10 Best Urologists in Kolkata

Best Urologists in Kolkata

These days both men and women are facing problems with their urinary tract. India is one of those countries where women are prone to UTI (urinary tract infection). Well, there is nothing to get scared of there are medical doctors to take care of this problem. Our urinary tract is made up of the ureters, the kidneys, the urethra and the urinary bladder. Any problems occurring in these areas will result to dysuria which is pain during micturition. Doctor who treats these kinds of problems are called urologist. A urologist treats erectile dysfunction and male infertile problems as well. They might recommend surgery also but it depends totally on the dysfunction.

Best Urologists in Kolkata

Even kids are not spared from this problem. If you notice that your child is passing more urine than an adult please be careful it is not pathological problem all the time. Though there can be other symptoms also but it is an indication of urinary disease. to list some of the symptoms are too little urine throughout the day, strong odorous urine, diarrhoea, not interested to eat, blood with urine or dark colour urine, irritability, restlessness or diaper rash. Symptoms of urinary problems include pain in the skin during the time when the urine touches the skin and this is something babies cannot tolerate for a long time. It becomes really painful for them. Parents of kids (specially toddlers) have to be extra conscious because a baby’s bladder is much smaller than an adult and does not hold too much urine as of a grown-up man, in fact kids diet consist of fluid as well. For these two reasons babies urinate more.

Women suffer a lot in these areas, they have high chances of getting a urinary tract infection. Women with lower tract urinary disease may face pelvic pain. Though some of the symptoms of both women and men are same. For men they do face rectal pain. Girls, please feel free to come and consult with the doctors. Remember one thing in particular that girls suffer more from this problem than boys.

Urinary infections or injuries are a matter of concern for everyone. Many times, people try to ignore this problem just because they are embarrassed, but there is simple nothing to be embarrassed about. Talk to the doctor and get it treated. With time and use of modern technology in the medical field all problems can be solved. Kolkata has the best urologist (medical doctors who treat problems related to urinary tract). Just take an appointment and be free from this problem forever.

List of best urologists working in Kolkata are:

1. Prasanna Kumar Mishra

he is practicing for more than two decades and have earned a very good name over the years. He has got a fellowship from the St. James’s University Hospital in Leeds, United Kingdom on transplant surgery. The Urological Society of India he is one of the life members. He is also skilled with different types of urological surgeries like the Boari-flap, nephroureterectomy, radical nephrectomy, renal transplant surgery, radical cystectomy, continent diversion, radical prostatectomy, ureteric-reimplantation, repairment of various types of genitourinary fistulas, vasovasostomy, hypospadias repair and vaso-epididymal anastomosis. For consultation he is available at the Calcutta Medical Research Institute and Medica Super Speciality Hospital.

Timings: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Expected consultation fees for this doctor is INR 600.

Address– 127, EM Bypass,

behind Metro Cash & Carry,



West Bengal 700099

Phone Number– 033 6652 0000

2. Ranjan Kumar Dey

he is a famous urologist, urogynecologist, urosurgeon in this city.He has achieved the MBBS degree from the R G Kar Medical College. In this particular field he is working for the past 27 years. He is a skilled doctor at UTI (Urinary Tract Infection, Dysmenorrhea Treatment, Cystoscopy, Blood in Urine (Hematuria) Treatment and PCNL. Even he is a member of the Urological Society of India. For consultation he is available at the North City Hospital. In the year 2001 he completed his fellowship in laparoscopic urology from the GEM hospital and research centre which is located in Coimbatore. Dr Dey is a well-read doctor who is doing really good in this field. He uses modern technology which is used in the developing countries for treating all his patients.

Timings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

From 3PM to 5pm

Expected Consultation Fees for this doctor is INR 600.

Address– North City Hospital,

73 and 81 B Bagmari Road,

Near UltadangaHudco More,


West Bengal 700054

Phone Number- 983083668

3. Shivaji Basu

Dr Basu is a FRCS from London and he is the best urologist present in this city. He is working as a urologist for more than 30 years. Over the years he has done more than twenty-two thousand surgeries. He has written many medical journals which has been read throughout the globe and has been a part of many international and national conferences. For consultation he is available at the Fortis Hospital which is in the Rash Behari Avenue. He is the one who started lithotripsy in the eastern part of India and also took the initiative to start the transplant services here, hence his name will be remembered forever. His areas of interest are uro-oncology and stone management.

Timings: Monday to Saturday.

Expected consultation fees for this doctor is INR 650.

Address– 129D, Satyendranath Mazumdar Sarani,

MonoharPukur Rd,




West Bengal 700026

Phone Number– 097352 56424

4. Amitabha Mukherjee

even he is very good doctor belonging to this field. He had finished his MBBS from the IMS (BHU) and then achieved few more degrees like the MS and the MCH in Urology. He was the first doctor from eastern India to start the use of holding a laser for prostate surgery. His field of research and interest is laser surgery and Endourology. He is associated with reputed nursing homes and hospitals of Kolkata, like the AMRI, Dhakuria. Anyone can contact him at his clinic in the Lake Town region.

Timings: Monday- Saturday

11:00am to 2:00pm & 4pm to 7:00pm

Expected consultation fees for this doctor is INR 1000.

