12 Best schools in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal {Updated List}

Best schools in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal

The city of joy is the cultural capital of India. Apart from all kinds of sweets and football Kolkata is known for its education. It is said that this city has the best schools and colleges which no other state of India has. If you want your child to have the best education then admit him or her to a school in Kolkata and be very sure that her future is made. There are 6 noble laureates in this city and the city has its famous National Library.

Best schools in Kolkata

This write up is about 10 best schools for boys and girls. Address, principal’s name, phone number and school board typeare also mentioned for your future reference. Try a bit hard and your child can get through. Attending school regularly will help your child have a better future as because all these schools aim at giving the best future to their students. Not only children go to read new things in school but they learn new skills, make new friends in other words they get a beautiful world to live in.

List of best schools in Kolkata is mentioned below: –

1. La Martiniere For Girls

In Kolkata if people think of the best school the first name which comes to mind is La Martiniere for Girls. Was established in the year 1836 by a French general named Claude Martin. This school was made only for girls and it is still working for more than 184 years. At present there is more than 2800 students and the school encourages various outdoor activities like swimming, tennis, basketball. Art, music, football, guides, drama and so on. Girls of this school do participate in various community services. The teachers of the school also take special interest in shaping up the future of their students.

School Board: ICSE and ISC

Type: Girls School

Hostel Facility: Not Available

Name of the Principal: Rupkatha Sarkar

Address: 14, Sarojini Naidu Sarani,

Kolkata 700017

Phone number: 033 2290 3841

2. La Martiniere for Boys

This school was established in the year 1836 as a day school for boys. Even today this school makes sure that there is a holistic development in all its students. This is one of the best schools for boys and is consider as the best school of Kolkata. It has a big campus with all the academical needs of the students like the computer lab, library, physics lab, chemistry lab, biology lab, geography lab. In fact, these days there are smart classrooms as well. There are other rooms as well made for the students like the music room, art room, infirmary. To provide all round development for the boys there are basketball court, tennis court and so on.

School Board: ICSE and ISC

Type: Boys school

Hostel Facility: Not available

Name of the Principal: John Rafi

Address: 11, Loudon Street,

Kolkata 700017

Phone number: 033 4040 6612

3. Don Bosco School Kolkata

This is an Anglo-Indian school only for boys and it is administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco. This school was established in the year 1958. Previously this English medium was made only for catholic boys but this policy has been changed and boys of other religions can take admission here as well. The fathers of this school aim only to provide good value by inculcating different types of habits, discipline, punctuality, morals to all the students. Maintaining discipline of the school is something very important and it is practised not only by students but also by their parents also. DBPC is also known for its well-maintained huge campus. Throughout the year various activities keep happening so that each and every student can take part in it.

School Board: ICSE and ISC

Type: Boys School

Hostel Facility: Not Available

Name of the Principal: Fr. Bikash Mondal

Address: 23, Darga Road, Park Circus Kolkata 700017

Phone number: 033 2287 9202

4. Modern High School Kolkata

It was founded by Rukmani Devi Birla in the year 1952 just to raise up free minded, strong women who can be independent in future. Till date this school’s main object is to make sure that every child’s uniqueness comes into focus and they have a stress-free student life. Various field trips, excursions, educational trips take place for the growth of students. The best part is this school has its own canteen where fresh food is served to the students. Upgraded labs are constructed in this school for the betterment of the students.

School Board: ICSE, ISC

Type: Girls School

Hostel Facility: Not available

Name of the Principal: Damayanti Mukherjee

Address: 78, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata 700019

Phone number: 033 2287 5326

5. Xavier’s Collegiate School

Located at the Park Street region and it is the best school for boys. It was founded in the year 1860 for catholic boys but at present the religious factor does not matter at all. Each and every boy of this school is successful in their life. The school has got two different buildings one for the junior school and the other for the seniors. They even have their own college under the same name. the students with the help of their teachers arranges various exhibitions, fest and so on. Even they go to other schools to participate in inter-school competitions. They do have their own college in the same place hence it becomes easier for boys to get admission in college after school.

School Board: ICSE and ISC

Type: Boys School

Hostel Facility: Not available

Name of the Principal: Dr.M.ThamacinArulappan S.J.

Address: 30, Park Street,

Mullick Bazar,

Park Street area,


West Bengal 700016

Phone number: 033 2255 1171

6. Loreto House Kolkata

This convent school was founded in 1842 for girls. Loreto has many branches throughout Kolkata. The school has a big library, smart classrooms, computer labs and science labs. They follow ISCE board syllabus. Students of this school are doing really good in life. Various kinds of competition happen within the school compound throughout the year. Sisters and teachers of the school makes sure that their girls turn into a responsible citizen. Not only studies girls are great at extra circular activities like dancing, acting, singing and so on.

