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Get The Best Car Modification Service In Kolkata Near Me

Whereas the number of vehicles on Indian roadways continues to rise, ever more individuals are also deciding to modify their vehicles. The fundamental motivation for this is the desire to be recognised as soon as the wheels leave the ground. Car modification is a great way to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. It distinguishes your car from the typical stock models made by the same companies in terms of both appearance and performance.

Get The Best Car Modification Service In Kolkata

When it comes to car modifications, what are all the different kinds?

You can broadly categorize car modification into three groups. Modifications to performance, functionality, and appearance all fall under this category.

  • Modifications that improve the car’s performance are referred to as performance modifications. Modifications to the vehicle’s performance are typically done to increase the vehicle’s speed, agility, or fuel economy. This category includes modifications to the engines, exhaust pipe, air filters, brakes, springs, tyres, etc.
  • A functional alteration is one that alters or enhances a vehicle’s performance. For example, this includes adding a sunroof or air conditioner or installing a phone or roof rack or GPS system. Modifications that provide new features to a vehicle are referred to as functional mods.
  • These modifications are often done to enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. An automobile’s exterior or interior appearance might be altered in order to make it more appealing to the eye. The goal of cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery isn’t always to alter one’s appearance. They can also affect performance significantly by adjusting the physical work. Body kits, for example, can improve a car’s stability and aerodynamics over the basic design.

Is There Anything You’d Like to Add or Remove?

The following are amongst the most popular mods made by car enthusiasts to improve their cars.

Modifications to the Performance:

  • Turbocharger or Supercharger: Turbocharging and supercharging can change the performance of engines. Engine performance is improved by enhancing peak power & torque delivery.
  • In order to regulate the engine’s fuel-air mixture, an ECU (Engine Control Unit) must be remapped. On most vehicles, the ECUs are programmed at a level that is substantially below the vehicle’s maximum safety margin. If you want to get the most out of your vehicle, consider having the ECU remapped.
  • Injecting nitrous oxide is an increasingly popular, albeit uncommon, aftermarket upgrade for many vehicles. In India and around the world, nitrous injection kits for street automobiles are prohibited. Injecting nitrous into a car’s engine can greatly increase its power output for a short period of time.
  • Adding a new transmission is another frequent upgrade that many automobile owners go for. A car’s performance can be drastically altered by simply swapping out the transmission.
  • An improvement to the vehicle’s brakes is a must. The brakes have a significant impact on a car’s performance. Braking systems are frequently updated to improve performance, for instance by upgrading the brake shoes and master cylinders.
  • Upgrades to the car’s suspension are another critical component in its overall handling and stability. Owners of vehicles often explore suspension upgrades to better suit their driving skills or to alter the vehicle’s attitude, despite the fact that most automakers conduct extensive testing before a car is put into production.
  • The exhaust system is among the most often purchased performance improvements by car owners. Not only does a seamless passage exhaust system boost the car’s performance, but its distinctive exhaust noise also benefits from the addition of a grunt. Muffler and air filter replacements are often viewed as simply tuning the car’s exhaust note.

Modifications to the Way Things Work:

  • If you don’t already have one, a satellite tracking system is a great addition to your vehicle. These days, almost all car manufacturers include this technology as standard equipment. The optimal path between point A to point B is drawn out by a navigation system using the GPS. Because it offers information on traffic conditions, it makes the process easier to travel and as simple as possible.
  • Functioning modification: Air – conditioning system is a popular addition. Driving while using a cell phone is possible thanks to the vehicle phone. Calling and receiving phone calls are both possible without the driver ever picking up the phone. Bluetooth capability in most modern car entertainment systems has made it even easier for drivers to utilize a car phone because they can link their phones straight to the car’s media system.
  • Using parking sensors makes parking your automobile much easier, especially when manoeuvring around tight bends. The use of parking sensors streamlines the process. The driver can be guided by parking sensors, which provide information about obstructions in the route. Nowadays, many automobiles are equipped with basic onboard parking sensors. However, if your vehicle does not already have them, it is a worthwhile upgrade.

