Best Gym in Kolkata

Best Gym in Kolkata Going to the gym might be a trend these days but once you join and diligently start following it this is become a part and parcel of life. Please do not think anyone is going to judge you if you are going to a gym. Go to the gym for yourselves, … Read more

Best schools in Kolkata

Best schools in Kolkata Th city of joy is the cultural capital of India. Apart from all kinds of sweets and football Kolkata is known for its education. It is said that this city has the best schools and colleges which no other state of India has. If you want your child to have the … Read more

Best Urologists in Kolkata

Best Urologists in Kolkata These days both men and women are facing problems with their urinary tract. India is one of those countries where women are prone to UTI (urinary tract infection). Well, there is nothing to get scared of there are medical doctors to take care of this problem. Our urinary tract is made … Read more


BEST IBPS COACHING IN KOLKATA IBPS stands for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, it is an autonomous body which conducts the recruitment exams for all the Public Sector Banks present in India except for the State Bank of India. Getting a job in the public sector bank is always in demand as because it is … Read more


BEST CORNEA SPECIALIST IN KOLKATA Our eye is our camera and the cornea is the glass present in front of the camera lenses. Through the cornea light passes into our eyes hence any kind of problem in the cornea distortion, vision problem can start sometimes it might lea to blindness. There are different kinds of … Read more

Best Neurologists in Kolkata

Best Neurologists in Kolkata A neurologist treats all kind of problems related to nerves, spinal cord and brain. It also includes demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis and cerebrovascular diseases for example problems related to headache, stroke, infection in the brain or in the peripheral nervous system. Illness like Parkinson’s disease or neurodegenerative disorders like Huntington’s … Read more

Best Gastroenterologists in Kolkata

Best Gastroenterologists in Kolkata A gastroenterologist is a medical doctor who senses all the problems of the digestive organs like the hepatitis, cancer, colitis, peptic ulcer disease, gallbladder, nutritional problems, pancreatitis and biliary tract disease and checks whether the digestive organs are working properly or not. A gastroenterologist also does some medical procedures like the … Read more


BEST NUMEROLOGIST IN KOLKATA A numerologist is a person who has studied the implication of numbers on a man’s life to predict the future and also to interpret the past circumstances and events. Numerology is a part of astrology since the beginning. These two branches are inseparable as in it goes hand by hand. The … Read more

Best Nephrologists in Kolkata

Best Nephrologists in Kolkata Nephrology is a branch of medical science that deals with kidney related problems. Nephrologists are medical doctors who specialises in treating the kidney. Not only they are experts in kidney related problems but they are very knowledgeable to understand any kidney dysfunction or disease which can affect other parts of the … Read more

Best Ladies Tailors in Kolkata

Best Ladies Tailors in Kolkata If any girl gets the option of saving only one phone number on their speed dial then she will definitely save the number of her favourite tailor’s number. Girls feel that a readymade shop or the shopping malls cannot provide perfect fitting lehenga or a blouse. Only the tailors have … Read more