Get The Best Car Mechanic Services In Kolkata Top Rated List

Get The Best Car Mechanic Services In Kolkata

Maintenance reminder systems in contemporary cars may eliminate the need for mileage-based plans. Engine oil changes, fluid level checks, components inspections and other automobile maintenance procedures can be reminded by in-vehicle service reminder systems that take into account a variety of vehicle operating situations. As long as you get one of these technologies, you may trust it with your vehicle’s upkeep. Automakers advise an oil change every 12 months even if the servicing reminder light hasn’t gone on, as long as you don’t put many mileage on your car.

Service Charged by the Mileage

The mileage of an older vehicle determines the frequency of service. Cars that are driven in “regular” operation and those that are utilised in “severe” circumstances typically have two different maintenance schedules. Each automaker has their own specific definition of “severe service,” however the following are typical examples:

  • Mostly one-way excursions (5 miles or less)
  • People who live in environments that are either extremely hot or extremely chilly
  • long periods of time spent idling
  • Requiring one to lift or tow a large amount of weight

The more rigorous automotive maintenance schedule should be followed if your vehicle’s use falls inside your owner’s manual’s definition of severe service. But if you drive your automobile on a regular basis, be mindful of wasting your hard-earned money on unnecessary servicing.

Changes to the engine oil are one example of overly frequent car service. Changing the oil every 3,000 miles was standard practise in the automotive industry. It’s true that many current engines have oil change frequencies of between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. When using full-synthetic oil, your engines may last up to 15,000 miles before needing a new oil change. Because the colour of engine oil is not a reliable indicator of oil condition, stick to the manufacturer’s recommended work plan for oil changes and any other auto maintenance..

Know more about car servicing, here’s the details

In order to ensure that your automobile lasts a long time, you need to have it serviced on a regular basis to keep it running smoothly and free of niggles. Even though today’s automobiles are more dependable than ever, they nevertheless require routine maintenance and inspection. The easiest method to keep an eye out for any issues or failing components is to get your vehicle inspected at the appropriate intervals and have routine maintenance performed on it. 

If you want to know how often you should service your car, the best place to start is via the owner’s manual. For most automobile manufacturers, 10,000 kilometres or 12 months, whichever comes first, is a good rule of thumb, but if you drive a lot, you may want to inspect your vehicle every 5,000 kilometres to be safe. At 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 kilometres on a new car, these are the things to look for when servicing your vehicle.

At a distance of 5,000 kilometres

It’s the first time your automobile has had a service since the 1,000-mile run-in period was finished. It’s time to examine and do general maintenance on the automobile, as well as refill fluids, after completing 5,000 kilometres. It’s important to check the engine oil and replace any parts that need to be replaced. In order to maintain the new car appearance at this mileage, newer machines see less wear – and – tear and require a benefit provided and a complete clean-up. Make sure the coolant and windshield washer fluid levels are maintained throughout this time period as well as the engine’s air filter is cleaned. The 5,000 mile service period is also a good time to check for any minor issues with the car’s electronics or creaky doors that would need to be oiled. Consider checking your tyres for nails or other debris that could cause a puncture there in future.

At a distance of ten thousand kilometres

In contrast to the initial service, which is more of a preventative measure, the first major service is suggested by most car manufacturers to occur after 10,000 kilometres. Now that you’ve driven all over the country, your car has been subjected to a lot of dirt, grime, bumpy road conditions, and even some bruising from bumper-to-bumper traffic. 

Several major checks, such as changing the oil to the appropriate viscosity grade specified in the owner’s manual, will be performed during this service interval. In addition, the oil filter should be replaced, and the air filter should be thoroughly cleaned. The air filter may need to be replaced if you frequently drive on dusty roads.