There are indeed a number of additional functional attachments that have been added to the vehicle for convenience. Roof racks, existing related, and extra lights are among the most popular add-ons.

Aesthetic Or Cosmetic Modifications

Adding additional body panels to a vehicle is referred to as a body kit. Vehicle dimensions, shape, and appearance are all impacted. Incorporating aerodynamic components such as aerodynamic wheel fender extensions and spoilers into a body kit can be a simple as adding a hood or a side skirt to a vehicle. In addition to altering the car’s appearance, body modifications can also have an impact on its performance by altering the car’s aerodynamics and weight.

It is common to refer to paint jobs as single-stage enamel coating done on automobiles. A “paint job” can mean many different things. Paint jobs can imply everything from a single-tone paint scheme to something like a matte finish to pearlescent paint jobs to airbrushing, thanks to the variety of painting procedures available on the market.

Decals: Decals are becoming increasingly popular, and this trend is only expected to continue. When it comes to automobiles, more individuals are opting for decals rather than regular paint jobs. It’s easier and less time-consuming to use body wraps & decals to spruce up a vehicle. It’s a popular choice because it’s easily installed, removed, & replaced decals as well as body wraps. Installing a new set of headlamps or taillights may do wonders for the visual attractiveness of your car. Since the late 1990s and early 2000s, underbody neon lights were in fashion, but they have since declined in popularity.

Tinted windows and windscreens, smoked headlights and taillights, even upholstery or dashboard changes are also common options for other visual modifications.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Customizing Your Vehicle

You can improve the productivity of your car by making well-intentioned alterations, but you can also harm the health of your vehicle and your own safety if you make poor adjustments. Modifications should be thoughtfully chosen and should work well together. When making alterations to a vehicle, enlisting the aid of experts is essential.

You may lose your engine warranty and be breaking the law if you make performance modifications (like nitrous injection kits). Cars with a specific performance modification may not function properly. Another possibility is that the modified part could cause injury to nearby parts. Make sure you understand the alterations and their ramifications well before installing them.

Modifications to a car can have an impact on your insurance policy as well. Changes to the vehicle will almost certainly result in increased premiums.

Indian Regulations on Car Modification

Vehicle customization is a touchy matter in rural areas. As long as you follow the norms & laws of the land, you can modify or enhance your car anyway you like. The repercussions of violating the law can be dire. No one here wants to have their car seized by the authorities, right? As a result, you should be familiar with some of the rules governing automobile customization in the United States. Modifications that increase the vehicle’s safety are generally permissible. LED DRLs can be attached to your stock headlights without violating the law. As long as vehicle engine is running, your Daylight Running Lamps will remain on. DRL not only enhances the aesthetics of your vehicle, but it also improves road safety. Modifications to motor vehicles are widely accepted in India. Modifications to the vehicle’s outward proportions, on the other hand, are strictly prohibited.

1. Colour

Painting your car a colour other than the one you bought it in is legal. However, the RTO will need to approve the new colour. If you don’t have permission from the authorities, you can still place vinyl body shields on your vehicle. It is possible to prolong the life of your car’s factory paint by using a Body-Wrap.

2. Tyres

The tyres should not protrude from the car’s body when they are installed. Your automobiles are also unable to accommodate very large tyres. However, it is not permitted. However, if your car is a base model, you can buy the higher-level tyres and put them on it. While the WagonR LXi’s tyres have a 155mm section width, the VXi tyres (the first three numbers on the tyre size code) have an even larger section width (165mm). As a result, you can replace out your LXi tires for VXi ones. Making such alterations is not going to get you in trouble.

3. Customized Add-ons

Steering wheel spinners, IRVM screens and Bull Bars should not be installed aftermarket. You can also add door shields, body kits, and rain guards to your vehicle. On either hand, you can’t do things like change the amount of seats in your vehicle.

