BEST ASTROLOGER IN KOLKATA Astrology is a subject which deals with celestial objects like the sun, stars and the planets and their effects on our lives. There is a saying that the arrangement of these celestial body is related to a person’s economic condition, family life, education and even future possibilities. Everyone visits an astrologer’s … Read more


BEST ENGINEERING COLLEGES IN KOLKATA If you are really worried what to take up after school the best option is doing the engineering course. This is the course which does not have dearth jobs and as soon as a student graduate he or she will get placed in one of the reputed offices. Engineers contribute … Read more


BEST HOTELS IN KOLKATA The busy schedule makes everybody stressed out very easily. The perfect way to relax and destress is to book a hotel room and relax. It really does not matter whether a couple is staying for a night or for couple of days, the thing which matters is the relaxation and the … Read more

Best buffet in Kolkata

BEST BUFFET IN KOLKATA One of the biggest problem food lovers face while going out for lunch or dinner is that whether to opt buffet or A la carte. Well, both has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is found out from a recent survey that people of Kolkata prefer more of a buffet service. … Read more

Best Sweet Shop in Kolkata

Best Sweet Shop in Kolkata There is an old saying that Kolkata and sweets have a long relation which is completely inseparable. Coming to Kolkata and not having sweets is something which no one can imagine. In fact, people from other countries come to Kolkata just to have different kinds of sweets. People of Kolkata … Read more

Best Music Institute in Kolkata

Best Music Institute in Kolkata No other city in India can beat Kolkata when it comes to culture and art. In fact, Kolkata is also known to the people all over the country as the cultural capital of India. The city is filled with many music schools and colleges. Boys and girls from a very … Read more

Best football academy in Kolkata

Best football academy in Kolkata Though most of the people throughout the world prefers cricket but Bengalis are the only tribe who loves and support football from the bottom of their heart. Most of the Bengali parents send their boys to learn football. Bengalis have given the best football players.Taking up sports as a career … Read more


BEST PHP TRAINING IN KOLKATA PHP is the most common and accepted server-side web programming language which is used to make websites and also web applications. Some of the well-known software like Drupal, Magento, Joomla, WordPress and so on are written in PHP. It can be said that PHP run more than 80% websites these … Read more

Best Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata

Best Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata It is said that people of Kolkata are foodies and this is absolutely correct. People staying here loves to eat and they make it an effort to visit all the outlets and try different kinds of cuisines. It is also seen that these people love to eat Chinese a lot. … Read more

Best Banquet Halls in Kolkata

Best Banquet Halls in Kolkata Wedding is something which every boy and girl dreams about since a young age. Every parent starts saving for their child’s wedding from the very beginning. If you want to show your friends and relatives a dream weddings then select any one of these banquet halls. These are luxurious and … Read more