10 Best Private Hospitals in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal

Best Private Hospitals in Kolkata Near Me

It goes without saying that when it comes to the health of our loved ones, we seek help form the best nursing homes and doctors. The health of our close people is too important to put into jeopardy. Even if a person leads a healthy life, exercise regularly, have no genetic disorder still these is no guarantee that he or she will not fall sick.

Best Private Hospitals in Kolkata

It is said that the best private hospitals are present in Kolkata. In fact, people from other states come to Kolkata for their treatment. All the private nursing homes of Kolkata invest huge amount of money every year in latest healthcare technologies and equipment. It goes without saying that private hospitals are way better in every possible way. They provide the best services. All these nursing homes are neat and clean, in fact the authority invests huge money to keep it neat and clean and this is not possible in a government hospital due to various reasons.

All the private hospitals give options to their patients to choose their doctors. The patient’s family members have the option to choose their preferred doctor but this facility is not there in any government hospital. In fact, each and every doctor associated in a private hospital gives ample of time to talk to the patient party when necessary. In many ways these hospitals reduce the service burden from the government hospitals.

All private nursing homes face stiff competition from others and this is the reason they provide the best quality service. The concept of competition is totally absent in any government hospitals. Since there are so many private hospitals everyone is trying to give their best just to earn a good name. beds are always ready for patients; surgeries happen throughout the day and the food provided is of good quality. In actual fact there is no scope for patients or their family members to make any kind of complains.

There is no general ward as in mixed gender ward. The toilets are also separate. There are sperate washrooms for visitors as well. Sometimes pregnant ladies hire single room where the nursing home allow one person to stay with them. CCTV cameras are always working so there is no question of any kind of nuisance happening within the hospital premises.

Kolkata has one of the highest populations while comparing with rest of India hence it is not possible for the West Bengal government to invest lumpsum amount of money at providing all the healthcare facilities. In fact, there is not enough officials or government leaders to run all the hospitals properly hence these private nursing homes come to rescue. Every private hospital has their own administrative body and everyone staff is answerable to their immediate boss so this is why these hospitals functions so smoothly.

Due to these private hospitals the number of doctors and nurses are increasing in Kolkata. The best doctors come here to serve. Most of the doctors share their personal phone numbers and email address so whenever there is an emergency the patient’s family member can contact with them. Everyone has their favourite nursing homes and doctors but still this article will tell its readers about the best private hospitals which provides 24 hours service. In case you need to admit anyone in the nursing go through this article as everything is mentioned clearly here.

1. Columbia Asia Hospital

This is a multi-speciality private hospital present in Salt Lake. If you read the reviews then you will come to know that it is the best and it is favoured by all. This hospital is working in this city since 2008 and it is preferred by all healthcare workers. It has got 100-bed facilities with well equipped dialysis unit, operation theatres, telemedicine, advanced cardiac catheterization lab, chemotherapy units and teleradiology. This nursing home keeps upgrading their way of treatment every now and then. Its all-inclusive range of clinical services covers all surgical and clinical treatment under one roof. Even ENT doctors are available here.

Address: IB-193,


Salt Lake,


Phone Number: +91 33 3989 8969 and+91 33 6600 3300

2. Apollo Gleaneagles Hospital

It is another multi-speciality private nursing home with an excellent infrastructure, best technology, competent care and experience team of doctors and nurses. Apollo provides the best hospitality in this city. It is a joint venture of Parkway Health which is in Singapore and India. The only private hospital which has earned the accredited with JCI status is Apollo and it has become benchmark for its quality. Some of the best services provide by Apollo are in the fields of neurosurgery, oncology, advanced pediatric care and so on. Doctors are available throughout the day ensuring all patients to get the best treatment.

Address: 58, Canal Circular Road,



West Bengal 700054

Phone Number: +91 33 2320 3040/2122

3. Calcutta Medical Research Institute

This hospital is run by the CK Birla group for more than 45 years and is one of the best private hospital of Kolkata. This hospital is administrated by a group of highly trained medical staff who are really dedicated towards there work and they give their 100% to help each and every patient to recover as soon as possible. Bed occupancy rate of Calcutta Medical Research Institute is 400. It is also the best place to treat patients suffering from heart related problems. Best doctors are available in the cardiology department. Cost of treatment is really low than other private nursing homes.

Address- No 7/2, Diamond Harbour Road,


West Bengal 700027

Phone Number: 033 3090 3090

4. Fortis Healthcare and Kidney Institute

In Kolkata there are three branches of the Fortis Healthcare. It covers all the important departments of healthcare. Fortis is known for renal specialty and it provide the best treatment to kidney related problems. The kidney institute of Fortis is by far the best in the entire eastern region. Fortis has the facility of OPD (Outpatient Department) and the timings are given in their official website. Anyone can easily fix an appointment through online systems as well when needed.