4. Wheels made of aluminium

Many motorists choose to have this modification made. Oversized alloy wheels, on the other hand, are strictly prohibited, and you will be held accountable if you are found driving with them. New alloy wheels are fine for your car. In order to avoid damage to the tyre’s sides, the wheel’s lip should not protrude from the rim. Suppose you own a WagonR LXi. If your current wheels have a 14-inch rim diameter, you can get new ones. Because the top-of-the-line WagonR VXi has 14-inch wheels, this is possible. This signifies that you aren’t truly exceeding the manufacturer’s specifications.

5. Engine

It is possible to make changes to a car’s engine. However, you must first obtain authorization again from the Road Transport Office (RTO). Some modifications to the engines are permitted, while others are forbidden. A more powerful engine can’t be installed in your vehicle. The manufacturer’s recommended engine capacity must not be exceeded.

6. A Set Of Air Horns

The maximum volume your car’s horns can produce is 80 decibels. If you purchase them from a third party, be sure to follow these guidelines. Air horns have been banned because of the noise pollution they cause. The CPCB has also banned the use of cross & musical horns in conjunction with this rule.

7. The vehicle will not be altered in any way.

You are not permitted to make your car’s structure because doing so could make it weaker. A set of procedures must be followed if structural alterations are being made. In addition, the altered parts of your car must be approved by the Automotive Research Authority of India (ARAI). As a result, adding more length to your vehicle is out of the idea. Car bodies that are larger or shorter than those manufacturer ’s recommended can result in serious consequences if you don’t have an ARAI certification.

Find the best car modification shop in Kolkata

1. Devesh Car Accessories & Modifications LLP

On October 28, 2019, Devesh Car Accessories and Modifications Llp, a Limited Liability Partnership, was formally formed. In Kolkata, it is registered at the Registrar of Companies. In total, it must pay Rs. 100,000 in contributions. Devesh Car Accessories and Modifications Llp’s Designated Partners are Saket Ahuja as well as Devesh Chhabra..

Last year, Devesh Car Accessories and Modifications Llp submitted Statement of Accounts and Solvency on N/A and according to Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), the last year end date about which Annual Return was filed is N/A.


Let’s see what they offers


One of the simplest ways to give your car a new look. You want to make a statement when you modify a car. If you want a reaction, you’ll get it with the help of wheels. Your wheel choice will determine whether this is the wrong or right reaction, but we’ll leave that one up to you.


Not the simplest mod, but one of the simplest with the greatest potential impact.

If you like the stance or not, there’s no doubt that a car with an even more flush arch gap looks better. If you look at BMW and Audi, you’ll see that their sportier versions already have decent arch gaps. We, on the other hand, subscribe to the tenet that “It can always be lower”! It doesn’t matter if you want a flush, poke, or tucked wheel arch, lows are something.


Changing plastic pieces might vary from the grille to the bumpers. For example, swapping out your honeycomb grille for a slatted one will completely transform the appearance of your vehicle. The front splitter can be changed if you just want a modest modification. The front and back bumpers can be swapped for a dramatic effect if you want. How about a Volkswagen Scirocco Mk3 diesel, as an illustration? What if you put on the Scirocco R and front back bumpers?

2. Shree Automotive Mahindra Service Center – Topsia

Mahindra SUVs, cars, and sport utility vehicles are sold mostly through this dealership, which is known as Shree Automotive Pvt Ltd. Only Mahindra private cars, Prosper cars, and small commercial trucks are available for purchase at our dealership. Trust and Client Centricity are two of the three key values that guide Shree Automotive. Both the input and the output are important. Thank you very much, Shree Your Confidence Team. It is what we do that counts.


  • Automobile Repair Shops
  • The engine is being worked on by mechanics.
  • a temperature control a cooling system an exhaust air conditioning system service and repair
  • For a tuneup, you can call on us!
  • the restitution of the human organism
  • Analyzes of the engine light light’s air and cabin filters
  • Reconstruction of the electronic body & trim of the vehicle’s transmission

3. D.C. Design Kolkata

Mr Dilip Chhabria is one of the top vehicle modifiers in India, and the list of best auto modification firms in India would be incomplete if he were not to be included. Following a recent overhaul of its online presence, the brand house changed the name of its website from D.C.2 to DC2. Moving on to the items, DC2 provides a variety of car work services, including:

Concept vehicles are being used to assume a real-world scenario and design in accordance with that scenario. They are typically produced in small quantities.

