9 BEST AUTISM TREATMENT IN KOLKATA Near Me & Center with best Doctors

Best Autism Treatment center in Kolkata West Bengal Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a developmental disability that causes substantial differences in communication, behavioural and social challenges in the patient’s life. People suffering from ASD faces different problems but these problems can be solved by continuous therapies given by the doctor. Generally, children between 12 … Read more


BEST HOSPITAL IN KOLKATA Most of the people staying in Kolkata thinks that government-funded hospitals are not up to the mark and they do not have modern equipment or good doctors and nurses. These people are so wrong. Government hospitals graduates the best students every year and only experienced doctors hired. The truth is all … Read more

10 Best Pulmonologists in Kolkata

Best pulmonologists in Kolkata Six out of ten people suffer from various kinds of respiratory problem and this might lead to huge problems. We suffer from respiratory problem due to the amount of pollution. The rate of pollution is increasing day by day and there is hardly anyway by which we can bring it in … Read more

10 Best Urologists in Kolkata

Best Urologists in Kolkata These days both men and women are facing problems with their urinary tract. India is one of those countries where women are prone to UTI (urinary tract infection). Well, there is nothing to get scared of there are medical doctors to take care of this problem. Our urinary tract is made … Read more

10 Best Neurologists in Kolkata Near Me West Bengal

Best Neurologists in Kolkata West Bengal Near Me A neurologist treats all kind of problems related to nerves, spinal cord and brain. It also includes demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis and cerebrovascular diseases for example problems related to headache, stroke, infection in the brain or in the peripheral nervous system. Illness like Parkinson’s disease or … Read more

10 Best Gastroenterologists in Kolkata

Best Gastroenterologists in Kolkata A gastroenterologist is a medical doctor who senses all the problems of the digestive organs like hepatitis, cancer, colitis, peptic ulcer disease, gallbladder, nutritional problems, pancreatitis and biliary tract disease and checks whether the digestive organs are working properly or not. A gastroenterologist also does some medical procedures like endoscopy, colonoscopy, … Read more

10 Best Nephrologists in Kolkata Near Me { West Bengal }

Best Nephrologists in Kolkata Near Me Nephrology is a branch of medical science that deals with kidney-related problems. Nephrologists are medical doctors who specialises in treating the kidney. Not only they are experts in kidney-related problems but they are very knowledgeable to understand any kidney dysfunction or disease which can affect other parts of the … Read more

11 Best Psychiatrists in Kolkata for depression and anxiety Near Me Top Rated

Best Psychiatrists in Kolkata  West Bengal for children & Female, Male Medical doctors who studies psychiatry is known as psychiatrist. This is a branch of medicine dealing with mental disorders. A psychiatrist will understand your mental health problems as well as physical health. A general physician cannot do this. He will be more concern about … Read more

11 Best Skin Specialists in Kolkata

Best Skin Specialists in Kolkata A skin specialist is a medical doctor who specialises in treating skin, nail, hair and mucous membrane disease. They are also called dermatologist. A dermatologist also treats cosmetic related issues. They help our skin to become healthier, stronger and active as before. The largest organ of a human body is … Read more

9 Best Sexologist in Kolkata

Best Sexologist in Kolkata Why to visit a sexologist? Taking an appointment and visiting a sexologist now-a-days is no more a taboo. These days people do not feel uncomfortable at all to share their special or intimate moments with the doctors because they feel it is necessary to discuss the matter and solve it. Society … Read more

10 Best Spas in Kolkata

Best Spas in Kolkata These days everyone is busy with their work, studies and family, hardly people have time for themselves. People are busy running behind money. My question is what is the point of making money if you do not have time to spend? Why do you need money if you cannot enjoy life? … Read more

10 Best Thyroid Specialists in Kolkata

Best Thyroid Specialists in Kolkata The hormonal problem can be said as the new disaster in most of the people’s life and the worst part is, it is growing too fast. Due to work pressure, lack of exercise, improper sleeping time, unhealthy diet and improper lifestyle this problem is becoming gross. Human body treats the … Read more

10 Best Eye Hospitals in Kolkata

Best Eye Hospitals in Kolkata Our eyes are one of the most important sense organs which we have rather we are blessed to have. From a kid to a grown-up adult everyone knows to take care of them. Hence it is important to take care of our vision, little bit distress in your vision consult … Read more

10 Best ENT Specialists in Kolkata

Best ENT Specialists in Kolkata ENT problems are always a source of discomfort for everyone and human beings belonging to every age group suffers from this problem at least once in their lifetime. An ENT doctor has detail knowledge regarding our nose, ear and throat. They have proper apparatus to treat and examine the patients. … Read more

11 Best Dentists in Kolkata

Best Dentists in Kolkata Everyone is busy these days so to make time for a dental check-up always take a back seat in our lives. Please keep in mind that our dentists play a very important role in taking care and maintaining our dental health. Apart from dental hygiene a perfect smile is something which everyone … Read more

10 Best Cancer Hospitals in Kolkata

Best Cancer Hospitals in Kolkata Cancer is abnormal cell growth in the body. This has all the potential to spread and invade into other parts of the body. Though there are some symptoms that the body shows but it is not easy to detect. A lump might be formed, prolonged period of cough, abnormal bleeding, … Read more