Address: 111A, Rash Behari Avenue,


Kolkata, West Bengal 700029

Phone Number:033 66276800

5. Ruby General Hospital

Ruby General Hospital was established in Kolkata in the year 1995. It ranks as the best hospital of this city. It is a multi-speciality NRI private hospital and it is located in Ballyngunj region. The hospital has well trained dedicated doctors, surgeons and paramedics. The campus is really beautiful and well maintained. They use all the new age equipment for treatment. The best part is treatment charges of this hospital is really low and this is why it makes the best healthcare centre of the country. Even Ruby has OPD facilities. In their official website timings of each and every doctor is clearly given.

Address: Kasba Golpark,

  1. M. Bypass Kolkata,

West Bengal – 700 107
Phone Number: +(91)-(33)-39871800/ 33011800

6. P. Poddar Hospital and Medical Research Ltd

This is located in New Alipur region. It is serving this industry for some decades. This private hospital is known to common people for its oncology department. The best oncologist of the town is available in this hospital. The traumatology services are also good as well. The bed occupancy is 220. The medical fraternity is capable of handling any emergency situation very easily and this is because this organisation hires only experience doctors and nurse. Even they provide booking system for consultation through their official website.

Address: 71/1 Humayun Kabir Sarani,

New Alipore,

Block – G,

Kolkata 700053

Phone No: + 033 2445 8901 (7 Lines)

90510 60000, 90510 30000

7. Woodlands Multi specialty Hospital Ltd

Woodland is well connected with the city and is considered as one of the posh hospitals. It was found in the year 1947. Not only people staying in South Kolkata gets admitted here but people from other districts and states come here as well. The best doctors of India are associated with this hospital. The beautiful infrastructure and usage of upgraded technology help this hospital to keep up its reputation and good name.

Address- 8/5, Alipore Road,

Kolkata – 700 027

Phone: 033-24567075-89

8. Belle Vue Clinic

The motto of this private hospital is to provide the best service to everyone with a smile. It is said that Belle Vue has the power to cure each and every patient. This hospital is working in Kolkata from the year 1967, it is one of the oldest nursing homes. It offers the best service for renal transplant. It is the first private nursing home in the eastern India to start organ transplant. Each and every department of this hospital is served by experienced doctors, hence it is proved that every patient gets the best service here.

Address: 9, Dr U. N. Brahmachari Street

(Formerly Loudon Street),

Kolkata – 700 017,

West Bengal

Phone Number: +91 33 2287 2321, +91 33 2287 6925

9. AMRI Hospital

Full form of AMRI is The Advanced Medical Research Institute AMRI has several branches in Kolkata, even the head quarter is located in this city. If you want to get service from the renowned doctors then do come here. The subsidiary units of AMRI are located in Dhakuri (which is in the southern part), Mukundapur in the EM Bypass and there is also one more branch in Salt Lake. Address and phone numbers of each branch is mentioned here.

AMRI Mukundapur

230 Barakhola Lane,

Purba Jadavpur,

Kolkata – 700 099
Ph. 033-6606 1000

AMRI Dhakuria

P-4&5, Gariahat Road Block-A,



Kolkata – 700029
Phone Number: 033-6626 0000

AMRI Hospitals Salt Lake

JC – 16 & 17,

Salt Lake City Block-A,


Salt Lake City
Kolkata – 700 098
Phone Number: 033-6614 7700

AMRI Southern Avenue

97 A Southern Avenue,

Opposite to Lake Stadium,

Kolkata – 700 029
Phone Number:033-6622 8000

10. Peerless hospital and BK Roy research centre

Even peerless gives the best services for every treatment. It is equipped to treat any kind of serious health problems. Various kinds of surgeries also take place in this hospital. Some of the treatments taking place here are gastroenterology, joint replacement surgeries,virology, interventional and cardiovascular radiology and so on. All the doctors have experience in their respective fields for many years so they can handle any emergency situation very easily.

Address: 360 Panchasayar,


West Bengal 700 094,
Phone Number: 91 (33) 4011 1222,

2432 0075 / 4989, 2462 2394

These private nursing homes do not have long waiting lists. Kolkata is filled with international guests throughout the year so if someone from the foreign country need any kind of treatment, they can immediately go to any of these hospitals mentioned here and surely, they will be satisfied with their treatment. These hospitals provide treatment like the developed countries of the world.

In Kolkata it is known that the government hospitals can make a patient wait for a year for some surgery but private hospitals treat their patients immediately. Sometimes government hospitals of this state go on a strike but these does not happen in a private hospital. No strikes are called by nurses or doctors for low payment, late payment or any kind of injustice in a private hospital. Strike culture does not prevail here. These doctors are always ready to serve the patients. The work culture is very swift and everyone is efficient in their own way.

When a patient’s family approach a private hospital in Kolkata, they are sure that they are going to get the best facility and the patient will be treated by qualified doctors. The ratio between patients and doctors are much better when compared with a government hospital. In a government hospital one doctor is in charge of 50 to 60 patients. Hence if you want to admit someone then you should go to the best private nursing home in Kolkata. Though the cost of treatment is expensive but be sure that the patient will be fine like before and this is a guarantee taken by the doctors and the nursing homes.


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