Address- 256 Block B Lake Town,


West Bengal 70089

Phone– 9836965541

5. Mollinath Mukherjee

Previously he would teach in the King George’s Hospital of London. Working in this field for more than 20 years. In the eastern India he is the only doctor who is certified from the Royal college of Gynaecologist of United Kingdom and have attended serval trainings, seminars throughout his career. There are several research papers of this doctor which is acknowledged throughout the world. As of now he is practicing at the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. He is actually an urogynecologist. Girls can contact him for their period problem, recurrent miscarriages and ovarian cysts. Over the years he has handled high risk pregnancy as well.

Timings: Monday to Saturday.

Address– 58, Canal Circular Road,


West Bengal 700054

Phone Number– 91 98310 21777

6. Amit Kumar Agarwal

he is one of the reliable urologists working in Kolkata who is practicing for more than two decades. He works as a consultant Uro surgeon. He is skilful at treating Transurethral Incision of The Prostate (TUIP), prostate laser surgery, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Transurethral Resection of The Prostate (TURP), Dysmenorrhea Treatment, Urinary Incontinence Treatment or Surgery, Open Prostatectomy, Genitourinary Surgery, Minimally Invasive Urology, Urologic Oncology, Blood in Urine (Hematuria) Treatment and so on. At the Apple Urology he is available for consultation. Timings, phone number and the address are given below.

Timings: Mon-Wed-Fri,

between 6:00pm-7:00pm.

Expected consultation fees for this doctor is INR 1000.

Address- 158 CIT Road, Kolkata.

Phone Number-033 2320 3061

7. Prabir Basu

he is an MRCP from the United Kingdom. He has gathered a rich experience for more than 14 years. The Royal College of Surgeons which is establish in England he is a member of it. Currently he meets his patients at the Apollo Clinic. not only Dr Basu is a urologist but he is also a urological surgeon. From the University of Calcutta in 1999 he completed his MBBS degree, then did his MS in General surgery in the year 2005 from the same university later he went to Edinburgh, United Kingdom to do his MRCP from the Royal College of Surgeon. Some of the treatments he does are prostate laser surgery, urogynaecology, Transurethral Incision of the Prostate, Urethrotomy, Urologic Oncology and so on. Since he is a very busy doctor it is very important to take a prior appointment or it will be too late.

Timings: Monday to Saturday

Expected consultation fees for this doctor is INR 500.

Address- P-72, Prince Anwar Shah Road,

Landmark: Opposite to the South City Mall,

CIT Scheme -114 B,


West Bengal 700045

Phone number– 033 3056 6365

8. Pushkar Shyam Chowdhury

he is associated with the KPC medical college as an assistant professor and he is known to be the best urologist in the eastern India. He is an expert in pediatric urology specially for neonatal. He has gained an experience in these years. Right now, for consultation he is available at the KPC medical and Fortis Hospital. He is also a member of the European Association of Urology and Urological Society of India. He has won the most prestigious Eagle Travel Fellowship. He has an experience working in the endourology, paediatric urology and oncourology in Pondicherry and Mumbai. According to his patients he is a very efficient doctor and take care of each and every patient.

Timings: Monday to Friday.

expected consultation fees for this doctor is INR 500.

Address– 111A, Rashbihari Avenue,

Dover Terrace,



West Bengal 700029

Phone Number– 91 96743 34333

9. Binayak Sen

working as a urologist for more than 2 decades. He expertise in Laparoscopic surgeries, ureteric reimplantation and endo Urological treatments in other words his service as a doctor is multi-varied. He is also working as a professor in the Ramakrishna SevaPratisthan and the VIMS teaching this subject. He also treats patients suffering from prostrate problems and stones in kidney. As of now he is practicing at the Ruby Hospital so for consultation patients come here. There are several medical journals which he has written. Dr Sen has huge contribution in this field and all are noteworthy. He is associated with the Urological Society of India (USI), East zone urological society of India and Bengal Urological Society (BUS).

Timings: Wednesday.

Address- 66, Raja Basanta Roy Road,

Lake Market,



West Bengal 700029

Phone number– 098310 31826

10. Amit Ghose

if you are from the Salt Lake region then do consult with Dr Ghose, he is working for more than 36 years. He is one of the experienced and senior most doctor present in the city. In 1982 he passed his MBBS from the University of Calcutta, then received the MS degree from the same university in 1986 later he went to Edinburgh in 1990 to complete his FRCS. He is associated with many medical groups like the Urological Society of India (USI), British Association of Urological Surgeons and Association of Surgeons of India (ASI). Services render by this doctor are Urostomy, Reconstructive Urology, Cystoscopy, Urology Consultation and (TUIP) Transurethral Incision of The Prostate.

Address-Apollo Gleneagles Hospital,

No. 58, Canal Cirular Road,


West Bengal 700054

Phone Number– 91 33 2320 3040 / 2122

The subject urology tells us rather it is related to our renal system which in return have a direct impact on the urinary system. This is reason why it is very important to keep an eye on this part of the body. Treatments for urinary problems completely depends on the cause and this can be understood only by tests prescribed by the urologist.  An important point to be noted for all men reading this article is that you should select a urologist with whom you should be comfortable to discuss each problem properly. This article of list of best urologists working in Kolkata will surely help you to find one who will be near your place. Feel free to get in touch with them.


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