You’ll also need to change the pollen filter in your air conditioning system every 10,000 kilometres to keep the cabin air fresh and pollutant-free. The cooling impact and lifespan of the HVAC system are both prolonged as a result. Do not forget to perform wheel alignment, balance, and tyre rotation as part of this service as well. As a result, the tyre & suspension life of the vehicle will be extended. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean and oil the car’s joints and hinges before driving it. The exterior of the automobile can be protected and kept looking new with a wax application, which is an option if you’d always go the extra mile.

At a distance of fifteen thousand kilometres

The 15,000-mile service is expected to uncover additional concerns and could necessitate the replacement of some parts. It’s also a good opportunity to inspect as well as clean the disc rotors, as well as the brake pads. While brake shoes are designed to last for more than 15,000 kilometres, driving aggressively can shorten their lifespan and necessitate replacing them sooner than necessary. In the same way, other fluids in the car, such as the brake, transmission, and steering, should be checked. Spark plugs in a petrol vehicle should also be inspected and cleaned at the 15,000-kilometer service period.

Ask your professional to inspect the fuse, bulbs, and clutch.. Using the diagnostics tool, check all instrument console warning lights and erase any fault codes that appear. In addition to cleaning the battery connections, the battery must be inspected and verified for proper voltage. The windshield washer liquid may also need to be refilled, and the HVAC unit may need to be topped off with cooling gas. 

Repairs to the car’s body shell should be done now to keep it protected from the elements and potential rust. Always check your owner’s manual to determine if the manufacturer recommends any part replacements during the 15,000-kilometer maintenance check-up interval. A thorough exterior and interior wash rounds out the service.

Best Car mechanic service in India

It is estimated that the Indian vehicle sector accounts for over 7% of the country’s total gross domestic product (GDP). The fierce competition in the automobile industry has spawned a service and repair industry that is expected to reach a value of Rs 34,000 crore by 2020. India’s automotive market is expected to become a global leader in the next years because of the rapid growth of massive car brands and the entrance of these brands in Indian markets

It is possible to break down the Indian vehicle servicing industry into three distinct sectors.

1. Authorized Service Centers

As the name implies, “authorised” service centres are workshops that provide service and maintenance to a certain car brand, either owned by the company or by a franchise. This industry accounts for about 45 percent of all revenue in this field. Because of the manufacturer’s warranty guarantee, only authorised service centres are allowed to provide services to consumers who have purchased the product. 

In addition, the post-warranty auto service crisis, in which 65 percent of car owners with out-of-warranty vehicles ended their association with authorised repair centres in pursuit of an inexpensive and flexible alternative, was the driving force behind the multi-brand industry’s development. Between pricey authorised centres & unreliable local garages, organised multi-brand auto servicing facilities discovered their sweet spot.

What was the old-fashioned way of doing car maintenance?

in India before the emergence of cross service centres there were two options for automobile owners to choose from: either use a company-approved (required!) facility or drive into an independent shop nearby. An authorised service centre provided a guarantee of quality service, previous iteration, and open communication with customers.. As a result of increased replacements and inflated bills, car maintenance costs skyrocketed, burning a hole in the pocketbook. India’s auto market is on its way to becoming a global powerhouse, thanks to the advent of major international automakers and the rapid expansion of existing domestic firms.

A cheaper option would be to take care of the “inflated bill” problem at a local garage, but the cost would be far greater than the problem itself. In order to keep operating costs low, these unorganised regional garages operate on a tiny budget. It is common for automobile owners to avoid local garages since they lack the proper tools and equipment as well as an appropriate supply chain for spare parts and unscrupulous business practises.

