10 Best Spas in Kolkata

Best Spas in Kolkata

These days everyone is busy with their work, studies and family, hardly people have time for themselves. People are busy running behind money. My question is what is the point of making money if you do not have time to spend? Why do you need money if you cannot enjoy life? So right now, you are thinking what to do? My suggestion to my readers will be go book a spa appointment.

Best Spas in Kolkata

Spa is the only solution to your mood swings, depression, improve your sleep pattern, short temper, release pain or irritation and so on. Any kind of depression or sadness will surely vanish once you get a proper spa treatment. A spa is not waste of money instead it is money which is spent on good thing. Spa session from the best place will definitely you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The environment we live in is full of injurious toxins which directly impact our physical body and our minds. Spas are designed such away these days that it helps us to detoxify.

List of best spas in Kolkata:

1. The Thai Spa

As the name suggests this spa brings the true flavour of the spa culture which is present in Thailand. They have people from Thailand coming to their centre for providing the service. Within India, they have 25 centres in 11 different cities. The best part of this parlour is they try to upgrade themselves as much as possible through their services and using the best products. Massages which are available here are Four Hand Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and LomiLomi Massage. Apart from these they do have foot spa, facial massage and body wrap. People go for these treatments just to get rid of pollutants and dirt and most importantly keep the body hydrated. Each massage is designed in such a manner that it can heal lot of problems and provide a holistic rejuvenation. The post-massage service which is Rose Honey and Milk Bath is a relaxation service which is enjoyed by every customer. They do have many centres in Kolkata.

Address: Acropolis Mall

2nd Floor, S – 22

Rash Behari Ave Connector

Sector B, East Kolkata Township


West Bengal 700107

Phone Number: 033 4044 1223 or 24

Mobile Number: 91 98365 84800

2. Kenilworth Spa

This spa is within the Kenilworth hotel and it is located at the Little Russel Street. They have various therapies like different types of body massages, body scrubs, reflexology and so on. All guests are served fresh welcome drinks once they come here. Various kinds of body scrubs are available here like the apricot, oatmeal, lemongrass and rice. The body scrub treatments relax the exhausted mind.The name of their spa is Sohum Spa. Though it is located at the heart of the city but this spa cum salon gives a beautiful escape to its clients through their therapeutic journey. They have various kinds of massage treatment, talk to the experts present there and select which ever you want.

AddressWest B, 1 & 2,

Little Russel St,

Kankaria Estates,

Park Street area,


West Bengal 700071

Call on: 033 2282 3940

Timings: 7 AM to 9 PM

3. Hyatt Regency Spa

The name of their spa is Club Prana. The aim of this spa is to provide Pranic treatments which will soothe the soul. There are various kind of services like the reflexologies, aromatherapies, Swedish massages, hot stone massages, Balinese massages and so on. They get lot of foreign guests coming to their spa. People are really happy with their services and the foreigners say that this kind of services are available only in developed countries. The pictures they have on their official website of the Prana Spa is worth seeing. Once you avail their services you will surely have a wonderful time and you will feel like to come back whenever you get time. The best advice from my end will be take a full body massage here just to escape from professional pressure. The spa time here will be your own me time which you will enjoy to the fullest.

AddressHyatt Regency Kolkata,

JA -1,

Sector – 3,

Salt Lake City,


West Bengal 700098

Call on: 033 2517 1534

4. The Oberoi Grand Spa

This is the spa of the Oberoi hotels. They have many kinds of soothing therapies like the tamarind body wraps, orange body wraps and so on. They do have hot lava shell facials and various kinds of body massage treatments which are used in countries like Thailand and Bali. Here the massage treatments are more of ayurvedic types. They do have couple massage facility as well and this appreciated by most of the couples as people get more time to spend with each other. The treatment rooms are well decorated by antique glass lamps and the floors are made up of teak wood. The soft massage beds, the shower, the steam room will surely refresh your busy mind. Your skin will feel much better after the session. The therapists here are well read, experienced and working in this field for years. They know what ingredients and techniques will be beneficial for the client.

Address: 15, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd,

Landmark:near the New Market Area,




West Bengal 700013

Call on: 033 2249 2323

Timings: 11 AM to 8 PM

5. Taj Bengal Hotel Spa

Even the taj Bengal has its own spa which can be used by the guests and outsiders also. This majestic hotel spa service is one of its own kind. This spa has won several prizes from various cities of India. They use the old healing techniques which was used by our forefathers. The ingredients they use are made of organic material and it will be beneficial to our skin. If you check the internet for the list of top 10 best spas in Kolkata you will surely find the name of this spa. Foreigners who come to stay in this hotel they make it a point to spend some time in the spa just to relax.