School Board: ICSE and ISC

Type: Girls School

Hostel Facility: Not available

Name of the Principal: Mrs ArunaCecilla Gomes

Address: 7, Middleton Row,


Phone number: 033 2229 3565

7. Heritage School Kolkata

If you want your child to have a co-educational education then send her to this school. It is the best day school for girls and boys. It was founded in 2001 by Kalyan Bharathi Trust to bring back the ‘Gurukula’ way of learning. The school aims at providing the best facilities to its students like they want to develop the student physically, socially, mentally and intellect wise as well. They do have various sport court, swimming pool, equipped gym and so on. Apart from this the school serves vegetarian food to the students. They do have a big spacious dining hall.

School Board: ICSE /ISCand IBDP

Type: Co-Educational

Hostel Facility: Not available

Name of the Principal: Seema Sapru

Address: 994, Chowbaga Road,


East Kolkata Township,

Kolkata 700107

Phone number: 098302 01234

8. St James School Kolkata

This is recognised as one of the best schools in Kolkata and it was established in the year 1864. It was inaugurated by George Edward Cotton who was the Bishop of Calcutta. In the initial days the school had to go through financial crisis then the churches had funded to solve the problem. There are 15 different clubs for the boys and boys are free to choose which ever they want. Different kind of sports happen in the games period. Teachers encourage their students to have an overall development. For further information you can visit their official website where all the information is given.

School Board: ICSE and ISC

Type: Boys school

Hostel Facility: Not available

Name of the Principal: Mr Terence Hamilton Ireland

Address: 165, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road,



West Bengal 700014

Phone number: 033 2284 1546

9. Calcutta International School

This school was established by Miss Barth in the year 1953. Previously this institution was established only for children belonging to the British community but now the policies have been revised and it houses more than 2000 students from different nationalities. It follows international teaching style. They do have their official website from where the admission procedure can be done. Students love to go to school as they enjoy a lot in school. The teachers are very caring and they take care of each and every child.

School Board: IGCSE & GCE

Type: Co-Education

Hostel Facility: Not available

Name of the Principal: Munmun Nath

Address: 724, Anandapur, Kolkata 700107

Phone number: 070444 99660

10. Ashok Hall Girls’ Higher Secondary School Kolkata

This particular school was established in the year 1951 for girls so that they get proper education. The school is affiliated to the CBSE board and they do have their own buses for pick up and drop. Ashoka hall runs their buses throughout the city so that the students do not face any kind of problem while coming to school or going back. The teachers of the school aim to develop a sense of spiritual and traditional values. They appreciate their girls for every little achievement. The school has its own medical team to look at the students during emergency.

School Board: CBSE

Type: Girls school

Hostel Facility: Not available

Name of the Principal:

Address: 5A, Sarat Bose Road,

Kolkata 700020

Phone number: 033 2287 1271

11. Birla High School Kolkata

It was founded by Laksmi Niwas Birla in the year 1941. Previously it was named as Hindi High School and then in 1997 it got changed to Birla High School. The aim of this school ensure that every student gets the best education. For security purpose the school has incorporated GPS tracker in their transports. The school authority makes sure each and every student reach home safely. This school has the best library which stocks up some rare collections as well. There is a library period when students can come to the library for their reference work or read some good books. Students do participate in various activities and along with studies they continue with it.

School Board: CBSE

Type: Co-Education

Hostel Facility: Not available

Name of the Principal:

Address: 457, Barakhola (Behind Metro Cash & Carry),

P.O Kalikapur.

P.S: Purba Jadavpur,

Kolkata 700099

Phone number: 033 2287 6420

12. South point academy

They have students more than 12000 and 475 teachers to teach various subjects. Students say life in this school is worth living and worth remembering. The school do have their own bus which can be used by the teachers and students. There are karate classes, craft classes and yoga classes so that children stay fit and do not get bored at school. The blue colour painted walls are worth seeing. Uniqueness of this school is that they call their teachers ‘Aunty’ and this way they feel they come closer to their teacher. No other school give the liberty to call their teachers anything else apart from ‘Ma’am or Miss’. They support co-educational schooling. It was founded in the year 1954. This school operates in 2different shifts one happens in the morning and the other in the afternoon. In between 1984 to 1992 this school was recorded as the world’s largest school by the Guinness Book of Records. They have beautiful auditorium where annual school functions take place.

School Board: CBSE

Type: Co-Education

Hostel Facility: Not available

Phone number: 033 2440 5042

A child spends the maximum time in his or her school as in maximum hours in a day and maximum years of their life. Teachers, principals when they get to hear that there is no place better than school this makes them happy and proud at the same time. So, try to send your child to the best school (listed above). In a way the money you are investing on them will come back to you after few years.

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