Standard Vehicles: This category comprises a variety of vehicles such as hatchbacks, MPVs, SUVs, LCVs, and HCVs. The maximum number of these options are available for implementation in any type of automobile category.

Custom: The developer also provides a custom range in which you can specify any features that you want and D.C. will deliver them as needed. Not to mention that every change will result in an increase in the final fee.

Avanti is the name of the designer’s in-house-built sports automobile, which is available for purchase. Avanti is available for purchase and customization according to your preferences.

DC2 does have a big range of products, which is great news. Everything is dependent on your requirements. Some of their areas of expertise are listed below:

  • Conceptualizing
  • Engineering
  • Sports cars are manufactured in small quantities.
  • Sports cars are manufactured in small quantities.
  • Homologation
  • Custom metal sheet bodies are available.
  • Custom carbon fiber composite bodies are available.
  • Chassis and structural parts made of metal
  • Patterns for woodwork
  • Paint systems are a type of paint that is applied to a surface.
  • Upholstery

It is possible to request any form of car customisation from the crew. DC2’s designers will evaluate your needs and provide you with an estimate for the best solution.

4. Mad Metal Auto Works ‘N More

Mr. Susil Panigrahi, the proprietor of Mad Metal Auto Works ‘N More in Kolkata who is an avid Car & Bike Enthusiast and a fanatic road tripper who has worked in the Finance Industry all his life, decided to follow his passion and make his dream of starting his own Car and Bike Modification Workshop come true by following his passion as well as making his wish come true of establishing his own Car & Bike Modifying Workshop offering the following services:

The Regular Stuff consists of the following:

Routine maintenance includes oil changes (mineral, semi-synthetic, and synthetic), washing, and filter replacement, among other things.

Denting and painting, as well as various types of body modification and fabrication work, as well as polishing & car detailing are all available.

Everything from electrical to mechanical work, as well as engine overhauling, is available.

The following are the performance modifications/upgrades:

  • Ironman Suspension as well as Adventure Gear.
  • BMC Replacement as well as Performance Air Filters are available.
  • The Dynamics of a Race Piggyback ECUs are easy to use and install (s).
  • Exhaust Systems for High-Performance Vehicles
  • The following types of 4×4 equipment and accessories are available: Off-Road Bumpers, Roll Cages, Snorkel, and the conversion of Soft Tops to Hard Tops.
  • All Kinds of Customization and Design Work.

5. Glix

Kolkata’s Glix is among the city’s “top notch” hotspots for car fashion. At 21 years in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge in the area of automotive accessories. They supply Changing the appearance or performance of a vehicle necessitates a review by the insurance company. A spoiler, sports seating, body kits, and other modifications should all be explored. This is because of the possibility of an accident. Modifications like phone kits & performance enhancements raise your car’s vulnerability to theft or vandalism.


Upgrades to the Suspension System

An aftermarket suspension system is perfectly legal if you keep under your state’s regulations for ride height alterations. You may further enhance your car’s performance by installing the correct aftermarket suspension system. Once the job is done correctly, your car will perform much better, and you may even fine-tune the suspension to suit your driving style. Even if you aren’t racing your car, a decent suspension system can make your daily commute more enjoyable.

Turbos and Superchargers

Another common performance enhancement is to install a turbocharger or supercharged. By pumping in more air, these gadgets “boost” your engine, resulting in increased power. Although turbochargers as well as superchargers are permitted if they don’t force your vehicle to fail an emissions or safety inspection, nitrous oxide is forbidden. When it comes to car emission requirements, go no further than California, which has the harshest regulations. There are no restrictions on installing emissions-certified upgrades in your car as long as they are not altered in any way and your vehicle passes the state’s smog test. This is true even in California.

