9 Best Sexologist in Kolkata

Best Sexologist in Kolkata

Why to visit a sexologist? Taking an appointment and visiting a sexologist now-a-days is no more a taboo. These days people do not feel uncomfortable at all to share their special or intimate moments with the doctors because they feel it is necessary to discuss the matter and solve it. Society has developed and people have become way advanced than before and everyone is slowly becoming liberal in these topics.

Best Sexologist in Kolkata

Everybody is working these days, almost everyone has a 9 to 10 hours working shift, so after a full day’s work no couple feel like to enjoy an intimate moment. Slowly this becomes a real problem for a marriage to work and this results in an unhappy sex life. This is the time when a couple needs a sexologist and this medical doctor is the only one who can solve the issue. A sexologist will deal with your sexual problems, intimacy and relationships and provide the couple with proper guidance. Every couples wants a happy sex life and a sexologist will definitely help to have one.

Sex should be enjoyed by each and every couple but it is not for many. Many finds it as a trouble to answer why they cannot enjoy their sex life. There are many physiological reasons which causes sexual problems and this kind of problems can be solved only by doctors. Some of the psychological issues need counselling as well. Here are some issues, let us look at them:

  • Penis Size: this is a matter of concern for most of the men in India. Small sizes affect man’s confidence during the sexual activity. It hampers their performance and make them anxious, at times men get nervous due to this issue. There is nothing to worry about it anymore because now there are doctors to solve the problem. Doctor might advise some medicines or some hormonal treatments and within few days a patient will be cured completely.
  • Erectile dysfunction: inability to hold on to the erection or lose erection is a major problem in men these days. It was not a curable case previously but now there are sexologists who solves these problems and giving a guarantee of normal sex life.
  • Pain of discomfort during intercourse or after: between the two if any of the partner is feeling the pain during the sexual activity or after it, the experience becomes upsetting rather traumatic. Sexual intercourse can happen due to any reason like dryness, ulcer or infection. Hence it is important to consult a doctor rather than to suffer.
  • Loss of interest: well, many couples loss interest in sex and many times it happens due to stress, tiredness, fear and so on. Terrible sexual experience is an obstacle in attaining marital bliss. The sexologist will have a proper conversation with the couple and will give the best advice to solve the problem. Sometimes sexologist works as psychologist.

Do not think sex related problems is a big thing, most of the couples face this issue and there is nothing to worry about. Take an appointment from the sexologists written below, as they are the best doctors of Kolkata, they will surely solve your problem and you can be happy with your partner.

1. Dr Indranil Saha:

Dr Saha is associated with this field for more than 21 years and is an expert in Geriatric Psychiatrist andNeuropsychiatrist. He has a vast knowledge in dealing with child and adolescent psychology. He had completed his MBBS from NRS Medical College and Hospital, then had done a Diploma in Psychological Medicine from the Central Institute of Psychiatry which is in Ranchi, later he did his MD in psychiatry from the same institution. If a person is suffering from anxiety disorders he can surely consult with this doctor. For consultation he is available in 3 centres. Address has been provided below so take a prior appointment and visit him.


  • Neuromind Clinic- P77, Green View,

Baishnab Ghata Patuli,

Kolkata 700084,

Landmark: Opposite to BRWS (Outdoor) Hospital

  • North City Hospital- 73 & 81B,

Bagmari Road,


Landmark: Near Ultadanga Hudco Stop,

  • Kundu Medical- 51 A, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road,

Near Jatin Das Park Metro Railway Station,

Hazra Crossing,

P.O. Kalighat,


West Bengal 700026,

Landmark: Hazra Crossing (metro station)

2. Dr Shamik Das

Dr Das is a knowledgeable man having experience in various fields. He is a dermatologist, sex therapist and a consultant sexologist. He is practicing for more than 16 years. He has specialised in treating any problems relating to male sexuality and female sexuality. Not only this he is best for couple counselling. He had completed his graduation degree from the JSS Medical College which is located in Mysore in the year 2001 and then did MD from the dame college in 2006 in leprosy, venereology and dermatology. Presently for consultation he is available in these 3 locations which is written below.


  • Neel Kuthi Medical- 48/2M. B. T. Road,

Landmark- near SINTHI MORE,


  • Karma Wellness- 3A/6, Batakristo Paul Lane,


Landmark: Near Dum Dum Junction and Within the Theism Polyclinic,


  • Divine Poly Clinic- 11/A, Abinash Chandra Banerjee,

Lane Beliaghata,

Landmark: Near to the United Bank of India,


3. Dr Arijit Dutta Chowdhury

though he has an experience over 16 years but he started practicing in Kolkata from March 2008. Right now, he is a renowned psychiatrist of Kolkata. He had completed his medical degree from the Medical College, Calcutta in 2000 and then carried on with several educational degrees like the DPM and MD in psychiatry from the Central Institute of Psychiatry which is in Ranchi. During his student life he received training in child psychology and de-addictions unit. After completing his training, he started working as a geriatric psychiatrist and consultant psychiatrist in some well-known institutes in Kolkata. He has written many medical papers which has been published. For consultation you can visit any of this clinic.


