9 BEST PALMIST IN KOLKATA West bengal Near Me for your future


Years ago, one of the only ways to read future was the lines on the hands of all human beings. Our palm lines tell us about our health, education, financial conditions, planetary positions and the list goes on. Some of the lines stay the same and some gets changed as in it keeps evolving. Just like the way doctors examine their patients and find out their disease by various clinical ways in same manner a palmist sees the palm lines and predict the future. Astrology and Palmistry goes hand in hand. All astrologers can read palms. Palmistry is not an easy subject, professionals needed years to study it and then took it up as a career.


It might seem astonishing to many people how can our palms predict about our life? It is true. Palm reading is also known as mysterious science and lot of studies are going on it. If you are looking for the best palmist present in Kolkata these days then you should read this write up.


1. Shri IndrarajPriyam

He is known as the best Astro Researcher. At present he is practising in Kolkata, Siliguri and Durgapur and that too for more than a decade. He was a psychology student from Ashutosh College. In the year 2019 he was awarded as the best astrologer of India. He also won the ‘National Top 10 Award’ and this is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards of this field. He has the power to think beyond the palm lines and help all his clients to get whatever they want. In metros like Delhi, Mumbai he has clients who approaches to him only for his palm reading. He has 3 chambers in Kolkata address of Kali Ghat’s chamber is mentioned here. Services he offers are numerology, tarot card reading, graphology, vastu shastra, cognitive therapy, marriage matchmaking and love astrology solution. The remedies he gives are cost effective and it is done through ‘Rudrakshas’. This man says that palm lines say a lot about the future hence he focuses a lot on it. before predicting someone’s, future or say anything about the past he reads the palm lines minutely, analysing the whole thing in details.

Address: 61/A, Kali Temple Road, Kalighat, Chamber Disha, 1st floor, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026

Call on: 8697682531 or 9831399009

2. Dr Arup Shastri

He has been honoured with PHD degree from Asian College of Astrology in this subject. He is a reputed astrologer and is very famous in the City of Joy. He is loved by every common man for his palmistry. His area of expertise apart from palmistry is Vastu Sastra, Medical Astro, Numerology and Horary. He even hasclients from the Middle East countries, Canada, USA, Germany, Thailand and China. For matters like marriage, education, money matters and so on he predicts the right thing. This man is very humble and can be easily approached.

Address: 60, Mauza Tentulberia, Garia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700084

Call on: 033 24321522

3. SreeSajalJyotish

If you are looking for an online palmist who can help to know your future then contact SreeSajalJyotish. He is a genuine man and is appreciated for his prediction among all its clients. He provides solutions which helps everyone. His services are demanded throughout the country and also in other countries. This is because he has a vast knowledge. For problems like career, life, finance or anything just have faith in him, within very short time he will solve all the problems. Apart from palmistry he is a specialist in Black Magic, Tantra, Horoscope Reading, Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran, Kundli Dosh Nivaran, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Marriage Astrologer, Career Astrologer and Astrology Prediction. On 19th December 2019 he was awarded the National Achievers Award for being the best and the most inspiring astrologer of this century by the Sasha Media Solution Pt. Ltd.  His prediction is always accurate and this is the reason he is the first choice of all the people. He makes sure that he directs his clients in the right path. Many times, he has gone beyond expectation of the clients. He uses only effective techniques and powerful mantras which never disappoints anyone.

Address: 81/2/2, Biren Roy Road, West Behala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700061

Call on: 91 7596847889

4. Sri Nemai Mission

Shri Nemai Mission Jyotishi is associated in this field for 35 long years and a successful person as well. He has the power to read people’s palms and say about their future as in the events which are going to happen in the near future. He gets clients who wants to know whether they can travel or not, the very first question he asks is whether he wants to travel? He asks these kinds of questions to the clients to understand their mental state. Checking the palm lines of the clients he tells them about their yearly predictions, health predictions, future predictions, trouble period report, marriage prospect, Vastufor home, business report, career report and gems. His clients got miraculous result from him. People who are interested can join his classes. He gives astrological courses wo promote this field to the next generation. Many reputed institutions and business organisations have utilised his services and have benefitted a lot.

Address: 145/C Aurobinda Sarani, Kolkata, West Bengal 700006

Call on: 9831347957 or 9433399038

5. Jyotirmoyee Sushmita

Since childhood this lady was inclined to god and had decided to serve humanity. She is the best when it comes to palmistry.  She is great at organising spiritual practices like shakti path, havan and many other rituals. All her pujas give positive result and she does these for people who are facing problems in life. Her head office is in Kolkata and she can be contacted through her official website as well. Common people email them their problems and she answer them with effective solutions. She recommends rudraksha to her clients to remove any kind of blockage from their life. She recommends kuber yantra or parad to bring back comfort, prosperity, luxury, joy and peace. She sells rare quality natural rudrakshawhich has1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 12 and 30 Mukhi. Lotus Seed Mala, Rosary Mala, Vastu products, Gauri Shankar Rudraksha, DhanSamriddhi like Nagkeshar are available with her. These she suggests after reading the palm lines or horoscope.  Randomly she does not suggest anything. She is well read and has deep knowledge on these items.