Address34-B, Belvedere Rd,



West Bengal 700027

Call on: 033 6612 3939

6. Swissotel spa

This spa centre has its own signature massage therapies which the customers should try at least one. The Alpine Meadow Massage is an aromatherapy massage treatment and the Floral and Milk Wrap is an exfoliating one. Indulging in a spa treatment here is a treat which you can gift yourself or to your loved ones. Though they use age old technique for the treatment but they have modern facilities and ingredients for their clients. The managers of this spa are kind enough to explain the treatment before it starts. Feel free to discuss your needs with them, they will understand it and will surely the best one for you.

Timings: 7 AM to 10 PM

Address: Biswa Bangla Sarani,

Action Area II,

Action Area IID,



West Bengal 700157

Call on: 033 6626 6611

7. Aura Spa

This spa comes under the Park Hotel. They have various kind of treatments which lasts from 30 to 90 minutes. The treatment here has got various kinds of names like the Abhyangam treatment or the Sirodhara treatment, the body wraps really refresh the mind and the soul. If you really want to relax and unwind you should come here. They have their own exclusive healing environments designed keeping the demands of the clients. Only experience people work in this spa who are well trained and serving this industry for years. Clients says that the therapists over here have magic in their fingers. It is one of the oldest spas working in the city so most of the people staying in Kolkata knows about it. If you search on the internet about the Aura Spa you will get really good reviews which were written by the customers who have already availed the service.

Timings: 7 AM to 9:30 PM

AddressThe Park Hotel,

17, Park St,




West Bengal 700016

Call On: 033 2249 9000

8. Spa by JW

The timing of this spa is 8 AM to 11 PM. They offer various kind of beauty and skin treatment here. If you are planning to relax along with pampering yourself you should come to this place. After the session you will feel fresh and you might book with them another spa session. The beauticians here know their job very well and they act according to their clients’ needs and demands. This spa has already won many awards. Please enjoy the ancient methods of caring your body which is enhanced by the modern technology. You can check on the internet about their various treatments and then I am sure you won’t be able to resist yourself from getting their service. If you want you can gift a spa session to your mother, father, partner or a friend. This is the best gift you can give your close ones.By gifting a spa session, you will surely come closer to the person. Gifting a spa session will be an exclusive idea which hardly people know. To make it more special you can tell the occasion to the manager of the spa he or she will provide few more complimentary services and this will enhance the experience.

Address4A, JBS Haldane Ave,



West Bengal 700105

Call on: 033 6633 0000

9. Kaya Kalp Spa

This spa belongs to the ITC Sonar Bangla of Kolkata. They have lot of massage treatments and customers are free to choose the one they want. The serene place, beautiful decor and the quite ambience will simply relax your mind. The spa treatment here is designed in Asian and European style for health enhancement of their clients. They do have exotic body treatments, ancient ayurvedic rituals and relaxing massages are there on the menu. Gemstone massage therapy is also used here with authentic gemstones and some natural Indian herds.

Address1, JBS Haldane Ave,



West Bengal 700046

Call on: 033 2345 4545

10. Sanjeeva Spa

The Sanjeeva Spa is located within the Vedic Village which is in Rajarhat. It aims to provide holistic treatment to its clients. The people working in this spa focus not only on treating the body but also calming the mind and soul. They have lot of spa therapies like the Swedish massages, aroma therapy, reflexology, acupressure massage. They even have some massage therapies for children as well. People those you come to stay in the Vedic Village does go and spend time in the Spa. The Vedic village Spa Resort also offers customised spa treatments for detoxification, healing and rejuvenation here along with medical check-ups. They do have an excellent team consisting of doctors, dietitians, yoga trainers, lifestyle counsellors and so on.

Timings: 6:30 AM to 8 PM for all the 7 days of the week

Address: Vedic Village,


West Bengal 700135

Call on: 98308 20427

Some of the services they provide will reduce your blood pressure. It is not possible to take proper care of our hair and skin these spa treatments will benefit your skin and the aging will not show up on your skin. It can be said that these treatments are made to cater all kind of skin problems. Obviously, you will start looking good because you will be feeling good from inside. After 2 or 3 sessions your skin will automatically glow and you might not need any filter to edit your photos. Being touched by therapists and therapeutically will physiologically cure you.

It has been proved in a recent study that making sufficient time to pamper oneself is a good habit and it boosts the self-confidence. These days people are practicing self-love, many are turning themselves into a narcists. To prove yourself that you are a narcist fix a spa session for yourself. You do not need anyone to go with you, instead book a car and go to any of these centres.


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