionally affords online video sessions through Practo.

You can take Dr. Manaswita Roy (Physiotherapist)’s appointment online thru Practo for in-hospital go to or for a video session with the health practitioner.

Patients regularly go to Dr. Manaswita Roy (Physiotherapist) for Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Orthopedic bodily therapy, Neurological Physiotherapy. To see extra motives go to the health practitioner’s profile on Practo.

Dr. Manaswita Roy (Physiotherapist) has been endorsed with the aid of 25 sufferers and has acquired memories from 20 sufferers. You can examine particular critiques of the health practitioner on Practo.

Dr. Manaswita Roy (Physiotherapist) has the subsequent qualifications – BPTh/BPT, MPTh/MPT, Certificate In Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (COMT), Certificate Course in Dry Needling, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education. You can e-book the health practitioner through the health practitioner’s profile on Practo.

Dr. Manaswita Roy, BPTh/BPT, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education

Address: THERA-WORLD, 40a, Lake Temple Rd, Lake Range, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700045, India

Contact: +91-3346005682

Timing: MON-SAT ( 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM )

Work Experience: 12 Years of experience

7. Yogita Mandhyan

“NO HOME VISITS DONE FROM MY CLINIC FOR ANY KIND OF THERAPY” Dr. Yogitaa Mandhyaan is a Physiotherapist in Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata, and has enjoyed 15 years in this discipline. Dr. Yogitaa Mandhyaan practices at Shape and Strength Clinic in Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata. She finished BPTh/BPT from VSPM College of Physiotherapy, Nagpur in 2004 and is likewise a weight control professional from ACSM(American university of sports activities medicine). She is a member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists and the West Bengal Association of Physiotherapists. She is likewise a licensed Dry needling therapist, kinesiology taping professional, dry cupping therapist, and Certified Art of Manipulation therapist(CAMT). Dr. Mandhyaan is a Nutritionist who specializes in weight control, keto diets, and intermittent fasting diets.

Dr. Yogitaa Mandhyaan, BPTh/BPT, DNHE

Address: Shape and Strength, 16C, Bipin Pal Road, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026, India

Contact: +91-9674004799

Timing: MON-SAT ( 11:00 AM – 07:00 PM )

Work Experience: 17 Years+ of experience

8. Aparajita Saha

Mrs. Aparajita Saha is one of the pioneering dietitians or nutritionists withinside the metropolis of Joy Kolkata. She has been rendering relentless offerings on this discipline considering the fact that 1978. A gift, she is the Joint Secretary of the Indian Dietetic Association, HeadQuarter. With her specific provider and selfless attitude, these days she is one of the maximum not unusual place acknowledged names within the discipline of Dietetics and Nutrition.

Ms. Aparajita Saha practices at NutriDiet Dietician’s Clinic – Tollygunge.

Patients regularly go to Ms. Aparajita Saha for Diet Therapy, Weight Loss Diet Counseling, Slimming. To see extra motives go to the health practitioner’s profile on Practo.

Ms. Aparajita Saha has been endorsed with the aid of 245 sufferers and has acquired memories from eighty-four sufferers. You can examine particular critiques of the health practitioner on Practo. She has the subsequent qualifications – BSc – Dietetics / Nutrition, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition. She specializes as Dietitian/Nutritionist, Obesity Specialist, Sports Nutritionist.

Mrs. Aparajita Saha, BSc – Dietetics

Address: Nutri Diet Kolkata, 1st floor, 34A, Charu Chandra Pl E, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700033, India

Contact: NA

Timing: MON-SAT ( 11:30 – 06:30 PM )

Work Experience: 43 Years of experience

9. Ananya Bhowmik Mitra

Ms. Ananya Bhowmik Mitra is a famous call withinside the discipline of clinical studies as additionally as an Eminent Nutritionist with the enjoys of running at each excessive strata of the social ladder. Currently, a Ph.D. fellow and studies officer withinside the prestigious Pediatric middle of excellence in clinical university Kolkata, Ms. Bhowmik has been serving sufferers for around a duration of ten years now. Having almost 5 International and National guides to her call, Ms. Bhowmik is one of the maxima informed Nutritionists withinside the discipline of Nutrition. Patients from extraordinary arrays of medication specifically Diabetics, Chronic Kidney Disease Patients, Gastrointestinal Disturbances, Metabolic Syndrome sufferers have had Immense gain from her session. One of the maximum applicable and eminent sides of her Nutritional excellence is her almost unmatchable excellence in Weight Loss and Weight Gain Regimes. Her remedy modalities and rational session and method bear testimony to her intensity of know-how and ardor for her situation in conjunction with gratitude and appreciation for her sufferers.

Ananya Bhowmik Mitra, Ph.D. – Clinical Nutrition, MSc – Food and Applied Nutrition

Address: Dr. Suman Mitra, B-287, Lake Gardens, Kolkata, West Bengal 700045, India

Contact: +91-9830544071

Timing: MON-SAT ( 07:00 PM – 08:00 PM )

Work Experience: 10 Years+ of experience

10. Reshmi Roy Chowdhury

Dr. Reshmi Roy Chowdhury is a dietician and nutritionist in Kolkata who has received the popularity of being one of every of pleasant dietitians withinside us. In spite of her busy schedule, Dr. Reshmi wears many hats – she is a dietician, a nutritionist, a researcher, and a columnist. She has additionally begun out a web store, Eat @ health walk, of which she is the Founder and Director.

Dr. Reshmi, who holds a Master’s Diploma in Food & Nutrition from one of the pleasant establishments within u. s. has been withinside the discipline considering the fact that 1992.  Her know-how withinside the discipline of dietetics and vitamins, spanning extra than 25 years, has helped many extra than five,00,000 human beings.