Cross car service centres have become more prevalent

To simplify things, there are around 60 million automobiles on Indian roadways, which means that the equation is straightforward. For many after-sales auto service firms, the need for after-sale service and repairs (other than authorised centres) has broken the shell of their shells, allowing them to give an alternate option to car care

Best Car Mechanics In Kolkata

1. Jai Prakash Automobiles 

Car Periodic Facilities, Car Denting & Artwork, Car Batteries Substitute, Car Spa and Pressure Washing, Car AC service and Car repair, Car Tyre replacement and Tyre care, Car Detailing, Custom assistance, Windshield wipers and Glass Replacement, Lights and Fittings, Automobile parts, Car parts, and much more are available at Jai Prakash Automobiles Kolkata. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

In addition to Maruti Suzuki and Daewoo, they also service cars from other manufacturers such as Skoda and Volkswagen as well as other makes and models such as Isuzu and Volvo. The city of Kolkata is also home to OEM-specified facilities for excellent German luxury automobiles such as the BMW, Audi, and Mercedes Benz.

2. Ragilly Doorstep Car Repair 

Their services include door-to-door car washing, door-to-door automobile servicing, door-to-door bike repair and door-to-door bike service. Located throughout Kolkata, they offer the most affordable and quality car washing service. For a vehicle wash near you or even a car wash within Kolkata, simply make a reservation with us and, with over 45 tie-up garages around Kolkata, they will be at your door within 30 minutes or less of booking. 

All of their car service and repair work is backed by a 6-month warranty from them. They have been continuously serving consumers for more than a year, and with our skill in handling your automobile and motorcycle, you won’t have to seek elsewhere. Having our service delivered to your home is the most appealing feature. Consequently, they will come to your place of business or parking lot to wash your car or bicycle. Car or bicycle repairs are required.

3. Lansdowne Automobile 

Lansdowne Automobile is one of the most prestigious automotive workshops in Kolkata. They carry out body work with the most up-to-date technology tools, which are not often seen in most garages nowadays.

As a solution towards the updates of the status of a large number of cars that are being repaired at any given point in time, taking note of all service records for any particular car, relationship management, auto renewal notices for insurance and tax, and assisting with the purchase or sale of new or used cars, Lansdowne Automobile was created.

They aid you in getting your automobile covered with cashless vehicle insurance through Insurance providers, resulting in complete piece of mind for you and your family. They additionally take care to send you frequent reminders and provide you with a cheque collecting service to ensure that you will never miss a payment on your yearly premiums. Think of everything that has to do with your car, and they’ll be able to assist you. 

With over two decades in the company, they know that the best service providers in a variety of fields, including automobile papers, insurance, car buying and selling, car breakdown & towing service, and other services. Simply inquire with them, and they will be pleased to give you with the service provider’s contact information. And, of course, they are always available for any service, body paint, or repair work on your vehicle. Please pay them a visit at their office on Lansdowne Road, which is diagonally across from Sishu Mangal Hospital, by becoming accustomed to a hassle-free car ownership environment. They’ll be looking forward to seeing you.

All services in one :

  • Accidental Repairs and Repairs that are not a result of tinkering or painting.

They do body work with cutting-edge equipment that isn’t found in regular garages. Among the various tools and equipment they have are SPOT denter and MG welding, to name just a few, and these are handled by qualified personnel under the guidance of qualified personnel.

  • Traditional bodywork vs. Spot Denting

It is possible to minimise the destruction of frames, corporation seals, etc. when access to tinkering is limited by using the SPOT denter, thus avoiding the need to replace body parts.

  • Co2 Welding/electric Mig Welding

MIG only heats the areas that come into contact with the metal, in contrast to regular welding, and CO2 cools and prevents moisture from mixing with the metal. This can help prevent corrosion and provide a nicer finish. Putty and fillers, such as metal paste, are commonly used by some painters to fill in the gaps before painting, but this technique results in a less durable finish. Cracking and discoloration of the paint are other side effects. Our paint work has a warranty period for a reason.

  • Automated Vehicle Error Detection and Correction:

In order to access your car’s electronic system, they use software that is authorised by the manufacturer. They can read the technical errors and fix them. Your car’s computer system will work more smoothly and efficiently as a result.

  • Insurance for a Motor Vehicle:

From a variety of Insurance service providers, they assist you in finding the finest possible coverage for your vehicle.

