Photography is a form of art just like dancing, painting or singing. Even this requires an educational certificate and skills. Anyone can purchase a costly camera and click photos but a professional photographer does lot more after the photo session is done. Before handing over the picture, they use various software to edit the pictures so that clients can treasure them for ever. Kolkata has some of the reputed photographers who are excellent in their respective field. Let us discuss some of the names of wedding photographers, travel photographers and new born baby photographers and many more.


1. Sreeman Pal

Sreeman’s photography is a commercial based studio in Kolkata. This man has his own advertising photography styling, editing and photography studio. The services he offers are photo blogging, social media communication and photo story services. This studio also takes up traditional photography as well. Assignments they take are web banner and poster, brand promotion, magazine advertisement, operate professional Still, video camera and digital lights, e-commerce photography, commercial presentation, commercial product photography and editing, advertising photography and fashion photography. Sreeman likes to travel a lot and clicking pictures is his hobby. Some of the best clicks of his are from festivals, travel, rituals and cultures, landscapes, people and films. He has some offbeat clicks as well and the miniature clicks are worth seeing. He loves offbeat clicks because it is too challenging. If someone miss the flash and the moment for this genre it cannot be recreated again. This photographer things that miniature is a hidden world and this hidden world can be captured only by macro lenses. This travel pictures are really different from others and that is the only reason he stands out in the crowd.

Address8/2/1A, Dhiren Sen Sarani, Manicktala, Azad Hind Bag, Kolkata, West Bengal 700006

Call On: 09051266638

2. Rabin’s Photography

This studio is run by Mr Rabin Ghosh. He is a traditional photographer but best at clicking candid. He can be hired for destination wedding as well. His main purpose is to capture all the expressions through his lenses and also the eye gestures. The love which is flowing between the bride and groom he captures very aesthetically. Not only he is a known to the people of Kolkata for his photography skills but he has taken up some international assignments as well in the past. This man makes sure that his client is comfortable in front of the camera.Apart from wedding photography he is great at cake smash moments, engagement, food photography, babies, pre-wedding, parties and fashion. He uses the best digital camera and lenses for clicking HD photos. This man is really busy so if you are planning to hire him for your wedding call on the phone number given number and fix the appointment as soon as possible.

Address: 17, K 6, Dakshindari Road, Ghoshpara, Patipukur, Kolkata, WB 700048

Call on: 9038858523

3. Ipsito Das

Since the year 2008 this studio is in Kolkata giving photography solution throughout the globe. The professional photographers in this studio provides only stunning images. Before taking up any assignment they assure the clients that only good-looking pictures will be given. The way this people capture the personality it looks really genuine. Their uniqueness shows clearly in each picture. They have worked with brands like Zivami, Pepe Jeans, Komal Sood and so on. In fact, more than 1000 brand collaboration they do every year. Almost every alternate day you will get to see their work on newspapers. They work with every leading media house present in Kolkata. This studio works with actors and actress from Bollywood and Hindi serial industry. If you are planning to join this industry then invest some amount of money and make a portfolio shoot with their help. Services they offer are branding, web develop, advertising, model’s portfolio, acting portfolio, music video, e-commerce, food, product, editorial, architectural and industrial. They have won an award from the New York Institute of Photography. They docommercial shoot for any particular commodity as well.

Address: 189 1/D, Kasba Rd, Rath Tala, Kasba, Kolkata, WB 700042

Call on:9051975137

4. Studio Pomegranate

This studio started in the year 2009 when the City of Joy did not have any professional photography studio. Since then, their clientele is growing every year. Those days there were few freelancers but they lacked professionalism and did not have any vision. In fact, those days photographers would give the hard copy to their customers taking their own sweet time. The only person who presented best picture those days were Mr Samir Das. Pomegranate was the brainchild of 3 people who was wanting to create all type of photography service under one roof. The studio takes a pride in their service because they know that they provide nothing but the best to all their clients. According to the photographers here professional photography do not only mean capturing some good moments but it means understanding the clients need and giving them what they want. They arrange meetings and discuss with the clients what they really like to have. After few discussions they get to know the demands of the clients and perform accordingly. They do have clients from all the major metros of India.

Address: 2nd Floor 4C, Wood Street, next to Lifeline Nursing Home, Elgin, Kolkata, WB 700016

Call on: 8420199548

5. PIP Broadcast and Equipment:

This is a 12 members team consists of professional photographers who are committed to their work and provide only best quality photos from the marriage so that clients can cherish seeing them throughout their lives.They are also known as the best wedding photographers in the City of Joy. The photographers of this associations are best in clicking candid photos and they say through candid they can capture the real emotion which is happening at that very moment. They are associated in this field for the past 7 years and use only modern techniques, equipment, camaras and lenses. The team consists of qualified photographers and videographers. They have various packages so clients are free to choose which they want. Not only in Kolkata but they do travel to other cities like Siliguri, Tatanagar, Bhubaneswar, Rourkela, Ranchi, Deoghar, Benaras, Gaziabab, new Delhi and Ahmedabad. PIP Broadcast and Equipment has worked for Bengali, Christian, Muslim, Bihari, Orrissi, Kerelian, Marathi, Punjabi, Marawi and Gujrati weddings.