Seats for Sport

Anyone who wants to make their car look more like a race car, even if they’re just starting out, might benefit from seat enhancements. Sport seats can be more supportive and comfy than the factory seats in your car provided you pick the appropriate ones. You can even improve your driving experience by using sport seats. Because racing seats are engineered to use with race harnesses that are not permitted for use as a replacement to a car’s manufacturer seatbelt, many producers of real racing seats warn customers that they really are not acceptable for street cars. In contrast, Recaro produces sports seats those are legal for use on public roads. Just make absolutely sure you can still use your original seatbelt and that the installation won’t deactivate any of the car’s airbags before you go ahead and do it.

Job Descriptions for Painters

It’s possible that an offensive paint job is a crime against taste, but it isn’t a criminal offense. As long as it wouldn’t look like you’re trying to spoof a police car or an emergency vehicle, you can color your car any way you please. However, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to repainting your vehicle. Re-painting an automobile is an expensive and time-consuming project best left to the pros. When painting your car in the garage, verify your pollution emission ordinances to ensure that you won’t be fined for the paint & chemical fumes that will be released.


Indian law forbids the modification of automobiles?

No one in India can lawfully alter a vehicle’s structure, according to the country’s Supreme Court. The manufacturer’s specifications should be followed when making such modifications to a vehicle. The installation of large tyres is therefore prohibited, however improving the suspension is legal.

Is it possible to add a sunroof to my car?

For starters, adding an aftermarket sunroof is unlawful since it can alter the construction of your car. As a second consideration, they may pose a danger to drivers and passengers. If you’re involved in a car accident, modifying the roof could put you at greater risk.

Is my warranty void if I use aftermarket parts?

All cars available on the market come with a guarantee, but there are numerous things that can render the warranty useless. One of them is the moderator community. If you install aftermarket security features, CNG kit, or mechanical modifications, you may not be eligible for a factory warranty extension from the automobile manufacturer. The manufacturer will not pay for repairs if the vehicle has been damaged as a result of the changes. If you want your modifications to be approved by the manufacturer, you should check to see if the company is offering them.

Is it possible to change the front grille on my car?

Your car’s grill can be changed. The vehicle’s appearance can be improved by installing new bumper grilles. However, the radiator should continue to work normally once you replace the grille. The vehicle’s engine cooling system will not function correctly if the radiator is clogged in any way.

Can insurance premiums may be affected if I modify my vehicle?

Unfortunately, that’s the situation. You may have to pay more in insurance premiums if you make modifications. Some alterations are viewed by insurance providers as too dangerous. Insurance premiums are likely to rise as a result of engine modifications that increase performance.

Because fitting alloy wheels renders your automobile more attractive to car robbers, your insurance provider may raise your premium by 8%. The exact increase in premium would depend on the insurance company you use. The cost of your insurance may go up even if you only get your windows tinted. Changing your car’s exhaust system might raise your insurance premiums by about 25%.

So what were the RTO proceedings & processes to redecorate cars in such a different shade?

To begin, take the RC book to the nearest Road Transport Office. It’s also possible to bring a swatch of the colors you intend to paint the car with you. The State Road transport Officer must grant you authorization in writing. After that, you’ll be able to get your vehicle painted. After that, you’ll need to return the vehicle to the RTO, where you’ll have to complete some paperwork and hand over a modest charge. The factory colors of the car is listed in a field in the RC book. As soon as you follow the procedure, this can be modified. If you want to alter the color of your car, you must contact the RTO first.

A car’s color can be changed at an additional cost. Is it true?

To have your car professionally repainted in a different color, expect to pay roughly $60,000 to $70,000. You can, however, vary the cost of the paint job based on where you travel. Pay more if you want your paint to last longer.

How can I keep my car wrap looking good?

Vinyl wrapping your vehicle is an inexpensive and quick way to give it a new look without repainting it. Only a few decades old, car covers can protect the paintwork on your vehicle, contrary to popular perception. Car wraps are long-lasting, but it’s still important to take proper care of them. Use a sponge as well as microfibre cloth or a little detergent to clean a wrap.


When it comes to car culture, it’s nearly impossible to go a day without doing this at least one vehicle that’s been modified by the automotive aftermarket. That doesn’t mean all the changes people make to their vehicles is legal just because everyone does it.

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