  • Using an Insurance Claim to Avoid Paying for a Repair:

Using your insurance claim, they are able to fix your vehicle without charging you a penny upfront. Please read the terms and conditions.

4. Ruia Care

You’ve got to be worn out from all the Google-ing you’ve been doing. Your quest is over since here you will find the best multi-brand car repair company in the area that you can trust to keep your vehicle in peak condition. There’s no doubt in our minds that Ruia Care will provide its customers with the best possible automobile service experience in the city. Their decades of industry training and customer-oriented strategies have made them the greatest vehicle repair service centre in Kolkata.

Local freelancing garages provide mediocre services for cheap, while authorised car service centres charge exorbitant prices for high-quality work. Traditionally, auto repair has been carried out on these two levels. Combining two car-repair tiers allows Ruia Care to offer outstanding quality work at reasonable pricing. When you trust us with the care of your vehicle, we’ll go above and beyond to meet your every expectation. Contact their customer service representatives today to schedule an appointment!

The following are some of our offerings:

  • Car washing that is done automatically.
  • Polishing
  • Windshield washing
  • High-intensity vehicle cleaning
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Cleaning the rims and wheels
  • Taking care of your car’s interior and exterior
  • Vacuuming the inside
  • Repair of Engines in a Garage
  • Exhaust

5. Mondal’s Udyog

Since the beginning of 2001. An automotive parts repair and service shop is Mondal’s Udyog’s specialty. All of the services are supported by a long-standing reputation for high-quality workmanship and value for their consumers. They take great delight in serving everyone of their clients with reliable and high-quality automobiles and automobile services. It’s what creates them the obvious pick for all of your requirements.

The following are the services we offer:

  • Air and Cabin Filter
  • Battery\sBrakes
  • Cooling systems
  • Electrical
  • diagnostics of the check engine lamp
  • An oil change is in order.
  • Steering/Suspension
  • Transmission
  • Conversion of heat to cool
  • a cooling system
  • Taking care of a vehicle’s exterior
  • Auto glass repair and replacement services

6. Tata Motors Cars Service Center

One of the world’s most prominent vehicle manufacturers, the Tata Motors Company (Tata Motors) It has a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and military vehicles. A wide range of integrated and e-mobility solutions are offered by Tata Motors, India’s largest and only original equipment manufacturer.

The following are some of our offerings:

  • Auto Repair Shop
  • diagnostics of the check engine light
  • Brakes need an electrical oil change.
  • Repairs and upkeep of all kinds
  • Vehicles are being repaired and maintained.

7. Beyond Garage

When it comes to finding the greatest mechanic to handle all of your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs, there is no better place to turn than Beyond Garage. Everything from regular servicing, painting, insurance work, and even breakdown services like a vehicle not beginning jumpstart is available at this shop.

When Doers and Auto Part Hub merged to establish Beyond Garage, they had a goal in mind: to standardise and organise the world’s automotive service needs in order to give their customers with a speedy and economical solution. It is our goal at Beyond Garage to serve our customers with a high-quality, cost-effective service. It’s their pleasure to serve you, and they hope that you’ll like it, too.

  • Providing a Quick and Easy Solution:

The service can be delivered to your home or workplace at a time that is convenient for you.

A No-Obligation Consultation and Estimation.

Compilation & Prediction

  • Preliminary diagnosis and cost estimations:

Pricing information that is easy to understand


  • It’s easy to see the process and the prices:

Insured Bike and Automobile Repair Shop

Continuity of Supply

  • Technicians who are certified and backed by a warranty.

8. GoMechanic 

It’s easy to get your automobile serviced in Kolkata with GoMechanic’s tap-and-go service. Scheduling a car rental to fit your schedule is a cinch. A dedicated Servicing Buddy is allocated to each customer to ease the burden of car service appointments. When picking up the phone, you can also use audio instructions.