Address: 60, 44, Hari Pada Dutta Ln, Rajendra Prasad Colony, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700033

Call on: 9088276753

6. Prithu De

He is a freelance photographer who has learnt about this field in 2009 while working in a bank. In the year 2013 he started following his passion of being a photographer giving up his full-time job. As a professional freelance photographer, he works in various categories like wedding photography, corporate events photography, street photography, landscape, editorial and documentary photography. Since long time he was passionate about graphics and geometry so he executes architectural and interior photography as the clients want. He has won several prizes from media and publication houses. At present he mentors many professionals who are new to this field. He helps them with clicking and marketing at the same time. This is something he feels that is his social responsibility. He is engaged with professional cinematography and photography with some of the corporate houses and also Architectural establishment. If any restaurant owner is looking for someone to click for his hotel then he or she should contact Prithu De on the given phone number below. Surely his work will surprise you.

Address: E 69/2, Ramgarh, Ganguly Bagan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700047

Call on: 9732532850

7. Naicy Studio

Initially the Nancy Studio had started its journey as a wedding photography in the business but slowly they started adding different genres like pre-wedding shoot, portfolio shoot and baby shoot. Right now, the photographers are well equipped to click for corporate events, anniversary film and do cinematography. For the last five years Naicy has started providing digital marketing services. They are one of the top ‘Digital Marketing Solution’ service provider in the City of Joy. Apart from all these Naicy also give its studio for rent to clients for any video and photo shoot. They have 2 makeup rooms for the artists and beautiful interior location which acts as best backdrop. The ambiance is also cosy so artists feel comfortable will working. They have worked with some of the celebrities from the Bengali Film industry. Even for a wedding shoot they try to cover from the time the bride or the groom is doing their makeup. They actually surprise the clients by giving them some beautiful moments in form of hard copies which they will cherish throughout their lives. Thephotographers who are working in this studio are associated in this field for years and hence they can be called as knowledgeable and skilled.

Address: 86 Golaghata Road, Saraswati Apartment, 2nd Floor, Kolkata, West Bengal 700048

Landmark: Near Venkatesh Banquet

Call on: 9830296612

8. Paper Planes Photography

The photographers of Paper Planes Photography create beautiful, elegant and lovely pictures for their clients. They click contemporary images which are timeless memories. This studio is an expert in traditional photography and fine art.  They give only high-resolution pictures and it is done by a team of very talented young photographers in the city. Their creations are really unique and it will make your photos stand out in the crowd. If you are planning to arrange a mehendi ceremony for your marriage then do call them, they will be the best choice.  They record wedding videos also. Hire them and your pictures on social media will be flooded with likes and comments.

Address: 238, 1, Sarat Chatterjee Rd, Naora, Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal 711102

Call on: 8961450028

9. Niddledy Noddledy

The tagline of Niddledy Noddledy is ‘Bumps to Babies Photography’. It is true that no can stop a baby from growing into a beautiful human being but a parent always want their kid to be a child and have carefree days. So, what can be done about this? Call Niddledy Noddledy and they will freeze the moment forever. This company belongs to a lady named Suchanda Bhattacharjee and she knowns how to capture pure love of babies through her camera. This is a group consisting of professional people who are the best in Kolkata for clicking maternity photographers, new born photography and children photography. The most important thing to remember is they do not use harsh lights which will affect the babies. These people use lot of natural light in their photographs. The photos clicks are through the eyes of the mother. Whatever the mood of the baby is she turns that into magic moments.

Call on: 9830547902

10. The Baby Stories

Services they provide are maternity photo shoot, just born or new born, sitter portrait, kids portrait, family portrait, trash the cake session, birthday party, rice ceremony and event photography. They also make full HD videos as well. Clients do ask for personalised album of their kids. Before finalising on them just tell them how you want the photographs to be, whether you want it to be done in your home or some other outdoor location. Be very sure that your baby’s sleep or feeding time will not be hampered by them. The photographers know to capture the best moment and once you see the photos you will surely have tears in your eyes. Do not waste time by clicking on your mobile phone, invest some amount of money and call them. These pictures will be loved by your child ones he or she grows up.

Address: 50c, Harish Mukherjee Rd, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700025

Call on: 9007281643

These days everyone calls themselves a photography but hardly they have the knowledge. If it is a special occasion you do not want any random photographer to ruin it so hire any one of them mentioned in this article. Set up a meeting and let them know what you want, be very sure you are going to get that.


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