Address: 29 Banerjee Para Road, Netaji Metro Station, Kolkata

Landmark: Near theSukhoranjon School.

Timings: 11 AM to 5 PM

6. Dr Jayanta Goswami

He is a reputed astrologer present in Kolkata these days. Over the years he had solved problems of many people throughout the world. His predictions are always accurate and the predictions which he does helps people to remove the problems. Palmistry is something he is good at but he does Numerology, Face Reading, Vastu and Traditional Astrology. His knowledge and problem-solvingproficienciesare known to most of the people in India and outside. He has chambers in Kharadaha, Dum Dum and 2 chambers in Konnagar. He is a good human being so feel free to tell your problems to him. He will surely give you a solution which will work within a short span of time. Just call on the phone numbers given below to fix consultation date. Once you reach his office be very sure that all your problems have come to an end.

Address: 94, South Sinthee Road, DumDum, Kolkata, West Bengal 700030

Call on: 9830691553 or 9433398909

7. Astrologer Dr Krishnendu

Dr Krishnendu Chakraborty is associated in this field from the year 1995. He had studied BCom from the City College of Commerce and Business Administration then took up astrology and studied about it from different institutions like the Institute of Astrological Research Project, Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith, BangiyaTantrikSamaj. So far, the educational degrees he achieved are BCom, MA, MPhil and PHD.  He is the winner of JyotishDigvijayi and James Ivan award (this was given from London). By now anyone can understand how well read he is and he has a deep knowledge in palmistry a traditional astrology. The PHD degree he has achieved from this field and this is something to be proud of. The remedies he prescribes are in form of yantras, mantras, yogya, puja and gem stones. Till date he has rendered his valuable services to thousand of people throughout the globe. People from different cites come to consult with him just to make their lives better.

Address: Balitikuri, GolirMukh, Howrah, West Bengal 711113

Call on: 9432266936 or 8334074671

Timings: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Sunday from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Monday and Friday are closed

8. Aditya Shastri

He is serving people as an astrologer and palmistry from more than 25 years. He is second generations astrologer from his family. His father was also a famous astrologer in his time. He specialises in palm reading, vastu, numerology and tantra. His clients say he is a gifted astrologer. Almost 99% prediction is correct. Astrology is his passion so he does not act like the professional ones. He is a humble man who is loved by everyone. He loves to take up challenges and solves all the problems very easily. To some of his clients he is also known as Lifestyle Designer consultant because he has brought back many people’s life into right track. He can easily predict someone’s personality and say about the current year or the coming years. This he does by seeing the palm lines or charts and calculation based on birth date, time of birth and place of birth. Places he is available for consultation apart from Kolkata are Agartala, Guwahati, Siliguri, Dhanbad, Malda, Bally, Krishnannagar, Behrarampur, Asansol, Durgapur, Burdwan, Barrackpore and Howarh Maidan. Within Kolkata he has two chambers one in Bowbazar and the other in Hazra. Bowbazar address is mentioned here. The gems which he suggests to his clients work like wonders in their lives.

Address: Anurag Jewellery Shop, No 222 BB Ganguly Street, Calcutta Medical College, Bowbazaar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700012

Call on: 9836577352 or 8420777352

9. Dr Sohini Shastri

In the year 2019 she has received the award of being the best palmist in India with 99% successful prediction. She is actually an astrologer by profession but she is one of the best palmistries that our country has today. She is a famous for her prediction throughout India and is the most searched astrologer on the internet today in India. From all the astrologers present in West Bengal she has been nominated as the top 5 astrologers of the country through all the leading digital medias and various internet polls. Some of the association like Astrological Research Project, Asian Astrologer of Congress, Asian Congress of Astrologers, Astro Medical Research Centre, Bangiya Astro medical Research Centre, Astrological Research Project Kolkata, Dharma Research Centre (Chennai) Federation of Australian Astrologer and many more she is an active member. Like all other astrologers, she focuses on reading palms a lot. Each and every person has different palm lines along with different shape, length, colour and size and this lady consider all these features while reading the palms.

Address: 152, S P Mukherjee Road, 3rd Floor, Abhishek Point, Above Federal Bank, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026

Call on: 9163532538

Palmistry is also known as the Hasta Samudrika. It was used by the Rishis those days but now western countries have started researching about it and made this a part and parcel of their lives. By reading this article any one can make out how the foreigners depend on our palmists. If you really want to make your life beautiful and want to fulfil all yours dreams please take the help of the palmistries. Call any one of them and fixed an appointment for the coming week. Do not be late in this matter because no one has the time to stay in a life which is full of problems or sadness.

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