Provision of Expertise In Kolkata, GoMechanic’s 20+ workshops provide economical auto repair service like:

Car Maintenance and Tune-Ups

  • Car Dent Repair and Painting
  • Car Batteries Replacement
  • Car Detailing and Spa Services
  • A/C Repairs for Your Car
  • Services for maintaining automobile tyres and wheels
  • Extras for your vehicle
  • Auto Body Shops That Do Custom Work
  • Mobile Car Washes
  • Services for Car Windshields & Lights
  • Repair and Replacement Services for Automobile Clutches

FAQ on GoMechanic

  1. GoMechanic provides a wide range of services for automobiles.

From basic car service through denting and painting, roadside assistance, custom services, and much more, GoMechanic has more than 300+ highest car repair options in Kolkata.

1. What kind of engine oil do you use when you service my vehicle?

Choosing GoMechanic means selecting the best. GoMechanic only utilises 100% Original OEM-recommended Mobil oil, which delivers improved performance and long-term protection for your car’s engines.

2. For my car service, what kind of parts are used?

In order to provide you with the best possible auto repair service, GoMechanic exclusively employs OEM/OES components. Auto parts are purchased in bulk from our central supplier and supplied to GoMechanic workshops throughout India.

3. Do you offer any type of guarantee or warranty for the work you perform on automobiles?

When you use GoMechanic to schedule a car service, you can relax knowing everything is taken care of. That’s why you get a one-month/1,000-mile network warranty on automobile services. Tyres and batteries are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, while denting and painting are covered by our 2-year warranty.

9. Shree Automotive Mahindra Service Center – Topsia

This dealership, Shree Automotive Pvt Ltd., is the primary Mahindra SUV, Car, and SCV dealer in the KMDA region. Mahindra Personal Vehicles, Prosper Cars & Small Commercial Vehicles are all we sell. Shree Automotive adheres to three fundamental principles: “Trust” and “Client Centricity” Input and Output Thanks, Shree Your Trust Team. 🙂 What We Do.


  • Garage for Automobiles
  • Mechanics are repairing the engine.
  • Service & Repair of Exhaust Air Conditioning
  • a temperature control
  • a cooling system
  • Service for a tuneup.
  • Repairs to the human body
  • Air and Cabin Filter
  • diagnostics of the check engine lamp
  • Repair of the Electrical Body and Trim of the Vehicle
  • Transmission

Car servicing FAQs

What is included in a typical automobile service?

These include examining for excessive wear, replacing some components, and testing the following:… Checking the gas and gasoline filter;… Additionally, minor services include a thorough inspection of the car’s fuel filter and belts and hoses; the car’s cooling system; the battery; exhaust; the transmission; and tyre tread depth.

How often should a vehicle’s maintenance be performed?

All these so 30-60-90 service interval is still recommended by most mechanics, which puts your automobile in the shop for planned maintenance every 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles.

Is an oil change included of the package?

As part of any service, an Oil filter change is essential. Even if the car is just in for a simple oil and filter change, all garages have a responsibility to their clients to conduct a visual safety inspection.

Is a thorough service necessary every year?

A thorough car service is typically recommended once every year or per 12,000 miles, whatever comes first, according to the majority of manufacturers. Service reminders can be found in some automobiles as well. You shouldn’t disregard it if it appears before a year or every 12,000 miles.


You should consult your vehicle’s manufacturer’s guidebook if you are uncertain about the sort of service your vehicle requires. This guidebook will contain all of the necessary information. There is a huge overlap among servicing and a MOT test, and it is predicted that 75-85% of the MOT is protected during servicing. However, this does not mean you must skip out on servicing or your MOT, as both are essential in keeping your vehicle safe and roadworthy, as well as protecting yourself as well as other drivers on the road. When a car is covered by its own warranty, it is often provided with a few of the following functions. According to how much work needs to be done just on car, the cost of the services varies.

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