9 Best CBSE School in Kolkata

Best CBSE School in Kolkata

Best CBSE School in Kolkata There is no dearth of schools in Kolkata. Not only the number of schools all these schools provide quality education to its students. If you compare schools with other schools present in any metropolitan cities you will see that students of Kolkata are no where behind them. Education in Kolkata … Read more


BEST GLAUCOMA SPECIALIST IN KOLKATA Glaucoma is actually an eye disease that damages the optic nerve. The function of the optic nerve is to supply visual information to the brain from the eyes. Sometimes this eye problem can happen due to high pressure inside the eye. As time passes by increase in pressure can erode … Read more


BEST CAT COACHING IN KOLKATA CAT (Common Admission Test) is an entrance examination takes place in India during late of November or early December for candidates to get admitted in business school. There are more than 160 management institutions throughout the country which includes 20 IIMs. The results are declared every year in the month … Read more


BEST DOCTOR FOR PILES IN KOLKATA Most of us have heard people suffering from piles but do we actually know what is it all about? Piles are actually swollen and inflamed gathering of tissues in the anal area. They can be of different size and can happen externally or internally. The common ones are internal … Read more

10 Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

Best Interior Designer in Kolkata Finding the best interior designer is really a hectic job. You might give your own design but you may not get back what you actually want. So, it is really important to sit with the designer and tell him or her what you really want. If your designer is experienced … Read more


BEST PALMIST IN KOLKATA Years ago, one of the only ways to read future was the lines on the hands of all human beings. Our palm lines tell us about our health, education, financial conditions, planetary positions and the list goes on. Some of the lines stay the same and some gets changed as in … Read more

10 Best MBA Colleges in Kolkata

Best MBA Colleges in Kolkata An MBA degree is a great way for young generation to prepare themselves for the continuous changing business environment. Anytime in the long term if anyone plans to change their career but the industry is evolving in a different way which is messing up the backup plan then the skills … Read more


BEST IAS COACHING IN KOLKATA In India IAS (Indian Administrative Service) is known to the people as one of the difficult examinations which is conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). A student should start preparing for IAS during his or her college days. The first step is to see the syllabus and chalk … Read more


BEST BEAUTY PARLOUR IN KOLKATA It is no more surprising to any one if he or she is spending time and investing money in a parlour. Taking care and pampering oneself is really important these days.Try to make time and visit a parlour to be pampered by the finest manicurists, hairdressers and beauticians. Visiting a … Read more


BEST COMMERCE COLLEGES IN KOLKATA Out of the three stream these days students choose commerce for their graduation because they feel this is the only stream that will give them a clear direction what to do after graduation. Commerce stream gives a sense of financial security to all its students and within a short span … Read more


BEST ASTROLOGER IN KOLKATA Astrology is a subject which deals with celestial objects like the sun, stars and the planets and their effects on our lives. There is a saying that the arrangement of these celestial bodies is related to a person’s economic condition, family life, education and even future possibilities. Everyone visits an astrologer’s … Read more


BEST AUTISM TREATMENT IN KOLKATA Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a developmental disability that causes substantial differences in communication, behavioural and social challenges in the patient’s life. People suffering from ASD faces different problems but these problems can be solved by continuous therapies given by the doctor. Generally, children between 12 months to 24 … Read more


BEST COLLEGES IN KOLKATA People say it is important to go to a good school, somewhat they are correct but getting admission in a good college makes or breaks a career. Students who make good marks every year wants to get through the best college. A Bachelor’s degree from college will open new opportunity for … Read more


BEST ENGINEERING COLLEGES IN KOLKATA If you are really worried what to take up after school the best option is doing the engineering course. This is the course which does not have dearth jobs and as soon as a student graduate he or she will get placed in one of the reputed offices. Engineers contribute … Read more


BEST HOSPITAL IN KOLKATA Most of the people staying in Kolkata thinks that government funded hospitals are not up to the mark and they do not have modern equipment or good doctors and nurses. These people are so wrong. Government hospitals  graduates the best students every year and only experienced doctors hired. The truth is … Read more


BEST HOTELS IN KOLKATA The busy schedule makes everybody stressed out very easily. The perfect way to relax and destress is to book a hotel room and relax. It really does not matter whether a couple is staying for a night or for couple of days, the thing which matters is the relaxation and the … Read more

Best buffet in Kolkata

BEST BUFFET IN KOLKATA One of the biggest problem food lovers face while going out for lunch or dinner is that whether to opt buffet or A la carte. Well, both has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is found out from a recent survey that people of Kolkata prefer more of a buffet service. … Read more