Reshmi’s diffused and hit techniques had been capable of efficaciously addressing way of life issues like obesity, PCOD, infertility, digestive disorder, excessive cholesterol, diabetes, cardiac issues, menopausal complaints, sexual disorder, toddler fitness, and antique age fitness issues. She could be very famous with a number of the well-known human beings of the Bengali tinsel global that encompass Aparna Sen, Dev and Koel Mullick, and the Late Rituparno Ghosh. She is an ordinary contributor to a number of country-wide dailies inclusive of the Times of India, the Indian Express, the Telegraph, and the Ananda Bazar Patrika.

Dr. Reshmi Roy Chowdhury has efficaciously performed numerous workshops in India and Bangladesh on Weight Control and Obesity control,  Diet for wellbeing, Women and Child fitness issues, and Ageing gracefully. She gives her customers offerings to match unique frame requirements, which additionally encompass Toned look,  Belly reduction, and Lower frame discounts which might be mainly required for folks who are withinside the cine discipline or withinside the modeling career.

Reshmi feels that the intellectual recovery system and food regimen are similarly crucial and have to supplement medicines. She makes an attempt to combine those elements into her remedy to present an entire method to her sufferers, which encompasses a fun Conjugal existence, Confidence Enhancement, and Retaining Youthfulness. Her customers unfold in the course of the u.s. and abroad.

She focuses on Dietetics and Expertise in Weight Management, Digestive Disorder, Diet for Diabetic Control, Diet for Cholesterol Control, Diet for Infertility & PCOS, and Nutrition for Kids.

Reshmi Roy Chowdhury

Address: Reshmi’s Wellness, P452A, 1st Floor, Keyatala Rd, opp. Basanti Devi College, CIT Scheme 47, Hindustan Park, Keyatala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029, India

Contact: +91-9007620622

Timing: TUE-SUN ( 12:00 PM – 07:00 PM )

Work Experience: 28 Years+ of experience

11. Tapasi Hazra

For human beings who have an exceptional preference to make their frame stronger, lose weight, or truly be extra bodily active, Tapasi Das Hazra (rated 4.5 with the aid of using NiceLocal users) is prepared to offer education sessions. Whatever customers’ talents and modern degree of health the coaches will attempt to make sure of their most fulfilling effects with the aid of adapting the types of workout routines and the number of sets.

Tapasi Das Hazra has a number of famous capabilities that encompass vitamin sessions. This can let you find out about the significance of the right food plan schemes that may enhance your power degrees and intellectual nice-being.

Tapasi Hazra, Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetic, Child Care Nutrition

Address: Urvaraa IVF, 40/1A, Hazra Rd, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019, India

Contact: +91-3324756000

Timing: MON-TUE, THU-FRI ( 02:00 PM – 05:00 PM )

Work Experience: 7 Years+ of experience

12. Sucharita Sengupta

Ms. Sucharita Sengupta is an acknowledged call withinside the discipline of clinical studies and additionally as a Nutritionist. She is at a gift pursuing her doctorate from one of the relatively acclaimed institutes. Ms. Sengupta has been serving sufferers for around a duration of 5 years. She has many International and National guides to her call. She has been offered the aid of using numerous agencies like IDA, ICN, etc. Her methodical remedies primarily based totally on the custom-designed desires had been widely widespread very definitely with the aid of using her customers. She has been capable of efficiently dealing with the way of life issues like obesity, beneath the weight, PCOD, digestive disorder, renal problem, excessive cholesterol, diabetes, toddler fitness issues, antique age fitness issues, etc. with the right vitamins, food regimen, and counseling. To her, each consumer could be very crucial and he or she likes to assist them to triumph over their issues through her being concerned and pleasant attitude.

Sucharita Sengupta, MSc – Food Science and Nutrition

Address: Sucharita Sengupta, 66A, Mahanirban Road, Dover Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029, India

Contact: +91-7980667042

Timing: MON-SAT ( 12:00 PM – 08:00 PM )

Work Experience: eight Years of experience

13. Pratyasha Agrawal

Dt. Pratyasha Agrawal is a famed Dietitian/Nutritionist in New Town, Kolkata. She has been a practicing Dietitian/Nutritionist for nine years. She has finished her B.Sc.- Food & Nutrition, M.Sc- Food Science & Nutrition, NET (LS). She is presently practicing at Doctors & Doctors in New Town & SKS Healthcare, Salt Lake, Kolkata. She is likewise a Course Coordinator & Lecturer (complete time) at Gokhale Memorial Girls’ College, Kolkata. She is regularly invited to network degrees, schools, colleges & company places of work to supply lectures on numerous fitness-associated topics. She has offered papers at numerous conferences & posted papers in numerous journals. She additionally had a media presence-Jansatta, Millennium Post, Hindustan Times, 92.7 Big FM & Kolkata TV. She continues her know-how up to date with the aid of attending numerous seminars/conferences/workshops.

Dt.Pratyasha Agrawal: B.Sc- Food & Nutrition – J.D.B.I. (JU) – 2007

M.Sc- Food Science & Nutrition – SNDT Women’s University (Mumbai) – 2010

NET (LS) – UGC – 2013

Address: NBCC Shopping Complex, 1st Floor, Kolkata

Contact: NA

Timing: Friday (11:00 AM – 06:30 PM), Saturday (04:00 PM – 06:30 PM)

Work Experience: 14 years of experience.

So Choose one of these specialists if you want to get a perfect diet chart and a perfect figure.

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