BEST GLAUCOMA SPECIALIST IN KOLKATA Glaucoma is actually an eye disease which damages the optic nerve. The function of the optic nerve is to supply visual information to the brain from the eyes. Sometimes this eye problem can happen due to high pressure inside the eye. As time passes by increase in pressure can erode … Read more


BEST DOCTOR FOR PILES IN KOLKATA Most of us have heard people suffering from piles but do we actually know what is it all about? Piles are actually swollen and inflamed gathering of tissues in the anal area. They can be of different size and can happen externally or internally. The common ones are internal … Read more


BEST AUTISM TREATMENT IN KOLKATA Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a developmental disability that causessubstantialdifference in communication, behavioural and social challenges in the patient’s life. People suffering from ASD faces different problems but these problems can be solved by continuous therapies given by doctor. Generally, children between 12 months to 24 months start suffering … Read more


BEST HOSPITAL IN KOLKATA Most of the people staying in Kolkata thinks that government funded hospitals are not up to the mark and they do not have modern equipment or good doctors and nurses. These people are so wrong. Government hospitals  graduates the best students every year and only experienced doctors hired. The truth is … Read more

Best pulmonologists in Kolkata

Best pulmonologists in Kolkata Six out of ten people suffer from various kinds of respiratory problem and this might lead to huge problems. We suffer from respiratory problem due to the amount of pollution. The rate of pollution is increasing day by day and there is hardly anyway by which we can bring it in … Read more

Best schools in Kolkata

Best schools in Kolkata Th city of joy is the cultural capital of India. Apart from all kinds of sweets and football Kolkata is known for its education. It is said that this city has the best schools and colleges which no other state of India has. If you want your child to have the … Read more

Best Urologists in Kolkata

Best Urologists in Kolkata These days both men and women are facing problems with their urinary tract. India is one of those countries where women are prone to UTI (urinary tract infection). Well, there is nothing to get scared of there are medical doctors to take care of this problem. Our urinary tract is made … Read more


BEST CORNEA SPECIALIST IN KOLKATA Our eye is our camera and the cornea is the glass present in front of the camera lenses. Through the cornea light passes into our eyes hence any kind of problem in the cornea distortion, vision problem can start sometimes it might lea to blindness. There are different kinds of … Read more

Best Neurologists in Kolkata

Best Neurologists in Kolkata A neurologist treats all kind of problems related to nerves, spinal cord and brain. It also includes demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis and cerebrovascular diseases for example problems related to headache, stroke, infection in the brain or in the peripheral nervous system. Illness like Parkinson’s disease or neurodegenerative disorders like Huntington’s … Read more

Best Gastroenterologists in Kolkata

Best Gastroenterologists in Kolkata A gastroenterologist is a medical doctor who senses all the problems of the digestive organs like the hepatitis, cancer, colitis, peptic ulcer disease, gallbladder, nutritional problems, pancreatitis and biliary tract disease and checks whether the digestive organs are working properly or not. A gastroenterologist also does some medical procedures like the … Read more