Best Sweet Shop in Kolkata

Best Sweet Shop in Kolkata There is an old saying that Kolkata and sweets have a long relation which is completely inseparable. Coming to Kolkata and not having sweets is something which no one can imagine. In fact, people from other countries come to Kolkata just to have different kinds of sweets. People of Kolkata … Read more

Best Music Institute in Kolkata

Best Music Institute in Kolkata No other city in India can beat Kolkata when it comes to culture and art. In fact, Kolkata is also known to the people all over the country as the cultural capital of India. The city is filled with many music schools and colleges. Boys and girls from a very … Read more

Best football academy in Kolkata

Best football academy in Kolkata Though most of the people throughout the world prefers cricket but Bengalis are the only tribe who loves and support football from the bottom of their heart. Most of the Bengali parents send their boys to learn football. Bengalis have given the best football players.Taking up sports as a career … Read more


BEST CCNA INSTITUTE IN KOLKATA CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is an IT certification from the Cisco System. It can be said that CCNA certificate has become the new yardstick for choosing a candidate to get a job in the IT sector. Though the exam keeps changing all the time according to … Read more


BEST PHP TRAINING IN KOLKATA PHP is the most common and accepted server-side web programming language which is used to make websites and also web applications. Some of the well-known software like Drupal, Magento, Joomla, WordPress and so on are written in PHP. It can be said that PHP run more than 80% websites these … Read more

Best Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata

Best Chinese Restaurant in Kolkata It is said that people of Kolkata are foodies and this is absolutely correct. People staying here loves to eat and they make it an effort to visit all the outlets and try different kinds of cuisines. It is also seen that these people love to eat Chinese a lot. … Read more

Best Banquet Halls in Kolkata

Best Banquet Halls in Kolkata Wedding is something which every boy and girl dreams about since a young age. Every parent starts saving for their child’s wedding from the very beginning. If you want to show your friends and relatives a dream weddings then select any one of these banquet halls. These are luxurious and … Read more

Best pulmonologists in Kolkata

Best pulmonologists in Kolkata Six out of ten people suffer from various kinds of respiratory problem and this might lead to huge problems. We suffer from respiratory problem due to the amount of pollution. The rate of pollution is increasing day by day and there is hardly anyway by which we can bring it in … Read more

Best Romantic Restaurant in Kolkata

Best Romantic Restaurant in Kolkata Are you planning a date with your boyfriend or your husband? You do not know where to take him? Who does not want to go out on a date and have enjoy some special moment? Please do not worry anymore about these questions this article will give you a list … Read more


BEST WEB DESIGN COMPANY IN KOLKATA In today’s world website design is one of the most important things to make a presence for online marketing or business. To have the best website for your firm it is important to hire the best web designing company. The main goal of all these web designing companies is … Read more


BEST HOTEL FOR COUPLES IN KOLKATA When a couple goes out of state or country for holidays, they keep in mind many things but what tops the list is accommodation. Every couple looks for a hotel which is comfortable and safe. Apart from these two generally couples look for a hotel which will provide king … Read more


BEST JAVA TRAINING INSTITUTE IN KOLKATA Are you worried about what to do after your plus 2 exams or your college graduation? Getting a job is not an easy task anymore these days. The Human Resource managers recruit those candidates who have an extra certificate or have done some extra vocational courses. It can be … Read more


BEST LAWYERS IN KOLKATA Sometimes we do not understand whether to hire a lawyer or not, situations become really trick at this point. Yes, service provided by lawyers are costly but it is not possible for a layman to struggle with the court’s deadline or protocol for filling a case. Any incorrect filing or a … Read more

Best Gym in Kolkata

Best Gym in Kolkata Going to the gym might be a trend these days but once you join and diligently start following it this is become a part and parcel of life. Please do not think anyone is going to judge you if you are going to a gym. Go to the gym for yourselves, … Read more

Best schools in Kolkata

Best schools in Kolkata Th city of joy is the cultural capital of India. Apart from all kinds of sweets and football Kolkata is known for its education. It is said that this city has the best schools and colleges which no other state of India has. If you want your child to have the … Read more

Best Urologists in Kolkata

Best Urologists in Kolkata These days both men and women are facing problems with their urinary tract. India is one of those countries where women are prone to UTI (urinary tract infection). Well, there is nothing to get scared of there are medical doctors to take care of this problem. Our urinary tract is made … Read more


BEST IBPS COACHING IN KOLKATA IBPS stands for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, it is an autonomous body which conducts the recruitment exams for all the Public Sector Banks present in India except for the State Bank of India. Getting a job in the public sector bank is always in demand as because it is … Read more