  • Arijit Dutta Chowdhury Neuropsychiatric Clinic-32/7, Gariahat Road South, Jodhpur Park,

Landmark: Opposite Jodhpur Park Post Office,


  • Medica Superspeciality Hospital- 127, Mukundapur,

E.M Bypass,

Landmark: Near Metro Cash and Carry,


4. Dr Angshuman Das

Dr Das is one of the seniors psychiatrist working in India and in the United Kingdom. He is an expert in handling any kind of mental health issues. Though he had started his medical schooling from Kolkata (Calcutta national medical college, 1997) but had done his masters from one of the prestigious institutes of London named Royal College of Psychiatrist. He also has a special master degree form the University of Manchester in psychiatry. He did not stop here just to provide the best services he went on taking few more educational degrees from UK. Later he worked there as a college tutor and a consultant psychiatrist. If you want to get treated from the best sexologist in Kolkata then take an appointment to consult with him. He is available in multiple locations, only two are written here.


  • Apollo Clinic- P-72, Prince Anwar Shah Road,

CIT Scheme -114 B,

Landmark: Opposite to the South City Mall,


  • SUNSHINE WELLNESS Clinic- 164/46 Lake Gardens,

Near the State Bank of India (Lake Garden Branch),


5. Dr Vibekananda Majumdar

he is one of the oldest doctors having an experience for more than 26 years. He is one of the best sexologists in Kolkata practicing as a dermatologist as well. Couples who had consulted with him says that he can treat any kind of sex related problems easily within few months. He serves the nation as a cosmetic surgeon, does treatment for people who wants a fair skin or some glow in their skin, treats nail problems and so on. He also provides sex medicines to patients who are suffering from diabetes.

Address: Brindaban Gardens – 21 building,

98 Christofer road,



6. Dr Purushottam Sah

he is an accomplished medical doctor associated with the field of sexology. He is also an expert in many other fields like Gynaecology, Infertility, Obstetrics and Anthology. He completed his medical degree in the year 1980 from the B S Medical College. Later he had achieved a diploma degree in OBGYN in 1985 from the University of Calcutta. He is skilled at oligospermia & oligomenorrhea, erectile dysfunction,infertility, reproductive endocrinology. Any kind of treatment related to male and female sex problem you can visit him. On the other hand, this doctor also deals with women’s health like checking the breast condition and polycystic ovary syndrome. He is practicing for more than four decades and so he can provide some simple solutions to complex problems.

Address:Nightingale hospital,

Shakespeare Sarani road,


7. Dr Govind Krishna Gupta

he is serving the nation as a sexology for more than 42 years and have cured more than one lakh patient. He is an MBBS from the Calcutta National Medical College and then had done a diploma from the American Board of Sexology. He is not only famous in Kolkata but he is popular throughout the country. Patients from different states come to get treated from him. He can easily treat any kind of sexual problem, infertility and STDs (sexually transmitted disease). Within the city he has 4 clinics at different locations. Addresses are given below. He believes in implying modern technology, so he uses the latest technology in his practice.


Dr. Gupta’s Clinic

  • Circus Avenue,

Gokhel Road,



  • 63, R. N. Avenue,


  • 228A, C R Avenue,


  • P-28, Gariahat Road,


8. Dr Snigdhodip Saha

if you want to solve your sexual problems through homeopathy then visit Dr Saha. He is a famous homeopath in the Kasba region of Kolkata and practising for more than 7 years. He has achieved several degrees over the years like BHMS, MO (RBSK), CERT (ARSH), LT. He is skilled at treating many problems like erectile dysfunction, Gastrointestinal disorders. He prepares diet chart as well. Being a homeopathy doctor, he provides vaccination when needed. He has his own clinic where anyone can take an appointment to consult with him.


Dr Saha’s Multispeciality Homeopathy & Cosmetology

81 N.K.Ghosal Road,



9. Dr Archana Agarwal

though Dr Agarwal is a homeopathy doctor but she has earned a good reputation in being a sexologist. She had completed her bachelor’s degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery in the year 2005 fromBharati Vidyapeeth College. She has dealt with numerous cases where couples come to put an end to their sexual problems. Young girls also go to her for advice. They feel free to express themselves. If you want to know about her from the internet you will get to read only good reviews about her. Apart from solving sexual problems she deals with many other treatments like chin reduction treatment, ageing treatment,weight management treatment, allergy treatment,acne treatment,hair restoration technique, Baldness Treatment, asthma management program,Migraine Treatment,Thyroid treatment,Viral Fever Treatment, Constipation Treatment, Gastric Treatment and so on. Girls can come to her for breast examination. If a couple do not understand when to start family planning, they can take an appointment for consultation from her, as she is really good at it.


Multispeciality Homeopathic Clinic

1/75 Nelinagar,

Landmark: near Ramlal Bazar Auto Stand,


This article has given the readers a fair idea why to visit a sexologist and who is the best in the town. So, stop worrying about any problem happening due to your sexual problem. Sex is something which should be enjoyed between a couple, any one partner suffering from it is not accepted by the other. Hence it is advisable to consult a doctor and if needed take medicines for it. Dealing and understanding this problem requires lot of sensitivity as most of the people do not feel comfortable talking about it. Keeping quite regarding this will not help anyone, in fact it will give rise to many more problems and this is something which no one wants. So, take the help of a doctor and start living a normal life.

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