BEST CORNEA SPECIALIST IN KOLKATA Our eye is our camera and the cornea is the glass present in front of the camera lenses. Through the cornea light passes into our eyes hence any kind of problem in the cornea distortion, vision problem can start sometimes it might lea to blindness. There are different kinds of … Read more

Best Neurologists in Kolkata

Best Neurologists in Kolkata A neurologist treats all kind of problems related to nerves, spinal cord and brain. It also includes demyelinating diseases like multiple sclerosis and cerebrovascular diseases for example problems related to headache, stroke, infection in the brain or in the peripheral nervous system. Illness like Parkinson’s disease or neurodegenerative disorders like Huntington’s … Read more

Best Gastroenterologists in Kolkata

Best Gastroenterologists in Kolkata A gastroenterologist is a medical doctor who senses all the problems of the digestive organs like the hepatitis, cancer, colitis, peptic ulcer disease, gallbladder, nutritional problems, pancreatitis and biliary tract disease and checks whether the digestive organs are working properly or not. A gastroenterologist also does some medical procedures like the … Read more


BEST NUMEROLOGIST IN KOLKATA A numerologist is a person who has studied the implication of numbers on a man’s life to predict the future and also to interpret the past circumstances and events. Numerology is a part of astrology since the beginning. These two branches are inseparable as in it goes hand by hand. The … Read more

Best Nephrologists in Kolkata

Best Nephrologists in Kolkata Nephrology is a branch of medical science that deals with kidney related problems. Nephrologists are medical doctors who specialises in treating the kidney. Not only they are experts in kidney related problems but they are very knowledgeable to understand any kidney dysfunction or disease which can affect other parts of the … Read more

Best Ladies Tailors in Kolkata

Best Ladies Tailors in Kolkata If any girl gets the option of saving only one phone number on their speed dial then she will definitely save the number of her favourite tailor’s number. Girls feel that a readymade shop or the shopping malls cannot provide perfect fitting lehenga or a blouse. Only the tailors have … Read more

Best Psychiatrists in Kolkata

Best Psychiatrists in Kolkata Medical doctors who studies psychiatry is known as psychiatrist.This is a branch of medicine dealing with mental disorders. A psychiatrist will understand your mental health problems as well as physical health. A general physician cannot do this. He will be more concern about your physical health.  They evaluate the patient and … Read more

Best Skin Specialists in Kolkata

Best Skin Specialists in Kolkata A skin specialist is a medical doctor who specialises in treating skin, nail, hair and mucous membrane disease. They are also called dermatologist. A dermatologist also treats cosmetic related issues. They help our skin to become healthier, stronger and active as before. The largest organ of a human body is … Read more

Best Sexologist in Kolkata

Best Sexologist in Kolkata Why to visit a sexologist? Taking an appointment and visiting a sexologist now-a-days is no more a taboo. These days people do not feel uncomfortable at all to share their special or intimate moments with the doctors because they feel it is necessary to discuss the matter and solve it. Society … Read more

Best Cardiologists in Kolkata

Best Cardiologists in Kolkata Heart attack rates in India is maximum resulting in death of one third population. Previously heart problems were considered as a suffering which would happen only to old people but now the story has changed completely. Young people in the 30s or 40s suffer from heart attacks and this is due … Read more


BEST SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY IN KOLKATA You might be an experienced business owner having your own business unit but your ideas will thrive only by outsourcing your software development. Kolkata has some of the best software development companies which will definitely save your cost and time. with different software developmental business units an owner gets … Read more


BEST HAIR SPECIALIST IN KOLKATA Hair problems, hair fall, dandruff have become one of the biggest cosmetologically and medical problem these days in Kolkata. This problem is faced by every alternate person and finding the root cause of this problem becomes really difficult for the specialists. Hair related problems do not occur due to one … Read more


BEST PHOTOGRAPHER IN KOLKATA Photography is a form of art just like dancing, painting or singing. Even this requires an educational certificate and skills. Anyone can purchase a costly camera and click photos but a professional photographer does lot more after the photo session is done. Before handing over the picture, they use various software … Read more


BEST INTERIOR DESIGNING COLLEGES IN KOLKATA List of reasons why candidates take up interior designing course Creativity: this is one of the industries which is made for creative people. This industry welcomes creative people with open arms. Every project is a blank canvas where the interior decorator is free to do whatever will look good. … Read more


BEST ARTS COLLEGES IN KOLKATA Students who have graduated with the Arts degree they say thatmany windows automatically open for them to carry on after college. After getting a Bachelor of Arts degree lot of new opportunities comes on their way which they might not get if they study commerce or science. Some of the … Read more


KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS BEST PLAYERS The KKR or the Kolkata Knight Riders is a franchise cricket team owned by the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and her husband Jay Mehta. This team participate in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The official colour of KKR is gold and purple and the theme is ‘Korbo … Read more


BEST BBA COLLEGES IN KOLKATA To get a start in the academic career students take up BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree in their graduation degree. This degree teaches the student about the basics of business and management and this is the reason BBA has become so popular these days. Students who do graduate from … Read more

Best Infertility Doctors in Kolkata

Best Infertility Doctors in Kolkata There is a time to visit a fertility doctor, this is what is suggested by all the doctors throughout the globe. If a lady is below 35 years old and trying for the last 12 months with no result, she should visit a fertility doctor as soon as possible. First … Read more

Best Acting Classes in Kolkata

Best Acting Classes in Kolkata If someone wants to know how to act or anything else related to this art form then the best thing, he or she can do is study about it. There are many people who do not think it necessary to take a formal training before starting their career and this … Read more

Best Caterers in Kolkata

Best Caterers in Kolkata Kolkata is known for hosting best parties be it a marriage party or a birthday party. The main point in a party is the food. people come only to enjoy the food, so if your catering service is not good then your guests will not be happy. Kolkata being the land … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Kolkata

Best Places to Visit in Kolkata Are you planning to visit Kolkata? Then please read this article it will tell you about some important places which you simply cannot miss. I assure you cannot finish seeing these places in a day or two. You need a week’s time to see these places. The enriching history … Read more

Best Spas in Kolkata

Best Spas in Kolkata These days everyone is busy with their work, studies and family, hardly people have time for themselves. People are busy running behind money. My question is what is the point of making money if you do not have time to spend? Why do you need money if you cannot enjoy life? … Read more

Best Thyroid Specialists in Kolkata

Best Thyroid Specialists in Kolkata Hormonal problem can be said as the new disaster in most of the people’s life and the worst part is, it is growing too fast. Due to work pressure, lack of exercise, improper sleeping time, unhealthy diet and improper lifestyle this problem is becoming gross. Human body treats the hormones … Read more

Best Eye Hospitals in Kolkata

Best Eye Hospitals in Kolkata Our eyes are one of the most important sense organs which we have rather we are blessed to have. From a kid to a grown-up adult everyone knows to take care of them. Hence it is important to take care of our vision, little bit distress in your vision consult … Read more

Best ENT Specialists in Kolkata

Best ENT Specialists in Kolkata ENT problems are always a source of discomfort for everyone and human beings belonging to every age group suffers from this problem at least once in their lifetime. An ENT doctor has detail knowledge regarding our nose, ear and throat. They have proper apparatus to treat and examine the patients. … Read more

Best Dentists in Kolkata

Best Dentists in Kolkata Everyone is busy these days so to make time for a dental check-up always take a back seat in our lives. Please keep in mind that our dentists play a very important role in taking care and maintaining our dental health. Apart from dental hygiene a perfect smile is something which everyone … Read more

Best Private Hospitals in Kolkata

Best Private Hospitals in Kolkata It goes without saying that when it comes to the health of our loved ones, we seek help form the best nursing homes and doctors. The health of our close people is too important to put into jeopardy. Even if a person leads a healthy life, exercise regularly, have no … Read more

Best Homeopathic Doctors in Kolkata

Best Homeopathic Doctors in Kolkata Homeopathy is another way rather a pseudoscientific way to treat people. Homeopathy in India is known to be one of the traditional ways to cure people. It is a holistic approach to cure any kind of diseases. A German physician named Samuel Hahnemann first discovered this process of treatment and … Read more

Best Cancer Hospitals in Kolkata

Best Cancer Hospitals in Kolkata Cancer is an abnormal cell growth in the body. This has all the potential to spread and invade into other parts of the body. Though there are some symptoms which the body shows but it is not easy to detect. A lump might be formed, prolonged period of cough, abnormal … Read more

Best Orthopedic Doctors in Kolkata

Best Orthopedic Doctors in Kolkata Are you suffering from join pain or muscle pain for a long time? Or are you facing some back problems? Most of the time we try to neglect these kinds of pain. These problems do not limit themselves in fact they become worse in the coming days and after few … Read more

Best Child Specialists in Kolkata

Best Child Specialists in Kolkata Though the trend is to dress the children like adults but that is not the case when it comes to doctors. A baby’s body is totally different from a grown-up man. In other words, medication, vaccination and surgery for children should be different. Many parents of Kolkata fail to understand … Read more